December 13, 2011

And The Best Beauty and Fashion Blog (For Luzon) Goes To....

The Philippine Blog Awards 2011
Simply Rins, PBA's Best Beauty and Fashion Blog 2011
Simply Rins, PBA's Best Beauty and Fashion Blog 2011

....Simply Rins!!!!!

Congratulations Rina.

Nail Art is hard. Okay, am wrong, It is not just a nail art, it's not just about the nails. A person's fingernails and toenails can sum up the whole being of a person. You can tell if a person is neat through their nails, their personality through it's color and shape and length. I don't know exactly how to explain my theory but to me it feels like that. And i believe that nail color is an accessory itself to polish or complete a certain look. Anyway, not everyone can apply their own nail color or do their own nails right (points to self), let alone add more design to each and every tinnie tiny nails. Rina you are awesome. And she's so sweet, she brought her parents to the event. That made me a bit sad because that day, December 3 I'll have to say goodbye to my parents for a while till I see them again next year. When Rina mentioned her parents being there, I was full of regret not bringing them with me too and Yllac too. I know the invitation said I can only bring one, but what the heck, this is blogging. There are no rules. After all Am only bringing one set of family. And that's the reason why I left early and also the Bloggers United Bazaar is happening too at Taguig. It was a crazy day. But it ended so so sweet. I get to see and say goodbye to my parents and our booth sold more than what I expect. Aaaaaand you know who's awesome and sweet too? Jena of FashionDIY101. A fellow finalist. I saw her before the program so we got to say hi and hello even for just a while. These ladies inspired me to force myself to re-discover the creativity in me. I know I have that, it's just that I am slacking most of my life since I became pregnant. Am so tired and guilty of using my son as an excuse to not do anything aside from motherhood. Motherhood is great. It is the best. But I need to grow as my own person too. Caring for others is easier when you're inspired and happy and accomplished in some little way right?

How about that for some awesome New Years resolution? Only this time I am dead serious. Watch out for some deadly diys and projects!!!!!!!!!!! and some more of these punctuation to make bold point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? what do i mean by diy? - some say (my husband) destroy-it-yourself or for the normal people like the rest of us, it simply means, do-it-yourself.

c",) here's to creation! vow!


promding chamimay said...

still congrats pa rin denise! :-)

Rins said...

Hi, Denise!

I can't thank you enough for this blog post. This means a lot to me. Nakakataba ng puso, really.

I was hesitant to bring my parents along because I didn't want them to expect anything. But being supportive parents, they came. I love them. :) I was only allowed to bring 1 guest so I asked one of my friends, who was finalist too if he could plus + my dad.

Being a finalist was more than enough for me. I really just wanted people to recognize nail art blogs and not think of them as something shallow. And with this blog entry, I feel that I'll be able to reach out to more people. Thank you.


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