July 28, 2009

Do We Like Weddings? Oh Yes We Do, Yes We do!

Prepped Up

Prepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped UpPrepped Up

Prepped Up

dress: old
shoe : old
clutch: oldest, 7 years old
belt: old
necklace, earrings, ring, bangle : old
pimple on the left nose : suuuper new and fresh on the 24th, but it's dry now. hihihi. Nakiki-bonga ang pimple. Ang laki.

Location : Manila Cathedral and Manila Hotel

Anyway, you like weddings? Me? Of course i do. I do. I do! But honestly i always freak out on picking and thinking of the right outfit. I think everybody does too. Cos weddings are big deal right? You don't want to appear under dressed or over killing the whole look in result from too much tension. Believe me some does. They say wear something you'll be very comfortable. Well i don't find comfort in heels and small purse. I think same goes with guys in tux or suit. So i said to myself, i won't worry, I won't think. Ill just wear something from my closet. So i picked this dress. It is perfect. Very comfy. Safe and comfy for me is any clothing that will cover my arms and shoulder. All of us has our own little "insecurities", and those two are mine. Why?...Because....!

Anyway, i love weddings. They give me the reason to play pretty and all prepped up. I could wear my heels and go to the salon for a make over. At least once or twice a year i get to do this. So anyone there getting married anytime soon please invite me. I don't have to eat, just invite me so i could play dress up again. hihihi.

have a great day everyone!

July 27, 2009

At Laaaaaast!

the ring

lovelyam married now!i swear tong bride na ito ang hilig sumalampak. hihihilovely gownin their best gwapings poselet them eat cakethe cake and her gown. Awesome!tiny bubblesyumyum yum yumfracis and the floor both shiny. hehehe. peacei want themMahal kong Maynilathe happy couple!Manila Hotel

she looks like a cakeyey! Cherry's so pretty..of course si darwin din...prettynakakaloka, bride and grrom lang maliwanag!. heheheyumyuuuum

not much of a runaway bride

Two of our dear friends, Darwin and Cherry, got married (in suuuper style) last July 25, 2009 at Manila Cathedral, and the party followed at Manila Hotel. Well what can i say, i guess you don't mess with love. I think these two tried to break it off once. But nah. Love is ancient and mysterious and again, you can't mess with it. If you do, it just backfires and you meet with disasters. That's a fact. ihihihi.

Darwin and Cherry we love you. Both pretty and nicest people. Congratulations, we wish you happiness, wealth and health, love and eternal bliss forever.

July 23, 2009


t back

t backt backt backt back

t back
  • It's been a busy week. Now still a busy day.
  • Have i told you that i hate making appointments for hair and make up? Well let's see this Saturday if i'll feel different after. hihihihi. I feel so bummed for not knowing how to apply even an eye liner. So forgive me if i overdose on blush, cos that's the only beauty trick i can do for less than a minute. hihihi.
  • So this is what i wore this afternoon. Got this from thrifting of course, both the T-backless black sequined top and the yellow dress for a total of 100php (2$). Been eager to wear this black top since the day i got it. It's so great for layering since am not that brave to go totally backless.
Have a great night everyone! Ill be back next week full force. hhihihi. I miss visiting all your lovely blogs. Ill catch up next week. It's just a little busy.

July 21, 2009

Amnotlying...True Story!

  • This black dress am wearing cost me about 80php or less than 2$ if my math is correct from my recent thrifting. Three days ago i have found this exact black dress from Trinoma Mall, The Ramp, specifically from the brand Missology. The price???? 3,800php (80$ more or less). SHOCK! It was the husband who saw the dress, he called me, and the first thing i did was of course look at the price and GASP!!! i guess seeing and knowing the price made me happy and a little proud. hihihihhi. In my whole life i haven't or will i buy a dress more than a thousand peso. The most expensive thing in my closet is my wedding gown. I just hope ill have a daughter to pass it on. Thrifting is just a marvelous thing, a gift from the mighty one for a frugal like me. I remember a month ago when i saw this dress on my usual "ukay" trip it was love at first sight. I don't know why people didn't notice this dress. Well i guess being in the right place and on the right time is so generic to hear now, but that day the whole universe was on my favor.
  • Am not much of a watch wearer. I don't buy watch, don't wear one, unless it is right in front or my face. All those watches are dead. Kaput! No batteries. But id like to keep them cos they're cute and my mom gave them. Thanks Mom, now they're good for bracelets. I mean, people won't even notice that they are in fact watches. I am probably the only person who wore all my watches the same time that day, but has no sense of time at all. Ask me what time it is, am sure to answer back "probably 3". It's always probably.
It is so nice to post again. I am, for the mean time a very very very busy busy girl. So much to do, so little time. Have a great day! I hope everyone's doing A-okay.

dress : thrift
necklace : Quiapo
bag : guess
shoe : Celine
watches : from mother darling


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