July 30, 2014

Yllac Says...

(it's close to midnight and we just gotten home, and while my eyes just want to shut down, I was on the floor putting Yllac on his pajamas. I don't know about you, but in times like these, I can only use my high-nagging-mama-voice, "Yllac please stay still!!!")

Yllac: "Mama, calm down..."

July 25, 2014

Three-ish am...

Today was good. We didn't plan on sleeping at 7 in the evening but it just happened. Next thing I know I was punched in the face by no other than Yllac. He didn't mean it. He was asleep. And now, I had finished a bowl of instant vegetable noodle soup and just took out fresh warm blankets from the laundry machine. I just had to wrap my arms around those snugly warm sheets before folding them, because it felt good. 

Today is Friday and it's the start of the weekend. I am looking forward to a lot of sleep and getting more laundry done because it's eid holiday here and we get to have a week off. I hope to see our friends and send one particular officemate off - sort of a farewell-and-goodluck-ikea-meatballs-dinner tonight. Also, looking forward to Ikea. Because, it is the faaaareaking Ikea. 

So, to complete this blog post, here are some photos taken weeks ago, some humid nights ago. 

Happy weekend folks! 


July 22, 2014

Right Now...

There are so many little things in my life that i love about where I am right now. Nothing major. Just simple things. Good things. I know, some days are horrible and you just want that day to be over, but some days, it just feels so "perfect". It's like, I just want to pause everything and just stay here for a while. Just like these days.

For example, Yllac has become an absolute blabby hoot these couple of weeks. I love that he is talking now. Thank God. We've all been waiting for him to talk, and now that he is talking I am even more crazy about him. It was like, flicking a switch and he just goes on and on and on. Some I get, most, I just don't. It's like seeing a miracle, how our DNAs have made another human being, and this small human being that we get to mold. I don't know how to put it.... I guess it's an honor and a blessing to rule over somebody's life???! Okay, sounds crazy, but in real sense, it is overwhelming to be a parent. I can't speak for Jayson, but as a mom, I hope i don't break Yllac in any way. Or maybe I will. 

Two days ago, Yllac was taking a bath. After washing him I let him stay awhile inside the water bucket (half his size) while Jayson and I was also inside the bathroom and talking. Then suddenly Yllac called us, "mama, daddy, please get out..." and motions his hand to the door. It wasn't a command, it's more like a sweet plea. Jayson and I looked at each other, a bit shocked and about to laugh too. So I asked Yllac, why? He points to the door again and said the same thing, "pleeeeeease go out, out, out, out". So we rushed out, and closed the door a bit and I heard him say "thank you, see you later guys". Jayson and I was like, "what just happened there?", He is three and a half years old. Just three and a half!!!! So every other minute we would go and check him and everytime he sees us, "oh no!, close the door please."

So, anyway I am feeling a little rusty. My blogging mojo has not come back yet. There's a little spark of energy here and there, so let me take my time. So I hope to make it up to you by bombing this post with photos I've collected lately....

Here goes,

YUP! That is all for now. 


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