October 6, 2014

Hi From Me + Yllac Says...

Hi you! Today I am grateful that summer is over. I can actually walk outside in the middle of the day without getting cooked. Summer here is brutal. Brrrrrruuuuutal!!! Ask my nose. Nothing biggie though. Just a couple of nose bleeding from time to time. And I don't go out that much. The only micro exposure I get everyday is getting out of the car to the apartment or building. That micro second when the blast of hot air fills your lungs, that's brutal. I tried not to talk about it while in the middle of summer because it's such a depressing thing to talk about. Since coming here, I promised not to complain (out loud). As long as I got a roof on my head, and I get to enjoy my life as a wife and mom to my boys, I have no right to complain. I am working on it. Because you know, most of the time it's easier to complain. Anyway summer is in the past now. My nose is rejoicing. Just hoping that my first summer here toughened my nose for the next summer. Think of this - Alpha nose. 

But the good thing about summer on this side of the world, this little boy of mine seems to have gotten bigger, and happier. His laughter fills my heart and raptures my ears. 

Just the other night he was praying...

He said something like, "Thank you Jesus for mommy's dumb".

Translation - Thank you Jesus for Mommy's job. 

He still thinks I am funny and cool. I treasure this boy.   

September 2, 2014

Yllac Says...

(singing Twinkle twinkle)

"twinkle twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are
up above the world so high
like a  diaper in the sky"

(when asked what's his name)

"Iyak Olenzo Ashara Talatha Zalada" 
translation: Yllac Lorenzo Ten Three Lozada 

August 28, 2014

On Top Of My Head...

It is good to have a husband who loves you no matter what. 
It is good to have a husband who listens.
It is good to have a kid . Especially a noisy one.
It is good to have a loving slash crazy friends.
It is good today for it is Thursday. To you it's Friday, in the Middle East, it's Thursday.

Yah know what I mean?

It is good to believe in God. 
It is good to know that God is real.
It is good to have peace in my heart.


Happy Weekend. 

August 9, 2014

Two Days In The Office With Me...

Last week Yllac joined me in the office. And here's what happened...

Soon as he said hi to everyone, he went on to "work" immediately.

Everybody in the office went out for meetings, so it's just me and Yllac in the office. And when he's not working or making any calls, he's usually in front of me. Just walking back and forth. Eating snacks or stealing my pens and sticky pads.

The following day, he took on more responsibility. He attended his first meeting and did some major note taking that no one (even me) understood.

The only thing he needs to say is "superman" and up on the air he go. Second day was heaven for this boy.

Again, when he was not attending to phone calls...

..or assisting people...

...he was busting his moves to his own version of ABC and BINGO. Ladies and gentlemen, that is my child. I adore him so so so much.

And then after a couple of hours he got really really reallyyyyy bored. 

All of these happened four days ago, when his daycare was still closed for the Eid holiday, and while his Dad and i have to report back to work. I decided to take him with me because my workplace is a little relaxed as you can see. I really am thankful for this company that is very supportive of working Moms, where Yllac is always welcome to join. Going to work with a toddler and toys in tow can be challenging for all concerned, but sometimes parents don't have much of a choice. When a babysitter is not available, or the day care is closed or a sick child can leave parents without much option but to bring kids into the office or continue working from home. Thankfully it's not a problem here. Honestly I don't wanna do it much often. It's really challenging. I was praying the whole time Yllac never cries or that he won't max out his patience. Two days went by pretty fast without tears and not too much noise from my little one. But of course there was a lot of spills and crumbles to clean after. Other than that, I can say, It was a miracle. 

Hello fellow Moms! Have you tried to bring your kids to work? Was it fun? Or was it really FUN? Care to share some of your trusted tricks?


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