May 31, 2009

These are the Few of my Favorite Things

fave old fave

Thank you so much Cheryl for the tag.
  1. Color : yellow, black
  2. Dessert : (right now) flat tops hihihihi and cheese flavored ice cream
  3. Smell : Lysol
  4. Flower : rose
  5. Animal : Koffy my dog son
  6. Month : December, January and March
  7. Beverage : Fruit juices and coffee
  8. Pair/s of Shoe : (right now) gladiator shoes
  9. Snack : orange and lays
  10. Song : Metallica, Jason Mraz
  11. Book : Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Judith McNaught and the late Sidney Sheldon
  12. Fruit : Orange
  13. Hairstyle : I always wanted a big curly hair but failed miserably
  14. Pieces of Clothing : dresses as always
  15. Stores to Clothes shop : Lhasa, Thrift stores
  16. Season : Summer : but it makes me sick and rainy: but i can't go out.
  17. Hobby : Necklace making. I have to show you soon. ihihihihi
  18. Things to collect : fridge magnets
  19. Movie : i love Classic old movies
  20. Restaurant : TGIF and Gerry's Grill

  • Do you have a fitting room dance? It's more of a ritual happy dance when a certain dress fits me well and happiness can't be contained. It's like an out of body experience. Watch above. It's a year old video and of course one of my favorite too. No wonder husband is a happy shopping partner. Okay....i can't dance, am a dork!
  • The collage above is a collection of my fave photos and some events in my life surely i will never forget. Koffy when he was still a baby, home photos and those colorful toes that took forever to finish. hihihi.
  • And thank you Shelly for the award you gave me. I don't know what to say, let me just dance for you.... hihihihi.

Have a great day everyone!

May 30, 2009



  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • I don't...but with the history of Corregidor where thousands of Filipinos and Americans died and the Japanese soldiers committed suicide the odds of finally entertaining the idea of ghosts and spirits came full speed ahead especially at the back of my neck while we were at the Malinta tunnel for the famous night activity Ghost hunting. I am not afraid of the dark even when i was a little girl, well am still little up to this day, i mean when i was young, hihihihihi. But being inside the Malinta tunnel, i did feel a lot of "eyes", and curious beings following us around, the funny thing was Kai and i were always....always at the back of the group. I blame myself for being slow and constantly looking back to see what's in the dark. I didn't see anything though, but i definitely felt them. I think they're just happy for the visits they get from the people who recognize them and honor their memories. ...geez i get goosebumps talking about them now.
  • Oh and there goes my sausage legs. hihihihi. This is just prevention from the mosquitoes Kai said there might. But normally and honestly this is not working for me. I love it on girls who has skinny legs. Go ski-leggings!
  • And that is it, the very last outfit of our 3 day stay at Corregidor Island. Please go there and see for yourself, lots of fun activities day and night.
For inquiries please contact Sun Cruises at +63917 527 6350

top : bazaar
leggings : sm
shoe : primadona
bag : thrift
accessories : Quiapo

May 28, 2009

Pursuit of HappYness

brown (4)
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  • The pursuit of happiness is never ending, tiring and a little unreal, cos if you pursue happiness you'll never find it. I think (in my own humble opinion) happiness and joy are a natural thing found within a person. You know those naturally happy ones???? I feel sorry cos i haven't said it enough yes i am happy, in many ways that i can say, yes i am! But i pray for it time and time again, continually asking God to keep it in my life and in my family.
  • I have this policy in my life that i strongly believe in. It's all about finding "the place" where we should belong. Like there's a P5,000 haircut, there's P500 and there's the P50. Which one's are you? Stick to it, it doesn't hurt to be honest with our real situation. Then someday, maybe we'll go for that P5,000 haircut.
  • One thing am very thankful for are my parents. They gave me a priceless life. My mom would say "we can't have everything, where would you put it?" She's half Kapampangan and half Ilocana. So there you go, sometime she's so hard to read. hihihi.
  • Right now our life is a little unpredictable. I say, we'll cross the bridge when we get there. Am very excited, i know it'll be soon.
Location: Corregidor Island

top: thrift/ukay for 2$
shorts: thrift/ukay for 1$
shoe : itti

hat and pin: Corregidor gift shop

belt : Sm

accessories : all from Quiapo

bag : thrift/ukay

Evelyn made my day. She featured me on her blog. Check out her article. Now that is my happiness! Thank you so much. You are so sweet!

May 27, 2009




A vintage dress from my mother in law. She's so sweet she gave me her 20 year old dress. Just did a dramatic alteration cos it used to be a closed neck, long sleeved dress and the hem reaches my feet, yeah that very conservative. hihi. I always wanted a summer dress and upon seeing this vintage beauty a sudden vision of breeze and wind playing with the dress made the wheels in my head turning.

location : Corregidor Island

dress: vintage
vest : thrift
belt : custom made
shoe : itti
earrings : from mother darling
necklace : from Quiapo

bag : thrift


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