July 31, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine

aaayyyyhhh wahhhzz a huuumhbooogeh!

oh I can't get enough of this movie. I love Steve Martin.

Happy Sunday everyone. LAUGH OUT LOUD! We all need that. Will definitely play this in my wake......not anytime now. But will definitely include this movie in my will.

July 30, 2011

Mommy Was My Nerd Name. Now I am MEH MEH.

Picture 750
Picture 759
Picture 760

I think my heart stopped this morning.

Yllac said his first official/legit word - Meh Meh. He said it like moooooh, like the cow, and I think that was me he was calling right? There's no way that sounds like dah dah. No way. Oh! I just beat the babydaddy on his first word. Oh you have no idea how awesome that feels. I feel good. It's weird having a little baby, my own baby and i still cannot believe that he's mine. MINE! To be honest, I don't know anything about this whole parenting thing, or if i am doing the right thing, or if I'm spoiling this baby enough or what, I don't know. I am just leaning to what feels right. And right now everything just feels perfect. Of course there are difficulties. Of course. But you wouldn't wanna hear about that and I don't wanna talk about it now. What's important is that Yllac called me. He called me by my cool name - MEH MEH!

ps, i have a witness, i am not imagining it, because the grandparents were on skype when Yllac said MEH MEH.


tassel necklace
tassel necklace
tassel necklace
tassel necklace

So tell me just how awesome this tassel necklace i got from Simone's Closet? And also, tell me how ahamazingly cutie patootie my boy in stripes is? Okay, I apologize, I am being cocky. But who wouldn't if you got this necklace for only 280php and a baby this adorable by your side. Tell me who wouldn't?

HAve a Happy weekend!

dress: Mint (old)
wedge: CLN

ps, and how cute is that blue dog on my lap huh?

July 28, 2011

Been Looking Everywhere

DSC_7036 copy

The green dress, the necklaces and the belt are all missing. I am sure I have not sold them or gave them away. It's like the bermuda triangle closet mystery. Do you have same dilemma as mine now - That no matter how you organize your things some are meant to get hidden accidentally or tucked somewhere in the black-hole of your closet.

July 27, 2011

Red Lips

red lips and a babyred lips and a baby
red lips and a babyred lips and a baby

Been wearing red lips for the last couple of weeks, only because Yllac seem to like it. He's just fascinated with the color. Every time he gets irritated ill just do a lip mime and he'll be okay. I am telling you, it works every time. Just make sure to be very quick avoiding the fast slaps babies are mastering or else you'll end up with a red smear all over your face that won't even pass as face painting.

By the way, this red I am wearing is IN2IT lasting colour lipstick DL 04 Flambe. It is that good. Long lasting. It's CHEAP! It is matte so It doesn't prevent me from kissing Yllac every single second. Just wait for a couple of minutes for it to properly dry then you kiss everybody-all-you-can. It's like kissing spree. Leaves no evidence. True story.

Before The Storm

DSC_7340 copy

I love rainy days like these. But storms? Not so much, of course. Hope everybody's safe and warm.

dress: Sm department store
vest: thrift
boots: from mom

July 25, 2011

Crochet And Dots. Lots of Dots

crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots

Thrift Stores are the best place to build your closet. Ditch the malls and brands. Besides, you can find everything in a thrift store and believe ,name your brand, you can find it there in a fraction of a price. Just learn to dig deeper. Go to a place where it won't break your kid's college tuition fund. Yup! It is that nice. And thrift shops, they are my kind of awesome. Well at least for me.

Happy Monday everyone!

coat and h&m dress: thrift
boots: from mom

July 24, 2011

Seven Months


....sometimes I jut wanna freeze time. I really do.



My boy turned 7 months today. SEVEN FREAKIN' MONTHS! Seem to me not too long ago the day I told you the gladdest news that we're finally pregnant and just couldn't wait to show you Yllac's photos on the day I gave birth. Those days are so special to me, so special it plays in my mind over and over again, and never get tired of it.

I know this boy is gonna grow up bigger than me. But right now, he's my little baby I will carry around in my arms for the next 12 months or so.

As a mom, i now understand why parents can't seem to let their children go. A child, no matter how old they get, to his/her parent's eyes they will remain and always be their little baby. True story. Ask your Mom and Dad.

July 23, 2011

Best Seat In The House


We're having an excellent time here. Yllac, Koffy and I are doing great!

Yesterday, a miracle happened. Yllac let me go and let me took a two minute bath while he was watching his ultimate favorite movie of his entire seven month life - Despicable Me. It made me thankful that Mr. Gru, his minions and Vector are with us everyday to steal my boy's attention from me so i can eat half of what's in my plate and tidy the house a bit. You see, a very important lesson I have learned from this movie, just because Mr. Gru is the bad guy, doesn't mean he's a bad guy. In fact he's good to Yllac. That's why I love him.

Get The Laundry

shirt dress
shirt dress
shirt dress
shirt dress
shirt dress
shirt dress
shirt dress
shirt dress

Yup! The tittle sums up the highlight of my day yesterday. I can do a lot of extraordinary things, but never laundry. I can cook, iron clothes, fix the faucet, fix the roof, save the whale, give cpr to a 105 year old toothless corpse, scoop the dog poop all day but I will never do laundry. Not in this lifetime! It is my thing.

So, do you have a "thing"? Care to share?

shirt dress: from a korean shop
wedge: CLN
belt: Genevieve Gozum
rings: gift
earrings: Quiapo
scarf: Hong Kong

July 21, 2011



There's this baby I know, who lives in our house and he just doesn't wanna put anything on. Eversince he was days old, before and after his bath, he would put up a fight, won't give his arms that seem to be stuck on his side, he'd kick, scream, cry and make all sorts of protest just not to get dressed or undress. It is mind boggling. I wonder if this kid is the only baby who has a problem with clothes. Okay, I love that he's very much comfortable with his own skin, but he's a baby. And I wanna take that opportunity to play with his outfits until the day he learns the word NO. And I just realized that I am running out of time.

Afternoon Delight


I am a ThriftER. I am proud of it. I am a Mom. And I love it. The challenge of dressing up everyday with my boy attached to my hips is quite a lot of work. Good thing I have learned the art of singing in my animated-little-girl-voice while whipping my head back and forth, which by the way is the best way to save electricity to dry my hair and my baby's favorite form of entertainment. Anything for my little boy i am happy to do it. Anything.... That's what mothers are for right?

dress: thrift
ring: gift
Manika floral peep-toe heels: Shoe Etiquette

July 20, 2011

Something Brand New


I can't remember the last time I shopped for a brand new clothing. Except for undies. Of course. When it comes to intimates, being green as recycling is never in. c",)

It was the summer of 2008 when i discovered the wonders of thrift stores. Since then I knew in my heart I have found my niche. Personally, i think clothes are disposable but shoes are not. Well that's just me. So i will not pay much on a dress. But last weekend, i saw this dress from a Korean store. It's not that expensive but real expensive compared to the amount of cash I usually pay for a thrift dress, but since I haven't been visiting any thrift shop for the last month, and also I won't dare bring Yllac there, well I guess 480php isn't bad for a shirt dress right?

dress: thrift
belt: husband's necktie
purse/diaper bag: Dooney and Bourke
Cammie Lace up Wedge Bootie: Shoe Etiquette
bangle: Quiapo

July 19, 2011

Right Now, This Moment.


The house is clean, everything's in place, all my boys are tucked in and I am tired. We're all tired. But then I saw this face, it made me smile. Of course. He's my little cute. Of course I love him. Of course I adore him. You know what am saying?


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