November 26, 2015

The Lost Ones. Or So I Thought...


I thought I have forever lost these photos from last year of  early December.  It was the day we went boating around Corniche. Correction, it was more like, Yllac decided to hop on the boat finally after almost a year of convincing him that boats are safe. And that there are no sharks to stalk us. So, back to that unfortunate time I lost these photos, I asked and asked Jayson about these and for some reason we couldn't remember where we stored it. We checked our laptops a couple of times with no success of finding them. I thought Id lost them forever until a month ago, when Jayson was working on my laptop and miraculously they were there, hidden on some wormhole of folders. I was relieved. I showed them right away to Yllac to refresh his memories. Lo and behold, he has absolutely no recollection of this supposed to be memorable experience even a tiny bit. It's okay I guess, being less than 4 year old that time, I don't expect him to remember every bit of details of his cute life. Oh! But I vividly remember that he did not crack a single smile that day. 

So, unto the lost photos....I hope you like them as much as I do.  


West Bay, you are absolutely gorgeous. In every angle, in every direction, and on land, sea and air, you are perfection. You are my beacon of inspiration. The first day we arrived in Doha, Jayson took us driving all over West Bay right away. It was 6 in the evening and West Bay just took my breath away. She's so shiny and twinkly and bright. Like a star on Earth.  


Per person cost about 15-20 riyals for 20 minutes ride. It was fun. I highly recommend this activity. These boats are easy to spot. They are all over Corniche and am pretty sure they will try to approach you if you want a boat ride. Plus they play super upbeat Arabic music as you go along. So not bad at all. 

That's all for today. God bless. 

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