October 24, 2008

i was once 13 you know

Life of a 13.
I can't believe am posting this.


Denishabeybeh circa 1993.
That was my elementary graduation day.
My first make up ever, done by my mom. We we're fighting all the time cos am afraid to look like a debutant.
Kai said that's how he remembered me the first day in high school. Exactly like that, the facial hair, of course minus the make up. I can't imagine he fell in love with that face.
FYI. I still have that pearl necklace. Pamana ni Inay.

28 to 29

And now after 15 years.
So what's changed? Given am still waiting for my boobs to grow.

TAGs TAGs TAGs. please post your 13 year old face too. ihihihhihi.
This is so much fun.

October 21, 2008

happy 1st bday Koffy

Dear Koffy,

Mommy and Daddy loves you so much Koffy. We will always remember the first time we laid eyes on you, and the way you picked us to be your parents. I remember how you made sure to get our attention by barking so loud as if saying "pick me, pick me!", besides you are the handsomest among your brothers, complete with marks a boxer should be. You are so tiny, warm, and very very loud especially when you think you are just alone.

How can i forget the moment i knew raising you is not for the faint of heart. How can a big stuff come out from a small you is such a wonder. But you are the most adorable little thing I've seen so far. Let's just hope that your siblings will be as beautiful as you. hehe.

Now that you are big, in fact much bigger than mommy and daddy, we continually pray and hope that you'll stay happy and playful and healthy. God bless you with a long life so you can be a big Kuya to your future brothers and sisters. We love you Koffy forever and ever. Pramissss!

koffy baby
he looks more of a mouse noh?


so proud...



tiny little koffy. look at his face. hihihi


when he used to bite everything

dad and koffy


Where is koffy?




Getting heavier. Wish i can still carry him like this.


takaw takaw talaga


macho na sya dito


always his sleeping position


we'd be lazy without you koffy


what can i say? we're such proud parents.

October 19, 2008

am such a loser y'all

mood : jologs
been downloading aerobic workout videos today.
such a loser don't you think? hihi.
bukas matutunaw na din ang mga taba....

October 17, 2008

Get Well Soon Inang

...she won't eat nor sleep
get well soon inang
we love you!!

October 15, 2008

Genuinely Glitterati

This is the happiest day of my life, (well among the previous happiest-day-of-my-life)!!!!
Remember the business i told you before, that i do import from our neighboring countries, which didn't do so well because of the suuuper hebigat na taxes.
Anyhow, after my bitter secret bad omen to Customs, i made peace already and decided to DESIGN my own line!!! yey! My own line! Of course am gonna call it Glitterati25. My on line store for a year. But i have not trade marked it, kasi di ko alam papano eh and saan office ako punta. So help me with this one. Am so jologs in this kind of matter.
So, what i did, i draw a design that i like (of course) and i would wear. Considering our climate too then shop for the right fabric and scout for a mananahi na suuuper babait.
dyara-raaaaaan....!!!! after a week my eyes hurt on the first glimpse of them. Nag tears of joy ang lola mo.

Today we did the shoot. Sorry guys can't model the dress kasi am so choba na talaga. Baka di lang mabenta ang mga dress. hihihi. Good thing, the sweetest girl in the world, Jaymelyn, my sister in law model for me. Which na-exploit ko yata sya kasi lunch lang sa Japanese resto okay na ang dalaga.

so, here's what happened today. enjoy.

brothers and sisters

happy feet

mag-asawang jologs not for sale

accessories not for sale

and daming malalaking langgam. ano tawag sa kanila?

and here's my first collection. 2nd collection is now on the lab. hihi.

oi oi oi gays and gals pili na!!!! - hihihihihi


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