February 28, 2011

All Kinds of Stripes

grey striped dress and blue velvet boots
grey striped dress and blue velvet boots
grey striped dress and blue velvet boots
grey striped dress and blue velvet boots
studded blue velvet boots

I've been dreaming of this kind of dress for a long time now. I want something that has all kinds of stripes in one piece of clothing. Horizontal, vertical and even diagonal. Indeed the thrift store is a bottomless pit for all my fashion need. I may be shallow, but my thrift finds makes me super happy. c",) They make me feel witty and smart. And i like that.

dress: thrift
studded blue velvet boots: Urban Original
blue leather bag: Stanley Market, Hong Kong
bead bracelet: Boracay


i still want your blog links my dear ladies and gentlegays. The more, the merrier.  

February 26, 2011

The Missing Links


Hello everyone! I am having a very nice weekend, hope you are too. Anyway, I am organizing my blog links. I haven't updated since two years ago, so if you wanna get linked in here, just say so. Leave your urls, the title of your blog and please indicate your blog category and if you're a local blogger or from another planet. That's all for today. Have a merry merry weekend. If I may share, since you don't have much of a choice but to read all throughout, - i, Denise Katipunera is eating a lot of icing. I love icing. It's the kind of craving where you don't want to eat anymore but ended up eating more.

February 24, 2011

And I Think To Myself

jayson and yllac

i hear my baby cry
and I watch him grow 
he'll know much more than i'll ever know
and I think to myself
what a wonderful world

i have a feeling.....something wonderful is about to happen, because our Yllac turns two months young today. i am thankful for his life. i am grateful for my family. i am happy i can only type with one hand. my left arm is so lucky for it is holding my baby.

i wish you all the best!

February 23, 2011

Terribly Missing ...

Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi
Mani and Pedi

Mani and Pedi. It's been ages since my fingers and toes were decorated. Am sorry. Just thinking out loud.

Goodnight my friends. My three boys are long gone asleep. Now it's my turn.

One question. What do you miss the most?

The Sunrays

rays and stripes1
black and white stripe dress
rays and stripes

Expect the best. Every night before i rest to sleep I pray for another good day. But some days just don't go according to plan. It's long been speculated that optimistic people live longer, healthier lives. That being said, i feel like dying today. Just today, this hour. Now it's been suggested that one person's optimistic outlook can actually improve the outlook for another person too. Since I don't want to take you down with me, I'll try to see the bright side of today. Like this shoes. It's clean, it's bright, it's comfortably high , it's lightweight and it's very pretty. Okay . Snap. Optimism is back. I know, the shoe is a temporary remedy but it does the trick. 

Take care everyone. Wishing you all a very lovely day.

dress: Genevieve Gozum
wedges: Urban Original 
clutch: Sm Department Store
necklace: Quiapo
Earrings: Thank you Abhie 

February 22, 2011

Can You Take Me Higher?

krayola dress plus edgy boots
krayola dress plus edgy boots
krayola dress plus edgy boots
krayola dress plus edgy boots

I am definitely feeling much healthier and much much much better now. I do remember like it was yesterday how I was always tired the whole length of my pregnancy. Food tastes oh-so-much good now. It was a celebration for me and my husband the day after i gave birth because my taste buds started functioning again. No more drooling, no more nasty after tastes. I never knew how a person's ability to taste food can affect his/her disposition and mood. No wonder a hungry person can be so grumpy. I was grumpy. Not because I was hungry but I can't taste food the way I remember they should be. I have more energy now than ever before my whole life. And It's not difficult to wake up as early as four in the morning. Well, it is still a little difficult. Okay, truth is one baby's scream is enough to wake up the whole neighborhood. And Yllac's got a full use of his mighty lungs when he needs me to wake up and listen to his ramblings. Anyway, babies are weird. And mine is the cutest little weirdo on Earth.

cotton dress: Sm Department Store
bag: CMG
ring: from Mom
bangles: Thank You Sittie

February 21, 2011

Thank You coos and aaahhhs


Hi everyone! My name is Yllac (il-yak). And I am a newbie here. This is my first blog entry. 

In behalf of my mom, dad and brother, I just want to thank you for the success of my Mom's Closet Clearance Sale yesterday. Mom had a blast talking to everyone thru email. She's so happy. 


Right now mom is gonna wear something nice because we'll go out a little later to celebrate and visit my grandma and order a cake for my second month birthday. Time flies so fast I feel old.

That's all folks. 


February 20, 2011

Closet Clearance

Shop my closet

Shop my closet here.

Thank you lovelies. Have a great Sunday!

February 19, 2011

Hello Mga Teh, Pili na!!!!


How are you mga ate? Since I cannot join my blogger friends at their Closet Sale tomorrow I'll just join them through online because I just cleared half of my closet today and am gonna do a Clearance Sale tomorrow. So just check on my Thriftaholic Shop. Stay tuned. 

Bloggers Closet

bloggers closet

I am inviting everyone to come join these wonderful ladies at the Bloggers' Closet, happening on the 20th of February, Sunday, that is tomorrow, at 11:00 AM inside Town & Country Executive Village (Along Marcos Highway). It's the first closet sale organized by bloggers and it's also a great chance for other bloggers and their readers to meet up and hang out! 
For inquiries about how to get to the venue, please send an email at bloggers_closet@yahoo.com
Among the bloggers that will be present are:
Raleene of www.raleene.com

Please come and support my blogger friends. They're all so nice and wonderful people, am sure you're gonna have an amazing time meeting all of them. Honestly Am a bit heartbroken cos I won't be able to come. But there's always a next time. 

February 18, 2011

Back To The Future

Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project
Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project
Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project
Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project
Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project
Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project
Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project
Irina Werning's Back To The Future Project

I love old photos. There's a feeling of mystery to it. The joy, rawness, and melancholy of memories it can bring to a person. I also love how everything looks simple back then, - before photoshop and dslr came to scene. I love the fashion and the hair of course. I love how women wear dresses and how men look so draper in their outfits. And personally, i especially love looking through some old photographs of me and my brother together with my cousins. It was so fun. We actually "play". The physical kind. We run, jump and climb trees and spend the weekend with our whole clan on the farm. We came from a family of farmers, so picking watermelon and mud bath is just another field of game for us. Right now we all live far away from each other.So looking at our photos brings us back together again. Suddenly i remember those nights of playing hide and seek, inventing horror stories to tell and sometimes salt fight when we can't seem to settle our quarrels. Kids uh! 

This morning all of my childhood memories came rushing back at me when i visited A Cup Of  Jo and discovered Irina Werning's Site and her Back To The Future Project where she invite people to reenact their childhood photos. Amazing right? 

Now back to me again. Id very much love to reenact this photo of me and my brother at the stairs of my late great grandmother's house. I miss him soooo much. And I miss my Lola Cela. Suddenly I miss everything before. 

cyd and den

1986, Cyd and Den

February 17, 2011

You Know What?


....Motherhood isn't always pretty, but darn, IT.IS.THE.BEST. 

Right now there is no reason to keep my hair this long, if it will be tied like this the whole day. Believe me when i say that I don't even have enough time to dry and to flat iron my hair anymore. It just takes a lot of time. Will cut it short real soon. That is if and only possible if am given at least two hours of my own time to go out and have a new cut and color maybe. Here's the thing, since motherhood is opening a lot of fresh  beginnings for a new mother like me, might as well embrace all the changes that comes with it.

It was ten years ago since i had a shoulder length hair. Honestly I am a little afraid of the cut I am thinking but I need to toughen up. It's just  hair after all.  

top: For me
skirt: thrift


thank you for having the time to read Denise Katipunera. Especially to our friends who always comment and many thanks to our silent readers. I may not visit you all right away, but i always appreciate your time and effort for those clicks and wonderful messages. Thank you. God bless.

February 16, 2011

Hickory Dickory Dock


Two days ago on Valentines day I forced Yllac Katipunero to wear red. That made him cranky. So i sang to him. He got angrier. I read to him, he fell asleep. 

I wish he'd be a reader when he grows up - one of the many dreams i have for him. Now I sound like a real Mom.


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