June 29, 2009

Old photos, Same old stuff

  • June 1, 2007. hihiihi. Two years ago i was wearing an old college ripped pants, and believe me it wasn't all ripped when i bought it on 2001. Right now looking at my old photos and current closet, i am a proud owner of nothing but a collection of ripped pants and no decent jeans at all. Decent means no holes and destroyed threads on every seam.
  • I clearly remember that day. Kai got his monthly haircut then went to a photo studio for his passport picture and had dinner on a coffee shop where they have this huge painting of a naked lady with no face. It's our favorite spot, we always make sure to sit and have our coffee next to it's huge male hands covering her nakedness. And right now that we're married one thing i have learned though, that being married saves a lot of money, dating wise. hihihihihii. ...and we haven't been on that coffee shop for a year now.
  • Anyway, quick survey, Is it okay to post old photos here? I mean from time to time id like to dig up some old photos and see what was i wearing back then? hihihihi.
pants: no name
top: oxygen
belt : comes free with the pants
shoe : converse
bag : bazaar
necklace : from boracay

June 27, 2009

I Must Have Done Something Good



Perhaps i had a wicked childhood
Perhaps i had a miserable youth
But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past
...there must have been a moment of truth

Cos here you are standing there loving me
...whether or not you should
Cos somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could

So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

  • Do you believe in Angels? I do! I married one. hihihihi.
  • And i quote Ana B. of the blog On Dressing Up, "Oh Denise! You are a total beach babe. Your blue suit is perfect against the blue sky and blue water. Your husband makes you and the Philippines look utterly gorgeous." ----and i died! Oh yes indeed. hihihi. Ana, and to all our friends here, thank you so much for the appreciation of my husband's take on me and on the Philippines. He really does not want to be featured here. I guess in blogging there's so much risk in putting yourself out there, so i wanna keep people, things and personal stories within the privacy of my little world. But sometimes i really just can't help it. I know if he reads this, he'll be a little awkward and undeniably cute grasping what i have written, and am sorry cos he really doesn't want this. But "i love you" isn't enough , it's so generic don't you think?, so am lashing out here. ihihihih. Sweet lashing aylavet!
  • Something good is my i love you song for him. The Sound of music has been an inspiration for me growing up. I know all the songs and dialogue. Well am assuming you know the movie right? Every civilized person on Earth has known or have heard of it and if you haven't ...well hello Martian it's time to see the movie. hihihihihi.

this is my most fave photo of him.
He'll hate me for posting this, but oh well i can always ask for his forgiveness. hihihihi.
he loves meeeeee. c",)

June 24, 2009

Bluer Than Blue





  • This morning i woke up and realized that happiness becomes real only when shared. RIGHT right? I am extremely happy (as to why? secret for now, hihihihi) so am sharing these photos to all of you guys. Hope it brings warmth and smile on your pretty face.
  • It's always an adrenalin rush whenever am in a beach. A trance like state settles over my mind, the lazy walk is such a clear-eyed dream for me, the glowing sun sweetly burns my skin and eyes, and hours slide by the minute. I hate that. But the best thing is, the worries are left behind, the clutter of day to day existence, the unpaid bills, unwashed clothes, the unwatered plants, dusts on the furniture, family issues...all of it is temporarily forgotten. It's like being on a pain killer. It numbs the whole conscience. ..you know what i mean?It is the experiences, the memories, the great joy of living to the fullest captured in these photos am taking home to my heart.
Oh God it is soooo great to be alive!

Hope everyone's having a great day!

bikini and shorts : tomato
cover up : folded and hung
hat : from Vigan

Location : Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

June 22, 2009

Nature is my Congratulation

white blue purple

white blue purple white blue purple white blue purple white blue purple white blue purplewhite blue purplewhite blue purplewhite blue purple

white blue purplewhite blue purplewhite blue purple white blue purple

white blue purple
  • It's summer once again. Yey!
  • Pagudpud....- others call her the Boracay of the North, but nah, i call her Pagudpud cos she's no second rate. So faaaaaar this is the farthest place I've been. hihihi. Imagine, 12 hours on the road?? She's no easy gal, but once you've seen and had the taste of her, oh wow!, you'd never wanna leave her anymore. We've known each other for only two days but she's grown on me like no other. Spent sunsets together and star gazed at night, am telling you she's not easy to forget. Goodbyes are always hard, but i promised to see her again soon. Visit her sometime, she's like a lover i don't mind sharing. hihihiih.
  • This purple skirt is my fave, been wearing it a couple of times. Not bad that it gets a lot of nice compliments. When people ask me where i bought it, of course am very flattered to say that it's a custom made, worth 4$ total. I call it my happy barney skirt. hihhiiihi.
Happy Mondays everyone!

top: gift from Leonabeybeh
skirt: custom made

location : Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte


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