February 23, 2011

Terribly Missing ...

Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi

Mani and Pedi. It's been ages since my fingers and toes were decorated. Am sorry. Just thinking out loud.

Goodnight my friends. My three boys are long gone asleep. Now it's my turn.

One question. What do you miss the most?


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Denise. These are sexy pictures. are those photos all yours?

Abbie♥ said...

Awww... get one na this weekend! *^^*
In my case, I miss wearing cute cardigans. It's summer na kasi! :(

Anonymous said...

Hi denise. I am Grace. I used to comment here with my old blog but deleted it a year ago. Hope you remember me. I emailed you before, matagal na. I wat you to know i am an avid fan. I read your blog everyday. Pag walang bago ill browse your old entries. Your photos are amazing and the stories you share that comes from your heart really inspire me. Please keep on blogging. And congrats on your new baby. Yllac is adorable and what a cute baby. He's got your eyes. By the way i always recommend your blog to my friends. I wish to meet you someday. *double wink*

Phuong said...

love the pictures and colors on your nails

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alessandra nitti said...

XOXO http://wonderfashionista.blogspot.com/

Mary Ann said...

I miss my boyf! ^^ (he's back at the province now,)
BTW, I will ship ur prizes on Sunday dear...am here pa sa site at di pa nkakauwi, s dami ng work, ^^

Virginia Ibarra said...

2nd picture!!! so amazing!!!

Che Barcelona said...

Hi Denise,

I feel you! I miss mani and pedi too :( Super mahal kasi dito sa UK!

I miss Pinas more! hope to be there soon!

love Che.xxxx



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