May 19, 2015


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It was 2 days ago, when I thought am gonna just sit on my chair and finish Yllac's leftover lunch when I heard him from the other room meow-ing. He peeked through the door and meowed like a cat with his hands clawed trying to scare me. It was a permanent ink. At least I got a good giggle. Everybody in the office had a good giggle. Oh boy! I could use this as a Holiday card. 

Yllac is getting so big. But I love that he still crave for my approval and I know Ill miss it when he no longer need or want my attention. Am telling you, these little-kid-years are fleeting. I love it when Yllac still rely on me to read him a bedtime story. To read in an animated voice that gives him the best laugh of his life that i truly cherish. His laughter is magic. Someday i will no longer hear those sweet baby tiny voice that calls me mommy. Soon, he'll be a teen and then a grown man. So I'm trying hard to relish the fading years of his litteness left in him. I marinate in the morning snuggles and sweetness of him. I exalt in moments of his playfulness, obsession with his toy fire trucks, inevitable crying, tantrums and I especially cherish his childish mispronunciations. Above all else, I have to be mindful of my limited time in this stage of our life, My kid is getting bigger. I have to get all the cuddles now.  

April 14, 2015

I Like This Blog...

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Hi! I just wanted to pop in here and share to you my new fave blog. 

That is all.

Life is busy at the moment. 

Soooo, for now read with me. Let's do this!

You are so welcome.

March 31, 2015

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...



Once every two months, as a treat, we take Yllac to either book or toy shopping. Just one book or toy. That's it. Believe me, we are trying to do this parenting thing to the best we can. Am pretty sure it's a tough call for a child just to pick one item. 



We also eat out once a week, mostly on a Thursday to celebrate the past hectic days. We also like to stay up late, watch movies to make up for those 7:30 pm  weekdays bedtime.  


And then after we fed ourselves, we go and feed the ducks. And that one turtle.



Last Friday, we just stayed home. There's a Qatar Food Festival happening since last Wednesday, and Friday is a family day, so we were pretty sure that it's crazy out there if we go out. We'll end up miserable looking for parking space and of course the traffic....the traffic. 

Anyway, look at mah boy. Best 29 riyals I've ever spent on a toy!

Cleaning up is always a challenge.

The end.

March 25, 2015

How Do You Unwind?...


This is how I unwind:

  • I paint my nails
  • Read
  • Orange juice
  • Watch an episode of Friends or The Office
  • Pray
  • Pluck my eyebrows
  • Alone time with Jayson

I can talk through and think logically after one or two of these things happen. No matter how frustrated I feel, It's so nice to have something to fall back on when anxiety or stress hits. I want you to know though that I always take it easy with my brows. 




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