September 30, 2011

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9 months
9 months

Nine months last September 24. Yup! Nine months. It's like a whole cycle of pregnancy again. c",)

being pregnant was a lot of fun. physically it was hard, but it's nothing compare to the joy of finally seeing and holding your baby everyday. Got to admit i miss those kicks back when he was in my tummy. It's one of the very first magical feelings I had since Yllac was made. And now he just turned nine months and that feels so surreal and so fast. This boy made me a mom in a matter of minutes he was handed to me. And it's been good. I never thought Id love being a mom. Honestly I lack (before) that feeling of mothering anyone. I still don't want to mother anyone, especially a grown up person, a dog most probably, but this feeling of love that grows so naturally towards this nine month old person my husband and I made is just amazing. It's unbelievable how a tiny person can change someone's life. And that change is good. It is the best. A baby is a person and a place where there is no sadness. It may be hard, but it's a happy-sometimes-hard-place. It is fulfilling and it will always make you smile. And laugh.

The only hard part I can think of now (because I simply just forgot all those difficult adjustments on the past) is not able to pee anytime I want to. I got to hold it for hours until he lets me go and finally do my business alone. Or sometimes not, so I have to hold him (only one time) while i pee.

Another one, actually it's not hard for me. I kinda loving it. I love that right about at his age now, he just cannot live without me. He can't play without me beside him. He cannot sleep, watch tv, take a bath, poop without me. He cries. To me it simply says, "if you don't get me mommy, am gonna kill myself with crying". The moment i scoop him up and he hugged me he'll stop crying right on cue, which is so hysterically cute. I love that he cries for me. I love that he loves me so much he won't leave me alone, because I love love love love love love love him a hundred thousand times more and more and more and more.


and more....

Does This Dress Pass As Metallic?

Metallic Dress, Denise Katipunera, Personal style blog, thrift finds, Primadona shoes, Budget FAshion
Metallic Dress, Denise Katipunera, Personal style blog, thrift finds, Primadona shoes, Budget FAshion
Metallic Dress, Denise Katipunera, Personal style blog, thrift finds, Primadona shoes, Budget FAshion
Metallic Dress, Denise Katipunera, Personal style blog, thrift finds, Primadona shoes,
Metallic Dress, Denise Katipunera, Personal style blog, thrift finds, Primadona shoes,
Metallic Dress, Denise Katipunera, Personal style blog, thrift finds, Primadona shoes, Budget FAshion

because honestly I don't know. Anything that shines right? Or not really?

dress: second hand
jacket: thrift
heels: Primadona


about my previous post, am merely telling our experience, our story. I never meant to offend anyone by choosing to pay for our temporary home as a safe place for my little family on the night of the typhoon. I know there are people left with no home or any place to seek refuge. I know It's unfair. But I don't want to live with guilt by forever feeling guilty for others. Things happen, it's sad. It is life. Sometimes it is a choice, most of the time for some it is not. But this is our life, our family. And family always comes first. And some comments are really unfair. I don't remember any time of my life that I lived frivolously. I thrift as a way of life. I am not hurt by the comment, i just feel that it's really unfair and kind of childish to attack someone with a keyboard. That's all. Goodnight everyone.

Typhoon Pedring According To My iphone Photos

Flood on the roadFlood in the garage
Koffy's the only one excited bout the floodEvacuation. Koffy first
Baby boy ready to goWhere are you rainboots when i needed you the most?
No clue whatsoever went onKoffy eyeing daddyRoad
PlaidHappy baby.
You know christmas is just about to happen soonHanging candles
Mommy's water
Bottle nipples, soup and fried mozarellaTemporary home
Remember the last time you fit into a sink?He wont let go of that faucet.
It's a baby soap roll onSlept
Hey roomiesFrom where i stand

September 27, 2011

It's just the usual Tuesday morning, only there's a typhoon coming and they say it's gonna be mighty strong. So we made a plan to just sleep it off, enjoy the cold nice wind it will bring. Next thing we know the power's off,the rain has been non stop since the early morning, leaves flying on our windows and the wind seems to be singing in a very angry tune. I went to peek outside and slowly (or so i thought) there's a small flow of water running down our street. I ignored it. Five minutes later it was up to half a foot high. Of course I woke up the husband because water aren't supposed to be running rampant through the street. After he saw the situation he said only one word, "pack". So I did. He called his Dad to come pick us up. A little over ten minutes later my father-in-law arrived with his big ol' rusty farm jeep. Oh was I glad to see that jeep, to me that looks more like a submarine because I don't see any of it's wheel anymore. Yup. The water's that high. And Dad's jeep isn't easy to climb. So we left our home only with one overnight bag, a huge bag of diapers and a kilo of dog food not sure if the home we left that morning will be the same one we'll be returning home again. And since the electricity is off for the rest of our province we decided to stay in a hotel because honestly after the evacuation I can't face another trauma of a crying baby that can't sleep without air-conditioning. With most of the hotels fully booked swarmed by parents with babies, we just got lucky we got the very last room just in time. Am just a bit torn that in a crisis like this, we had to leave Koffy with my parents-in-law because, you know, pets aren't allowed in hotels.

Looking back am glad am the kind of a panic that is numb to panic and just weighs the situation into two categories: okay or bad. When I saw the flood starting it gave me a bad feeling that this is not alright. Something-Ondoy could happen again. Two days ago is not exactly what people call a cuddle-weather. It was more like lets-get-out-of-here-right-now-weather. Though I am worried with all of our things we left, our car, Shoe Etiquette! heck! that's our life we left there, I need (somehow) to cheer up. We're all safe, that's all that matters. A huge part of me is relieved that our lives was never really in danger. That the flood only reached almost the floors of our car and did not reach our home, but still I am holding on to some very raw, scared feelings from the experience. seeing people walk outside with the water as high as their waist is really scary. I feel as if Jayson and I have to parents in a whole new level, in a way we never had to before - to fight back our own fears and put on a brave calm demeanor for each other and for our Yllac. To see him safe, healthy and happy, that's all that matters.

Now, we're all home safe. Yllac and Jayson now sleeping and Koffy here at my foot snoring.

Honestly, am not really that shaken. (But I am. LIAR!) We had to do what we had to do while we were at the hotel. And at the back of my mind, well why do you think I took these photos for anyway? (Beeeecause I am sooooo gonna blog about this!) This is my first flood experience, so why not make it appear a bit of dramatic so worthy of a blogpost? But seriously, at the hotel, it was quite nice. It's like finding a reason to check-in into a hotel that's five minutes away from home, stay there as a family all day long, just being together. Gee, thanks Pedring for being such a good excuse. But seriously don't ever come back again. We can't afford you anymore.

Anyway, hope everyone is okay right now, dry, safe, happy and healthy - That's all that matters.

September 28, 2011

The Girl With The Messy Hair

September 26, 2011

The Tooth Is Out There


Can you see it? It's white and kind of big. c",)

I swear the morning he smiled sporting his new front tooth, i laughed . I just couldn't be more prouder. It's the cutest thing ever. Am afraid he's soon not a baby anymore. And you know what? (you say, whuuuut back to me)) That singe-white-thing is sharp. I've been bitten so many times since it's debut. And oh, another one from his lower gum broke out this morning. And did I say it's just the cutest thing ever? It really is. EVER.

Green on Green, Print on Print

green dress, green bag, nude wedege booties
green dress, green bag, nude wedge booties
green dress, green bag, nude wedge booties
green dress, green bag, nude wedge booties

well I am on my typical uniform again. Wore this the day after that horrific, violent and a very sad incident at a shopping mall. I am not near rejoicing here if i may sound happy that the mall isn't crowded the following day of the shooting. Okay, I was rejoicing - for the empty mall. I have a feeling that people would be afraid to go out so why not take that opportunity to enjoy shopping in silence and peace. I think that's just practical right?

dress: Shop Yapi
purse/diaper bag: Dooney and Bourke
wedge booties:

September 23, 2011

I Woke Up This Morning, Suddenly I Can Read Minds

I know what you're thinking - Does these come in my size?

See? Told you.


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