December 30, 2010

How Wonderful Life is Now You're In The World

Yllac Lorenzo Lozada
Yllac Lorenzo Lozada
Yllac Lorenzo Lozada
Yllac Lorenzo Lozada
Yllac Lorenzo Lozada
Born December 24, 2010 at 7:30pm.

Yours are the sweetest eyes I have ever seen
I hope you don't mind, if I put down in words...
How wonderful life is now you're in the world

I.AM.SO.HAPPY! My husband and I are so happy and more in love with each other and excited and still in the state of disbelief that we are now a Mommy and a Daddy to our Yllac. Oh he is so gorgeous. He's amazingly tiny and soft, but real strong. I can just spend all my time starring at him. It's crazy how this little person is the force behind my cooling-off period to blogging, considering he's asleep all day.

Yllac - he is my most amazing Christmas gift ever! Right now we're cooking a feast for New Years Eve celebration, not that am complaining KFC's chicken as our Christmas food at the hospital, it doesn't matter in anyway, because I got my Yllac.

I know It's too late, but Happy Christmas everyone and have an amazing New Year!


Id like to take my Maternity leave from blogging if that's alright. At least give me a month. After all am a MOM now. 

December 23, 2010

Any Hour Now

last post for dressing for two

Hopefully this will be my last post for Dressing for Two. Had my check up today and my cervical dilation is progressing good, considering Am just on my 38th week of pregnancy, it's still early and my doctor said I won't give birth till after Christmas. Got to say it made my heart sunk. We want this baby for Christmas but we can't rush him no matter what. But there's a sudden change of plan, seems like this baby has a mind of his own. Any hour now I might give birth. I might..... Am still not sure. Contractions are coming, in fact it's been three nights in a row now that am having strong contractions. Nothing painful, it's like menstrual cramps only two to three times stronger. But it's tolerable. Truth is i wanna give birth now, tonight,  this hour, instead of blogging. hehe. But I need to do something else or am gonna be crazy waiting. 

Anyway, am going to bed now. Even though my adrenalin won't let me sleep, cos am just so excited to finally go to the hospital. I know it's going to be any hour now or tomorrow the latest, the important thing is am gonna see our baby soon. 

Have a restful sleep everyone. But before you do, please say us a little prayer - It's what we needed the most.Thank you, God Bless.

December 21, 2010


December 20, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Ish Shoe


Remember these shoes?

These amazing seven are coming home to me soon...YEY!

I LOVE MY MOM. She knows how to make my feet sooooo very happy.

December 19, 2010

Almost Ready....

almost ready
almost ready
almost ready
almost ready

We never expect these much present for our baby since we told our friends and families about our pregnancy. We already bought him an extra drawer for all the clothes we shopped for him and those cute gifts we received from the baby shower from all his godparents. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generosities and for sharing with us the excitement of finally having a baby. They're all adorable, I wanna photograph them all. But don't worry, I won't. Now, it's the waiting that's driving us crazy. But no one can rush this baby. When the right time comes I know he'll come out, because it's crazy to imagine to stay pregnant forever. (Oh God please NO!)

Everyday I find myself  in our baby's room checking his things over and over. It's the most beautiful place in the world. I just can't get enough of the idea that any day now we're gonna have a baby to dress up. Like a real doll. We got him a white crib. All of his gadgets are still in boxes, like his stroller, swing, car seat, playpen and his toys. Am sorry, am boring you. We're just extremely excited like a small child on Christmas day. You know  that feeling? - you're sure there's a gift  for you wrapped somewhere under the Christmas tree, and everyday you just can't wait to finally tore those boxes to pieces to finally see what's inside. I bet you remember. But with us, it's a baby.

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue
Aqua Blue

Am wearing the happiest blue!

By the way, regarding my previous post, it's not our home. Sad right? It's a Coffee House. Will post more photos about that soon. But this is our home, at least we have a swing where we can take our coffee each time the mood strike. Suuuweet! We're still working on our little garden, that is if we can prevent Koffy from eating all the plants and flowers he can dig into. He's a bit of a devil when it comes to plants. We don't know what to do anymore. He doesn't listen to us.

Anyway have an amazing Sunday everyone. Remember, we're all fabulous! 

dress and clutch: Sm Department Store
shoes: Otto

December 18, 2010

Come To Momma

Brandy boots by Gold Dot

photo credit : Gold Dot 

I've never felt shoe deprived my whole life since I got pregnant. I think you know why. On my seventh month started my foot metamorphosis - not in a pretty way. I always have a negative feelings about my feet. Honestly I don't like them. If I have my way I want a narrow, thin feet. Am not a Havaianas girl. Most of the girl I see has pretty cute feet that wearing slippers makes them look so cool. Me, I need a shoe to distract people from my feet. But, I don't think people see what i see each time i look down. It's just my fixation. Just like everyone has one right? With me, it's my feet. Feet is my thing. 

It's nice being pregnant cos you get to receive a lot of gifts for just being pregnant. Like the day we knew we finally made a baby, Jayson - my husband gave me something. Call it the baby payback. hehe. And every month that my pregnancy is progressing good am getting more and more from him and from the people around me. Pregnancy is sooooo DOPE!!!!!! So days ago husband gave me a go signal to finally order this shoe. I've been a fan of Gold Dot for sometime now since i saw their shoe on a local magazine. After googling the site and saw their collection I fell in love right away. Everything looks so amazing, but i have yet to wait the right shoe for me. And tahdah, Brandy was born. She's mine. And next week I get to finally hold her in my arms.

Merry Christmas everyone!

i have a strong feeling you want a Brandy too. Pls go To Kookie's site. She's giving away this shoe for free. Go, Now na. 

My fairygodmommy will send me more and more and more shoes.

We finally decided on a baby name. Clue, it's a Tagalog, macho name that will rhyme with Lozada. It's not Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar Lozada anymore.

December 17, 2010

My Dog and My Fish


TAken s few nights ago, just tiring Koffy out, to drain all his energy for a long good night sleep. He's an outgoing dog. Every time he hears the car engine he's going crazy. He likes Coffee shops, long walks and people.

And the one in red? He's my fish. You know how people used to say, there's plenty of fish in the ocean? Na-ah not for me. I love my fish and I won't let him go. 

Life is always happier with a dog and a fish.

December 15, 2010

Strippy and Some Say Say


Black is a slimming look when pregnant, so are stripes and prints. Empire cut dresses didn't work for me very well because am small and it makes me look ,well,  pregnant. It did make every part of my body big and really really pregnant. Anyway, personally the trick in dressing for two is to showcase that tummy but avoid those traditional maternity style. Believe me when I say that it is hard to put up a decent outfit when you don';t feel like going out and just play potato couch all day. And not to mention those insensitive comments like "magang maga ka na" ( you're so bloated), "iba na itsura mo" (your looks have changed) and some more I don't need to say. I don't know why people have to say the obvious that yes am pregnant, am fat, am eating for two. Sometimes i just want to talk back, be a bitch and say, "yes am pregnant, and what's your excuse for looking so crappy all your life". Well, wish i can say that up front and out loud. Maybe it's a Filipino thing. Instead of saying Hi or Hello, they'll comment first about your weight, your hair, your skin complexion (umitim ka yata?) and some more warts and every pimple on your face that they can see. Am not ranting, just saying. Am not sensitive either, just pregnant.  

I can say a lot of difficulties of my pregnancy, complain from time to time because it is hard. From day one till now it is hard. But I will never trade this for anything. Some part of me is saying I love being pregnant, just because this is a wonderful thing. I got to experience this finally and am going to be a mommy soon. 

Am not a martyr. So yes from time to time am treating myself with nice shoes am gonna wear after I pop, especially now that there are lots of goodies out there. It's Christmas time and am going to have fun with shopping. Am shopping for our new home, for the baby, for husband and of course for me. Guilt free. 

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top: thrift
skirt: Promod
Bag: Rue de CMG 

Shhh The Baby's Sleeping

shhh babys sleeping
Shhhhh The baby's sleeping

I guess there is something about a woman's big round tummy that fascinates /attracts people. Ever since I got into this full blown frame, people in the grocery just wanna touch my stomach. I remember the first time some random old lady just touched me without my permission on a flee market and said am gonna have a girl. Well, she's wrong. It felt weird really. It's not like she's a friend or a family that has unlimited touching access on my tummy. It's not that bad either, it just felt weird. What's cute are the kids directly points at me, giggles and say "uy buntis" (she's pregnant). I wonder, are pregnant ladies funny looking? Sometimes people or group of girls just stares and smile. That, I like. 

There's more. Suddenly everybody around you gives you opinion and advice like a real expert. Some makes sense and 80% FUNNY. There's this one girl from the grocery said the most darnedest thing to me. Hold on to your seats....She expertly told me to eat and drink chocolate three times a day a month before my due date. Because chocolates are slippery so the baby  will just slip from your vag-eye-ners that easy come your labor day. It made my day. c",)

Anyway try getting pregnant, you'll know what I mean. Have a great Wednesday everyone! 

December 14, 2010


koffy and mommy
koffy and mommy

I don't get much sleep these days. It's an uncomfortable feeling every night, especially lying down in bed. So yes, how can i get sleep standing up right???? When you reached your 4th month of pregnancy it's not advisable to lie on your back, but still whether am on my left or right side the baby's still squishing my lungs. It's so hard to breathe. I can hear my heartbeat going so fast as if it's about to explode from my chest. But really there's nothing much I can do about it now. They say it's normal, so that means am very very close to my d-day. At nights like these am thankful for Koffy. He keeps me company. Am not alone. He follows me anywhere I go; Sits on my foot and there he'll sleep, but he will always be with me. Koffy's so sweet. I just can't imagine life without him. I'll say it again, I wish he has longer life. I pray to God every night to bless him with a healthy, long life because am going to be very very sad the day he's taken from me. Sorry, am emotional today.

dress: Sm Department Store (seen worn here)
bag: Coach
necklace and bangle: Quiapo
slippers: Otto

December 13, 2010

Cobalt Blue Blazer

Cobalt Blue Blazer
Cobalt Blue Blazer
Cobalt Blue Blazer

Blazer: thrift
Dress: Sm Department Store
Shoes: Celine/CLN
Bag: Rue De CMG

.....More dash than cash. Got 'em all on sale. 

Happy Monday everyone!

December 12, 2010

The ELLEments Of Personal Style

The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style5
The Elements Of Personal Style4
The Elements Of Personal Style3
The Elements Of Personal Style2
The Elements Of Personal Style1
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style
The Elements Of Personal Style

I stopped buying magazines a year ago. Am not sure why, but it got to a point I just got so bored and yeah it's expensive to subscribe to three to four magazines a month. But i like buying a year old magazines from time to time. I guess it's my thing not be aware of the latest trends and fashion. I don't want to see myself catching up with what's new every time. It gets tiring.

I think I've seen this many times written on everybody's fashion mantra - trends are fading, but style is eternal. I don't  know what my personal style is yet, but am getting there ... or I may never go there. The important thing for me is I know what works well with my body. I know what to show and what to hide. And am sure after giving birth everything will change. My body won't be the same. Am good with that, excited in fact for there's a whole new exploration thing going on soon. Life is too short to be afraid of fashion. Remember fashion is just a thing. Shoes, skirts, dresses. There's nothing to be afraid of. 

That's why we need inspiration. Everybody does right?

So recently I bought this coffee table book of Elle. I like it so much. It's a collection of photos, in depth interview, inspiring fashion advice from these gorgeous ladies and the editors of Elle magazine. It's really good, so go get one. I got mine on sale, from 1095php down to 700php. I love SALES.

One question though. Why Ashley Greene???? 

December 11, 2010

Where Do Babies Come From?


Mary Daisy Dinkle - Where do babies come from in America? Do they come from cola cans? In Australia they are found in beer glasses.

Max Jerry Horowitz - Unfortunately, in America, babies are not found in cola cans. I asked my mother when I was four and she said they came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren't Jewish, they're laid by Catholic nuns. If you're an atheist, they're laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes. So this is where babies come from in America. 

Mary Daisy Dinkle - like Katherine Ramsay told me behind the bike shed. She said it's when two people go "nuddy" and rub on each other to make babies. I told her she's a liar and would go to hell and burn like toast 'cos babies really come from beer glasses and eggs laid by rabbis and nuns and "prosti-tubes". She said ladies get knocked up and bake babies in their stomachs for 2 years till they spurt out their "vag-eye-ners" with blood and tinned spaghetti.

- Quotes from the movie Mary and Max. - my fave movie of all time, for the last week or so. Have you watched it yet? Pleased do so, it's so cute.

So really, where do babies come from??? It's the hardest question a kid can ask right? When i was 12, i asked my mom that question. She said it's when two people love each other and when they kiss on the lips they make babies. Till i was 14 that's what i thought, that saliva is the main ingredient for baby making. So imagine my horror the day i knew babies do really come out from "vag-eye-ners".

Have a great day everyone! 


weekend sale
weekend sale

  • Hello! Hello! Hello! Yes, am still pregnant. Got to say the last month of pregnancy feels like the longest of all. With all the waiting and those fake labor pains makes me wanna rush everything. Was hoping to give birth this week but my good doctor said it won't happen any given day of the week. Maybe the following week? We'll see.
  • What's so amazing having this baby this December are the Mall Wide Sale. It's everywhere. Shopping has never been this good. Those tiny onesies, shoes, toys and just about anything that screams "little-weird-person" suddenly looks so divine. Yes divine. And I haven't used that word, of course except when am practicing my British accent with Koffy. He's British by the way. c",) 
  • Am glad to be blogging again. Our new home feels like a real home. Though the first week was very tiring especially for me, cos am doing everything with a heavy baby to carry around. But we're good, We're finally settled. I love that this year will end so good for us - a new home and a baby. It feels Christmas already.
Btw, are we friends on Twitter yet? Id love to tweet with you. So see you there?  

December 3, 2010

Guess What????

baby boy lozada
baby boy lozada
baby boy lozada

... and we are so thrilled. 

Some people just can't keep a secret. But i forgive them. Somehow I've got a feeling we're gonna have a boy. For me the real surprise was the day we knew we were pregnant.

And I know what you're thinking, all this time am growing the cutest itsy-bitsy-tiniest penis inside my tummy. c",)

Happy Friday ladies and gentlegays! 

top: Folded and Hung
t-shirt print: made by a friend
shorts/skirt: Mental
sneakers: Puma


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