November 17, 2014

On Thursday Evening...

This is the day where I dream and relive the past Thursday evening of my life. I mean how could I not??? Strolling around in Souq Waqif is just the raddest thing I can think of. Especially in this perfect weather.  

November 13, 2014

Thank God It's Thursday...

Thursday! Thursday! It's the last day of the week here, so tonight after work we're going straight to Souq Waqif to catch these arabic sweets called awamat before it sold out. It was about three weeks ago when i first tried these. It was an accident really. If it wasn't for the Filipina lady who was offering me to taste test everything on their table, i would be deprived by this tastiest crunchy fried dough forever. For a moment there, I thought It changed my life. Weird and over dramatic but true. Every Thursday and Friday it was a fiesta in Souq Waqif. You'll see a lot of food stand pop-ups everywhere. But I especially go to these two Filipina ladies (who works for a Qatari family) who prepares and cooks all their goods. Maybe I am biased. But these Filipinas have the best arabic food at Souq Waqif. They only sell on the weekends so why not make a new family tradition to visit the Souq every weekend right? Makes sense. 

Happy weekend guys!   

Picnic Season Is Here!

Two weeks ago, it started to feel exciting around here. Guess what? It's the winter season without snow, middle east style! Yes it is. It's perfect. 

A couple of days ago, we packed our lunch for a picnic. Yllac fell asleep on the way to the park, which feels even more perfect because Jayson and I get to just sit still and enjoy our lunch without running in between bites for two whole hours. We talked about anything. The silly things, the stupid things, and nerdy plans for this season. It's not much. Basically, we plan to live outside for as long as we can. All we need is a blanket and we're all set.  

Yllac is a bona fide toddler now, complete with all sorts of tantrums and refusal to get ready for bed every night. Everyfaaaaareakingnight. Now, that's another blog post coming at yah.  

So, hi you! How's life? 

For us? My parents visited us a couple of weeks ago. It was three weeks of fun, food and a short trip to UAE. Id like to share some pictures if you would allow me on my next couple of post. And i really hope i can do that soon. 

So, that's it for now. See you around. 

October 6, 2014

Hi From Me + Yllac Says...

Hi you! Today I am grateful that summer is over. I can actually walk outside in the middle of the day without getting cooked. Summer here is brutal. Brrrrrruuuuutal!!! Ask my nose. Nothing biggie though. Just a couple of nose bleeding from time to time. And I don't go out that much. The only micro exposure I get everyday is getting out of the car to the apartment or building. That micro second when the blast of hot air fills your lungs, that's brutal. I tried not to talk about it while in the middle of summer because it's such a depressing thing to talk about. Since coming here, I promised not to complain (out loud). As long as I got a roof on my head, and I get to enjoy my life as a wife and mom to my boys, I have no right to complain. I am working on it. Because you know, most of the time it's easier to complain. Anyway summer is in the past now. My nose is rejoicing. Just hoping that my first summer here toughened my nose for the next summer. Think of this - Alpha nose. 

But the good thing about summer on this side of the world, this little boy of mine seems to have gotten bigger, and happier. His laughter fills my heart and raptures my ears. 

Just the other night he was praying...

He said something like, "Thank you Jesus for mommy's dumb".

Translation - Thank you Jesus for Mommy's job. 

He still thinks I am funny and cool. I treasure this boy.   


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