June 24, 2014

A Little Change...

Hi you. It's me again Denise. I know it's been too long. Soooo here goes...

I will start by saying, change is good. It's always scary at first, and riveting, sometimes you will lose a night's sleep or two. While I love being a mom and a wife, personally I needed change and growth, and I want some sort of change in my life now. For a while I felt like, the daily routine of chores and family activities came to feel very samey. I don't want a big change. I enjoy my life with my two boys just the way it is, but when things felt a little comfortable, too comfortable, with the small part of my world that I see everyday, the challenge is completely gone. Little did I know, my comfort-zone was slowly working against me.

I have been working at my home for the last couple of years. (some of you are aware of my two little on-line shop) It's a "glamorous job", working from home, mostly from my bed while doing all sorts of things of a stay at home mother. I get to be in my jammies all day. It was okay, but it could get painful in the back and could get lonely sometimes. And silent. So so silent. And those jammies needed to retire. But finally (yes FINALLY!), a couple of months ago, I was able to get a job here, just a couple of minutes from our home, also near where Yllac goes to school and Jayson's work too. Just like I told you, nothing of a big shift from where I am right now. But It's such a great change to work around people, especially such nice people. I feel really lucky here.

This photo was from last April because we just didn't get around to picking up the camera the past few months since moving here. (my hair is short now too) But you know, one less instagram of photo here and there ;) Can't help it really. These days we were just so grateful to spend each day with each other. I cannot imagine myself going through another year without Jayson with me even for just a couple of months. Those six months away from him feels like a decade. I am just happy now, so so happy to be together as a family of three, enjoying every little thing we have, but always so big on celebration for days of togetherness, and late night drive around this little city, a trip to the playground, and our silly toddler literally growing everyday before our eyes. Sometimes we just couldn't help but look around and think, gosh is this the best or what? I treasure this life we've been given to live. Its ups and downs, and the joy that can be found in the smallest moments of everyday.

This blog is on radio silence for the longest time until now. I guess I just needed to take a long pause to actually live life. That makes a lot of sense for me these days. 

Today, I mostly wanted to say thank you so much for being here and letting me share this small portion of my life with you. You've always been kind to me in countless ways. 


ps, I cannot believe how nervous I am to press the "publish" button. Oh, gosh, who have I become? 


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