July 31, 2010

Last Skirt

boho skirt
boho skirt
boho skirt
boho skirt

Am on my 5th month now and dressing for two is getting a bit of a challenge. I haven't been shopping for months now. The last time was last Christmas and two dresses from Hong Kong this summer. The challenge dawned on me yesterday and realized i need to shop to accommodate the size and style of the new person living inside me now. At home, I am most comfortable. I just steal my husband's t-shirts and boxers and I can get through the day. But I can't possibly stay home till December. Pregnant woman needs to have an active lifestyle and social life in order to stay healthy and strong. To tell you the truth, too much rest will leave you feeling more tired. Promise.True.Story. Am not complaining and never will I. I just never realized that dressing for two means saying "I have nothing to wear", whenever am staring at my closet full of clothes.

So this is the last of my skirts that can fit me. I might sell the purple skirt soon or more, and visit my seamstress a little later for custom made dresses and skirts that can last throughout my pregnancy. Am excited and thrilled each moment. Am armed with designs and photos right now. Am enjoying this time of of my life more than ever. I am happy and just peaceful. Especially now that i can eat a full meal and drink gallons of water. YEY!

I wish you great day, love and joy my friends.

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old top: Naf Naf
vintage skirt: gift from Mother-in-Law
sandals: Itti
bangle: Quiapo
bag: Thrift
earrings: H&M

July 29, 2010

Plateful Of Giveaway


So you want them all????? Do you?

Sure, they're all yours. Just drop a comment here and leave your name, location, *edit* example, QC, Visaya, Cebu, (not the complete address,) and your e-mail address. That easy. Ill announce the winner on Monday, August 2, 2010.

Am sorry international readers, this giveaway is for local readers only. For the simple reason that international couriers are a bit strict on wood and shell items. Some countries don't allow such materials to enter their region.


please do check out Drowning Equilibriums for more giveaways.

July 28, 2010

Something White


inspirational photos from Freshome.com

Since am getting my energy back am so excited to move to the next bigger room of our apartment. Right now am obsessed with white. White walls, white fluffy beddings or a pinch of color so it won't be boring, light curtains. Cos white creates the illusion of space and we need a lot of space now that we're having a baby. The huge white closet on the last photo looks exactly like our closet, only in oak brown, so all I have to do is paint the room white and everything in it and bring in some colorful paintings and hang photographs. It's gonna be a lot of work but am going for it.

Sometimes am overwhelmed by the changes in our lives. Honestly am very excited but at the same time am a little scared too. After all , this little person inside me, I haven't even met yet, is already turning my life upside down, (for the last couple of months, making my stomach upside down,) making unexpected demands on me, both physically and emotionally. Every aspect of our lifesyle - from how we spend our evenings, our money to what to eat and drink and where to go is already changing. Everything's changing. My body is changing. But one thing is for sure, this is a life changing experience that's likely to bring change for the better. 

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Please stay tuned tomorrow, 2pm, Philippine time, Am gonna do a little giveaway. Clue? Am cleaning out my jewelry boxes....  

July 27, 2010

Seven Stylish Filipina Bloggers


Once in a while i do get an imaginary fever from wardrobe blogging fatigue. If ever you're wondering, No, I don't post all of my outfits here. There are days am all dressed up but am no mood for pictures, so that explains it. Blogging is part of my life but it's not always on my mind. Or right now am just really pregnant. I don't want to move. I just want to sleep and read all day and imagine things such as blue or pink, wall paper color, sunlight and Greece. My mind wanders.... It's not me, It's the hormones. Which is fun, but there's the feeling of loneliness from the blogging withdrawal. It's an addiction you and me know so much about. 

Just like this weekend i wore two cute dresses but obviously I can't share them here cos I didn't pose for a photo. Husband must be so worried. 

I don't get much anything from blogging but still I find my self spending my time here writing and reading your thoughts and that inspiration from a single photo or that simple phrase i read somewhere are enough compensation for my time and energy spent on a single post. And it's always a reward when one single person sees the good in you or appreciates what you say. It's always a good feeling. Every compliment is new to my ear and a supplement to my heart and each single word never gets old. 

Am no outstanding. Am no special. Am not even that good. But when one single person sees all that in you, you're beginning to make-believe too. 

And that one person who made me believe in myself once again, shall we say the "wind-beneath-my-tush" is the wonderful and talented Lauren Dado of I am Buorgeois and Laurganism who wrote an article about The Seven Stylish Filipina Bloggers on Philippine Online Chronicle and (can you believe?) she included Denise Katipunera among other Filipina Bloggers. We're featured side by side together with Fashionista Fortune Cookie, Chic In The Tropics, The Capricious Club, Death by Platforms, A Plus B in The Sea, and Drowning Equilibriums. 

Please check out all the girls. They're all so nice and cute and unique. 

Yesterday I was a potato couch, a little depressed waiting for SONA, now I feel like some kind of immortalized speck glued on one of The Seven Wonders Of the World. hahahahaha. Told you, my mind tends to wander these days.

Thank you Lauren for the feature. It means a lot to me.

Have a great week everyone.

July 22, 2010

Supermodel Bump Obsession : Claudia Schiffer

Pregnant Claudia Schiffer
Pregnant Claudia Schiffer
Pregnant Claudia Schiffer
Pregnant Claudia Schiffer
Pregnant Claudia Schiffer
Pregnant Claudia Schiffer
Pregnant Claudia Schiffer
Pregnant Claudia Schiffer

Effortless and just gorgeous...after all what wrong can she do? She's a supermodel.

Am stalking baby bumps anywhere, everywhere and in any way i can. If you know one please please please share. Am obsessed with round tummies right now. 

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July 20, 2010

It's All About You, Narcissism

knit top
knit top
knit top
knit top
knit top

Truth is, aren't we all a little narcissistic at heart? Why would I post millions of photos of myself here if am not one? Anyone who blogs or tweets wants to be heard. I don't know anyone who wants to fade, be ignored and doesn't want to voice out what they feel, need and think. And each blogger who makes their site public somehow wants to reach out and care about what people might think of them. I for one started this blog simply because am too talkative and felt the need to express myself. I am not a writer. All I want is to talk. I am not a fashion stylist. But I love dressing up. I don't know anything about life, but here I am sharing my thoughts about my life. I've been trying to avoid for this blog to be too personal but it is personal. 

If there's ever been one hidden agenda behind writing this blog, it's beyond clothes and shoes and dresses and accessories. I want this blog to go beyond the line of narcissism and not sound too brag-y, but I believe a good blog exudes a great, healthy dose of self esteem. I don't mean to influence. Am not even sure I am capable of inspiring people. I just want this blog to be a FUN, LOVING space for me and for you. Because in the end, it's all about intentions.

This is a hobby, not a job. If this becomes a burden then Ill stop.

As for me, this is just a diversion from the rest of my life. Blogging is personal, It's all about me, but not really. 

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knit top, shorts and studded boots: thrift
bag: Charles and Keith
hat: YRYS

July 19, 2010



Watch out girls, there's a new brand in town to craze for. It's called NICHE. Sounds familiar right, but somehow you just can't get the whole gist of the word. Sure, you've seen and heard the word many times but right now NICHE will give itself a whole new meaning that will answer your personal fashion need.

So, what is NICHE?

First, Niche was created by sisters Lauren and Michelle Lin on March 2010. These designing duo first launched their limited capsule design last June 5 at Summer Solstice Bazaar at the Rockwell tent, and all the single pieces just flew off the shelves instantly. Everything sold out fast. And it's not hard to see why. Their unique design paired with a reasonable price is enough appeal for anyone finding their uniqueness and individuality in fashion. 

I like NICHE. The batwing colorful romper just haunts me. Plus, they make their own accessories too. Wish there's more for the growing size of my belly. Can't wait for their second collection to be launched this coming August, so watch out for it. You can follow their updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great Monday everyone. Stay fabulous, go shop at NICHE

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July 17, 2010

Fallen Tree

fallen tree
fallen tree
fallen tree
fallen tree

I am most depressed come rainy season. Not because of the longer nights but the number of strong devastating typhoons that passes our poor country every year. Well, I don't want to make you feel bad today. Just can't ignore the fact that in coming week there's one more typhoon and God knows what will happen then. Please be safe Philippines.


On other news, my tummy is getting bigger. It's harder to get dressed everyday, or at least to style my bump in a non bloated fashion. I just wanted to get this baby bigger so people don't have to think trice whether I just had a big burger. Can you feel my excitement? Can't wait to get this bump on the road. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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dress: thrift
shoes: Menderz
bag: Charles and Keith
necklace: gift from Leonabeybeh

...and don't forget to visit my Thriftaholic Shop. More dresses up for sale. 

July 16, 2010

Shop Update : Lhasa

hot pink dress

Am selling my three Lhasa dresses today....

I've worn the two once and this one stayed on my closet for more than a year and i've never worn it even once. Just got so intimidated by the color I guess. 

So any taker out there? Visit my Thriftaholic Shop and email me at harukijayden@yahoo.com for reservations and inquiries. 

Have a great Friday everyone.

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July 12, 2010

Sequins and Hearts

sequins shirt dress
heart stockings
sequins shirt dress
sequins shirt dress
sequins shirt dress
sequins shirt dress

"Don't be tamed by violence of the silence"

The more ugly I feel, the more i wanna dress up a little nicely. Sequins and hearts definitely did the trick. Right now I very much needed some glitter and shine and a whole lotta love.

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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t-shirt dress: thrift
shoes, bag, stockings and bangle: from Hong Kong

July 11, 2010

Shy Girl

crochet black dress

I am a little shy today.

Give me a moment and Ill tell you why.

So, the sickness is back. It just won't leave me alone. But am grateful that what i have now is a little thing called morning sickness, unlike on my 1st trimester which is the horrible all-day-sickness-am to pm-madness-craze. I can't complain now, cos Am a little better these days. Every morning i wake up, eat my breakfast, vomit, feel dizzy and sleep for an hour or two, and when i wake up am good the whole day. So basically am feeling stronger these days. But i still can't eat meat. And toothpastes are yuck! But i have to brush because of the awful AWFUL after taste of ALL the food, every food and drink, even water except orange.

beauty ritual

Thank God for oranges cos that's the only one i can eat without the said unusual after taste. And right now am nursing my 6 GIGANTIC pimples on my forehead and nose with it's citrus, hoping to get rid of the redness and puffiness of each one. I haven't been looking at the mirror now for days, so i covered them with ban aids so they'll look cool at least because the sight is scary. It's not just a zit but the mother of all pimples decided to come out and torture the hell out of me. Until i see my dermatologist, which by the way on a VACATION!!!! am putting my faith on this fruit remedy. Well, they're still huge and dark without any sign of erupting any time soon. So ill just wait for my doctor, especially when you're pregnant you can't just put anything on your skin cos of the possible harm it can do to your baby. So that explains the no outfit posts the last couple of days...and because I don't feel like going out. But later we will, Am feeling good today, now if only i have a mask hidden somewhere....

Have a great Sunday everyone! Stay Fabulous and gorgeous!

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July 10, 2010

The First Born

first born

I love Koffy. As far as we are concerned, he's our first born. Our first baby boy and nothing can ever compare to that. This dog brought us so much joy and I can't imagine our life would be if we didn't have him. Because of Koffy I've proven that my husband is going to be a great father for the religious routine they do every single day. Koffy's a very demanding dog. He needs to walk twice a day and it requires a great deal of effort and passion to keep up with him. My husband has a very erratic work schedule. Sometimes he would come home at 12 midnight and had to wake up to kisses of Koffy that says "daddy, get up, it's time to walk". And that's usually 5 in the morning. Not once my husband bail out on Koffy. I can hear some complain from time to time and sometimes they argue on the way out but he won't let Koffy down. He's been doing it for the last three years and I asked him does he ever get tired of it? Well, he said he loves Koffy, and it makes him happy to see Koffy happy. "It's a little favor I can do for him for all the happiness he brought us", he added. Thank God I married this guy cos we're in love on same things. How did I get so lucky?

Now that we're having a human baby, am just more excited for our little family. And having Koffy gave me the confidence am gonna be good mom cos I did raise him good right? He loves babies. He's good with them. He's fascinated with them. He may be big but he's very gentle with kids. I know every single thing he needs. I can read him well, just like mommies on their babies. Babies don't have to talk for mommies to understand what they want and need. They just know. 

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July 9, 2010

Shop Update : Mad Men

hour glass

6 more dresses available now at the shop. The Thriftaholic Shop: MAD MEN

It's hard to sell these dresses away, they're all vintage inspired and most of them were custom made for me. Notice the ever fluctuating waistline???? Well what's the use of keeping them in my closet if I can't wear them for the next two years or so and possibly never again. I think they're pretty and they deserve to be worn right? So visit the shop now and email me your orders at harukijayden@yahoo.com.

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July 7, 2010

Congratulations, Its a Herbivore!

crochet dress
crochet dress
crochet dress
crochet dress

Well I can only get pregnant for the first time in my entire life so I won't stop talking about this till I pop. Nothing compares to the magic of pregnancy. I never imagined the power and capability of a woman till the joy of forming a new life in your own body. The first trimester was definitely the hardest and I thought it was never gonna end. I was 3 weeks along the day we knew we're finally pregnant and I can't wait to tell the world. But am cautious and scared that some unavoidable accident can happen. So i waited till my 3rd month just to be sure. But of course told some friends and families of our little bundle of secret cos this is the most wonderful blessing we just can't contain to ourselves.

First tri for me was the longest days of my life. Can't eat and drink. I constantly vomit, i was weak. Because i can't eat and so hungry all the time I was miserable and sad. It was the hardest 10 weeks of physical and emotional struggle. Then i was hospitalized for dehydration. But my doctor said not to worry as long as am not spotting. which am not, then mine is still considered a healthy pregnancy. Thank God the baby is strong. 

Am on my 16th week now and i feel better, stronger and finally I can eat again. Am really really happy. 

In case you want to know, am a carnivore. I love meat. I love my steak. But right now the baby is going on a different direction. He/she may be a herbivore. Meat has a nasty bitter taste right now, so I can't argue with that. The baby is definitely health conscious which is good right, cos he/she loves fruits and vegetables and especially pickles. Can't get enough of it.

Well thank you so much for listening to me. So is there a mommy out there? Please please share your stories with us. 

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crochet dress: thrift
tights: YRYS


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