November 28, 2012



Would you buy a dupe?
Yup! Because, I don't have 1300+ dollars
So, I got this Chloe Susanna inspired boots for less than 30$ after discount sale at GoJane.
How about you? Do you buy dupes?

Everyday I Look In My Mirror and Smile...


Yllac makes cleaning so much fun and happy. 

I am gonna wipe this one now and not a bit sad for erasing my son's hand print, because tomorrow and I'm sure, many days after that, there will be more prints like this that sure to bring joy in my day.

November 23, 2012


tonight at the park
tonight at the park
tonight at the park
tonight at the park
tonight at the park

tonight at the park 

I am thankful for so many things in my life. Mostly, I am thankful for this once in a lifetime chance at motherhood. To be Mommy to Yllac brings so much love, joy and reward. Motherhood is my greatest blessing. 

I am thankful for finding love and to be married to a generous, kind, patient man. Jayson is the love of my life. These two - they mean the whole world to me. 

I am thankful for my family. Family - such a loaded word don't you think? It implies so much. It means warmth, love, acceptance and security. All that anyone could crave for. And I have that now. And I am forever grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving folks! What are you thankful for? 

November 22, 2012

Floral Much?

floral on floral
red lips, floral on floral
Floral on floral
floral on floral
floral pants

Look at my baby looking extra large these days, and looking not much of a baby anymore. Bittersweet. It really is. 
Anyhow...I always wanted to be a flower. So this is me today....c",) 

top: Robinsons Dept. Store
pants: thank you sister-in-law
heels: Gojane
necklace and ring: Sm Accessories
purse: CLN

November 21, 2012

My Little Rockstar...

yllac baby rockstar
yllac baby rockstar

Hi Yllac, I love you. Please don't change.

November 20, 2012



How's your Christmas shopping going? So far so good? Not good? You're going crazy now? Oh you'll get there...

Me? I am done with my shopping for myself. And looks like I am Christmas shopping for summer. This mama has got to shop for herself first early October and consider that a Christmas shopping in order to shop for everyone else. And that is my strategy. If I am happy, then shopping for the rest of my people will be as happy and good as well. So I ogled at Target's Clearance sale, morning, noon and night and finally narrowed down my picks to these wonderful items that fits my budget and style. Here's the breakdown:


All I want for Christmas are these. And all of these except the sweater from Mossimo were on 70-80% discount final sale. I know, I know, you hate me now because for under 70$ (2,700php) I am taking home two dresses, two skirts, a sweater, a huge colorful purse and a necklace this Christmas : THE happiest season of the year ever. I am doing it in style, it doesn't even hurt.

Anyway, I just wanna say, online shopping works best for me. Especially when I am shopping for clothes. All I have to do is put my trust on the customers reviews. I like that I can see all the choices on my computer screen. I love that I can compare the prices right away and don't get distracted. I miss shopping in a real store, but I don't have the luxury for that since becoming a Mom. Trying on clothes with a kid attached to you isn't exactly like The Sweetest thing dressing room scene. Trust me, it's not. These days, when I peek my head to ask Jayson how I look, it's either He's not there or Yllac is beaming mad at me or Yllac is playing with the curtain. But who wants to try on clothes with the door opening and closing right? Now that I brought it up, it's pretty cool to think that Its been two years since I've been in a fitting room. Hmmmm. Fascinating.

So going back to my question. How's your Christmas shopping going so far? Do you like to shop months early or you like to go with the giddy crowd and shop weeks or days before Christmas? And I am just curious, when was the last time you were in a dressing room?... 

November 19, 2012

Zara Red Slingback Heels


Yup! fave shoes at the moment. It's red, comfy with its 2 inch heels and the strap on the ankles makes it oh so sexy. You can dress it up or down. Definitely an investment piece. At least in my opinion. Wore this shoes for the second time last Friday with pants and a basic stripe tee and wrapped myself a thin red scarf to match the heels. Can't wait to wear this again with a dress.

Happy Monday folks! 

top: thrift
pants: Dept. store
Zara heels
scarf: from Mom

November 17, 2012

The Secret To A Good Breakfast Is...

Balloons and Breakfast
Balloons and Breakfast
Balloons and Breakfast
Balloons and Breakfast
Balloons and Breakfast
Balloons and Breakfast
Balloons and Breakfast
Balloons and Breakfast where there is a balloon vendor and sit where your toddler can see it.

So we had a great breakfast this morning. c",) Thank you for asking. We finished everything without horking the food down and without taking turns on who's gonna run after Yllac. A good breakfast is a sign of a good day ahead right? We'd like to keep the peace so we took one balloon home hoping it will do its trick each and every meal. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

November 15, 2012

Sup' Pink Pants...

Pink Pants
Pink Pants
Pink Pants
bobby pins necklace
Pink Pants
Pink Pants

...just wanna say a quick Hi and Hello to all of you. Hope you're having a great week. 

pants: Shop Yapi
top: thrift
Sofia Glitter Oxfords: Shoe Etiquette
DIY Boddy Pins necklace

November 13, 2012

DIY Bobby Pins Necklace


Hi everyone! Today I am sharing to you this colorful, simple and easy necklace I made using bobby pins. 
Here's how...


-the end.

November 12, 2012


What are you listening to right now?
Me? I'm listening to Hourglass by Mindy Gledhill. 
It's the most beautiful song of my life. My lullaby.
Sing with me?


Little boy, when you speak
I can't help but kiss your cheeks
I love the way you grab my hands
And tell me all about your plans

Rocket high, comets fly
You and I could hitch a ride
And fly away to Neverland
And give our best to Peter Pan

When you reach for the stars
Don't forget who you are
And please don't turn around
And grow up way too fast
See the sand in my grasp
From the first to the last
Every grain becomes a memory of the past
Oh, life's an hourglass
Life's an hourglass

Story's read, prayer is said
Close your eyes, sleepyhead
While angels linger in your dreams
And hold you in their feathered wings

Just like you, I was small
Not that long ago at all
I wish you all the happiness
That God gives freely if you ask

When you reach for the stars
Don't forget who you are
And please don't turn around
And grow up way too fast
See the sand in my grasp
From the first to the last
Every grain becomes a memory of the past
Oh, life's an hourglass
Life's an hourglass
Life's an hourglass


Beautiful isn't it? What's your song right now? Share us yours please...

November 10, 2012

3 Layers Of Stripes


I am getting closer into thinking that stripes is my favorite color. Happy weekend folks!

blazer and heels: Gojane
shorts: thrift
red stripes blouse and orange stripes top: gift

thank you so much Chichi for the space you let me have in your blog. And if you like, you can read all about it HERE

November 9, 2012

Please Don't Turn Around And Grow Up Way Too Fast...


A few weeks ago Yllac wanted to chase these stray puppies. I stopped him. So he cried and it broke my heart. So yeah, I did what any good mother would do. I let him go and let him ran after them. Anyway he ended up crying again because he didn't get near any of them, not even close. Poor puppies, so terrified of my little boy. If only Koffy was here....Oh gosh, we miss you Koffy.

I've been thinking about the past years of my life lately. I am pretty surprised how much I changed. How different I have become. I am 32, a wife and a mother. But I know everything just didn't sneak up on me. I grew up pretty slow. Taking up responsibility was a slow process for me. But the good thing is, I got there. I still dread paying bills and doing a weekly budget plan will always be tricky but I am doing them like an adult. Like on-time-and-not-a-day-late-adult. I am amazed at this whole growing up thing, even when you are already grown. You know what I mean? I admit I still am silly at cooking and I prefer cake over vegetables but like every morning when Yllac wakes me up and smiles at me, and hug me and slap my butt like a bongo drums, my mind automatically think of breakfast we can both share. We make cereal with milk and a slice of egg pie. We sometimes go back to bed and eat our breakfast there and I'll have a crazy realization that I am doing the same thing with my parents when I was young. For some reason, splitting my food with Yllac, or peeling off the grapes skin before I give it to him seems so adult and parental. The simplest of things like reading to Yllac, or scooping him up when he falls and  hush him when he starts to cry, or making the bed, or making a grocery shopping list, doing house repairs, talking to Jayson over the phone when he's at work telling each other our days and paying bills and carrying Yllac on my hips while I prepare something in the kitchen feels like a responsible thing I do now. They are simple things but it comes off naturally and it brings peace and joy knowing I do them now because I am a mother and I have a family of my own. Ten years ago all of these seems strange and impossible. And these are the simple things that smacks me in the face that says, you're an adult parent Denise! ADULT! 

It's weird because it felt like it happened so fast, and so right...being married and being a Mom. I wonder if this is exactly what everybody feels towards growing up. Or maybe this is just a little part of growing up. The disbelief that we are growing up. Maybe decades from now, id be blowing my 90th birthday cake and still think how the heck is it possible that I am 90 years old. The same feeling of, I just found out we were pregnant and now Yllac is turning two! , and it was 2004 when Jayson and I first talked again since high school and now we're soon celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Amazing how time flies by. Jayson and I, we were just high school classmates, we were 25, now we are  Mom and Dad. It all goes by so quickly. I guess the trick is to grasp everything, live in the moment, keep all the beautiful memories and tuck it away in the safest place of your heart and take them out when you need it. Time is fast but it also makes a lot of wonderful memories. And that's what I like most about time - memories. Lots and lots and lots of memories.


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