December 9, 2014

Hustle Bustle...


oh there's the moon!!! (in case you're wondering)

To all the mothers out there who balance work and home, please tell me how you do it. A lot of days I feel like it's a go-go-go-go-go kind of day, with little things I have managed to keep together. The weekend seems to come and go just like that. I remember the first day I took Yllac to school, the same month I got offered a job, thinking how are we gonna do this? Jayson was working on a shifting schedule back then, I will be working too for full 8 hours. Sure! And I was - can i panic now? I was about to burst my brain when suddenly Jayson's boss took him out of shifting schedule and gave him a fine morning schedule for the rest of his life. Oh God hallelujah! we are indeed Jesus' babies here on earth! It was perfect. Easy and breezy. I would drop Yllac to school before 9am, and Jayson would pick him up at 3 in the afternoon. A whole two more hours of dad and son date before they pick me up at 5. This is our life here. The three of us. Go go go, busy and whirlwind. But things are about to change into caaaraaayzeeee territory before the year ends, because....hear this..- we are gonna move again to a new apartment! Yay!

December 8, 2014

MIA Park Weekend Bazaar (In Pictures)...


Hi folks! Our weekend was kind of awesome. The best! No, I mean, amazing!

The best,.. no no, the very very best time of the year has arrived here in the driest part of the world. When winter season comes, everybody is in the best of festive moods. There is no winter blues here. I think people are more happy and excited to get out and do more activities outside on winter months. Personally I felt the blues back in summer, when we couldn't go out at all because of the heat.

So anyyyyyway...let me show you some photos from our weekend. The Museum of Islamic Arts park holds a lot of activities every winter season from bazaars (like this one), to concerts and all kinds of festivals almost every weekend. Last weekend, the bazaar participants sold some clothes, accessories, arts, crafts and decor. All handmade. It was a feast for the eye.

I took a lot of pictures from the 150 participating local sellers. So if you'd like to see more photos, just click after the jump.


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