September 10, 2012

Over The Weekend

mothers and babies

Two of our best-est friends, Rolie and Evelyn and their two little ones visited and stayed with us over the weekend and the energy over here went bouncing all over the place or at least to the places we went to. Me and Jayson loves having them here. It feels too long ago since we last saw them. And we always feel terrible to see them pack and drive back to Manila because our home suddenly looks huge and silent. We always miss them. Waving goodbye is my least favorite kind of wave. Duh. Ever. So anyway, I will shut up now. See for yourself just how much fun we had....


First of all, have you ever been to one of these? 
...and followed by another set of exclamation points !!!!!!!
This gives a new a meaning to, "pretty outside, ugly/yucky inside". Believe me, catheter isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. 


our friend Rolie finished one heck of a race. And this is not his first time. I'm sorry, I've lost count. He ran, biked and ran again for a number of kilometers the way cars do. He is caraayzee about this and for that, he is our superman. Congratulations Rolie. We are so proud of you.(more photos of the race soon)

running toddlers

But Rolie isn't the only one with mad running skills. We did some running (around) too of our own. No rules, no time. Just free style running, till our hair got sticky sticky to our scalp. (more photos of our babies soon)

dress and shoes
plates on the wall
baby frown

After the race, and after we all had our much needed naps, except Yllac, Evelyn and Rolie took us to an Italian restaurant called C',  in Clark Pampanga. We all love C', except Yllac. Look at the disgust on his face. But of course our weekend is never complete without a little baby meltdown.(more photos about the meltdown C' Restaurant soon)


and in between all the fun comes even more fun with our dancing party. We all danced like a mad man, like there is no tomorrow. No coordination and grace at all. Hands flying in the air, butt shaking, It was fun and awkward and embarrassing. And I promise you, there will no more photos of that ever coming out. Not ever. Believe me, I did you a great favor. You'll thank me for that.

So how was your weekend? Please tell me you all had an amazing time. Have a great Monday y'all people of the internet, and thanks for your time.


Mary Ann said...

"catheter isn't the worst thing that can happen to you" haha----correct! One tita said this to me naman about those portalets: "I'd risk a kidney infection than use those things"


Unknown said...

@ann: talaga, in there is 50 shades of GROSSSS!


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