August 31, 2010

Knit It Is

Knit Dress
Knit Dress
Knit Dress
Knit Dress

Told yah. This is the knit dress I got from the thrift store last summer that slightly resembles the previous inspirational photos from Fashiontoast. I wore this earlier today to test drive its warming power. Not that it's snowing here or anything, but my poor third world sweaty armpit gets cold come rainy season. So am just excited to wear this out and show it off to you. 

So what do you think? Can this dress pass for a good knock-off?

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dress: thrift
shoes: VNC
bangle: Quiapo
hat: borrowed from Husband
necklace: from Hong Kong

Crochet or Knit????


inspiration from Fashiontoast 

Ill say it again, Hoooray for Ukay-Ukay (thrift stores)!

Last summer i've found a crochet dress exactly like that. The length, the color, but mine has two cute pocket in front. Score! Since it's cold and raining now i think am gonna wear it today. Yey. Hopefully the rain stops this afternoon so we can finally go out and enjoy this cold weather aside from the view from our window. 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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August 30, 2010


coffee deprived

OLA! Am currently sitting in a corner surrounded by the best aroma in the world - coffee. Am tempted. One to three sip won't hurt me right???? Please say so. 

Why is is that this black drink is sooooo good? But being a sensible mom to be keeps me in check that all the sacrifices am doing now is not for me anymore but most of all, for this little person who's kicks are much stronger now as days pass by. It's nothing painful or anything. It just feels a little weird and a little scary each time the movements are becoming more precise and strong, especially when i can feel them with my hands. Am used to it by now but the daddy shrieks each time he felt those cute karate punches. Am telling you, there's nothing in this world more magical than that - Both the daddy's crazy shrieks and baby's kicks. What can I say,  that's the best kick in the world and so far the best punch in my gut id love to feel over and over again.

A big Hi and Hello to everyone! Good night and have a sweet sweet dream.

August 29, 2010

Prison Break

fave stripe top
fave stripe top
fave stripe top
fave stripe top 

This is my most favorite top of all time. (seen worn here and here) Can't count how many times I've already worn this in so many different occasion. But I decided to give it a long vacation now since baby and I can't squeeze into it no more. 

Everybody loves stripe, everyone has one because stripe is classic and it's been a fashion staple for everyone even before fashion became a world wide institution. Even inmates way back from the 1930's sport this print. Isn't it classy? Wish they'd throw that ugly orange jumpsuit and bring back the stripe.   

So bye bye top and hello harem pants. Am afraid you're gonna see a lot of this pants for the duration of my pregnancy. This is sooooo comfortable, and soft, and it feels like you're just wearing your pajamas. I bought this from Mint for 400php i think. So it's a good bargain. I saw similar pants like this from other local brands and they charge much more. So go to Mint and get your piece of stylish pjs. 

Have a great Sunday everyone! I love rainy days like this, just snuggle, read and have a cup of coco. And for me this is the best time to slather my feet with petroleum jelly and cook them overnight with socks, so tomorrow they'll be super soft. No more friction when i rub them together......Yes you got me, am a foot rubber. How about you? Are you a foot rubber too? And what's your favorite drink on rainy days like this? hhhmmmm I feel cozy talking about this simple stuff.

God Bless everyone! 

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top: thrift
pants: Mint
shoes: YRYS

August 27, 2010

Color, Print, and Lace


Inspiration from Beyond Boston Chic 

Fashion is fun. Fashion may vary within a society according to age, generation, occupation, and geography as well as over time, but fashion itself never discriminate. People discriminate, but never fashion. Whether you're rich or poor, tall or small, young or old, even from size 0 to size 100, fashion caters to all.

I love people watching. Am especially an eagle eye when it comes to what they wear. Not particularly looking for their latest take on trends, but rather on how they coordinate colors and accessories to express individual style. I especially like beam of colors, simple cuts and comfy well-worn shoes. Nothing beats comfort. You can see from the happy face of a person when they're comfortable on what they wear. Well, it's been said time and time again,  there's just certain confidence in comfort.  

Have an amazing Friday everyone! 

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August 26, 2010

A Glitterati Invitation, Please Come

Glitterati Invite

I received an exclusive invite for a very special event as The Prive Fashion Series presents Glitterati, this coming Wednesday, 9 pm, September 1, 2010 at Members Only at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City Taguig. And  good news, cos the invitation extends to YOU too, yes that means you, you exclusive invitees!!!! (hehe) Feels good to have that title right? Sounds cool and very VIP. 

We now cleared our schedule and so good to go. See you there. But first you must leave a comment here or shoot me an email with your name and email address if you really wanna attend the mini fashion show for the newest Lux line of Glitterati. I will send my guest list before August 30 so please contact me early to secure your pass. 

It's gonna be fun for sure. Am soooo excited. Right now am thinking of what dress to wear. This is my first EVER fashion event that I can attend, so am really freaking. The last previous invitations I wasn't able to come cos of our conflicting schedule. 

Weeeee. See you there ladies and gentlegays.

August 25, 2010

New Toy

new toy
hotdog and koffy

As a parent, you just can't help but spoil your child. Our boy loves stuffed toys. We gave him this new toys last Monday and his eyes just brightened up, and  finally had to say goodbye to his old headless/gutless toys.

Koffy's gonna be a Kuya soon. Of course am not expecting him to share his toys with the baby, but am sure they're gonna be the perfect playmate. But sometimes I wonder if he'll be able to identify his toys from the baby's. Honestly am clueless as to how he's gonna respond to the new baby soon, cos he's been the solo child for us for almost 3 years now. But knowing how he likes babies gives me the peace of mind that the arrival of the baby won't stress him.

Anyway isn't my boy the cutest? He's so cute he takes upstairs his toy in our bedroom, every night. Most of the time, I just can't explain what goes into his head. He's so childlike. Am a proud mom. Well, there's only one cute baby in the world, and every mom has it. 

The Bigger, The Better

maternity pants
maternity pants
maternity pants

Dressing for two is definitely by far, the most wonderful, and fun, and surreal moment of my life, in a fashion kind of sense of course. I guess you know me by now, I don't like clingy/tight clothes. Am not confident with my God given shape but am very thankful God gave me them. Will never show my arm, shoulder, waist and thigh. Why?? ....Because....

Well I don't know. Some things are still a mystery to me.

What am trying to say is, right now am very confident about my non existing waist more than ever. The bigger it is, it definitely gives better spunk in my spirit. Am seizing this moment to be more dash, cool and fun, cos before I know it, it's going to be December, and am not pregnant anymore. 

If there's one thing about me, is that I don't like to look in the mirror, but since now that am loving my growing shape, more often than not, am checking out myself  in every mirror and glasses I see. This change is soooooo super cool, I love it.

Woaaah. Time flies so fast, it's Wednesday already? Anyway, just enjoy and have fun. God Bless everyone.

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top: old, YRYS
pants: Mint
bag: old, Rusty Lopez
shoes: from Hong Kong 

August 22, 2010

Grey Area


Mantra of the day : If you got it, flaunt it. 

Happy happy happy Sunday everyone. Am i too giddy-jolly? Well I woke up at 4am, so hungry, and here I am (6:30am) showing the world of my first obvious bump. Am so happy am finally showing. So excited to wake up every morning, Cos I know my today is going to be better than my yesterday. 

Enjoy Sunday everyone! Hope you spend it with your loved ones, or do something crazy and fun.

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top: Lhasa
short: thrift
shoes: Primadona
earrings: from mom
bangles: YRYS

August 21, 2010

Color Palette

scanned from BEHR catalog  

So many ideas, so short on cash. Sometimes i just wanna rob a bank. 

oooops, sorry, just thinking out loud.


Who says Interior decorating is hard? So lets leave it to the pros and let's just copy them. And are these colors just amazing? Nothing beats the comfort of going back to your own home with such warm, cool and relaxing vibe. This looks easy right? Just simple and easy combination of color palettes for your kitchen, dinning room and bed room.

Have a colorful weekend everyone. 

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August 19, 2010



The idea of death scares everyone, and yes including me. Nobody wants to die unless you're a freak. So let's make it fun. Say, we all go to heaven. Weeeeee!!!! So in my head my idea of heaven would be....
  • Friends, family, husband's smell and Koffy's slimy kisses.
  • Being healthy, happy, quirky and fun
  • Beach, sun, perfect tan
  • Cheese cake, pizza and all the sugary fatty food
  • Dust-free home, and a pimple free skin
  • A Cadillac, a vintage store
  • Dogs and babies
  • Paris, Egypt, Greece, Barbados, Morocco and the whole wide world. 
  • Fish balls
Well that's it for now. How about you? What's your idea of heaven?

Have a great day. See you all in heaven. Don't forget to bring your embellished halos. 

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dress: old, bought from a Bazaar
jacket: very old, since 2001
shoes: Possibility

August 18, 2010

I am Happy Because....

happy because
happy because
happy because

 ...the weather is nice today. I can go out without squinting my eye and running for the shade of the car.

...I can eat whatever i want now. Drink gallons of water without it's nasty after taste. No more throwing up. No more nausea. And I will never complain about food for the rest of my life. Because being unable to eat on my first 4 months of pregnancy when my appetite is healthy made me so crazy. I don't want to be crazy anymore.

...our Nikon D40 camera is still producing good pictures for almost two years now. I love all the memories, laughs and smile every time I look at our photos over the years.  

... I sleep like a baby every night. 

... husband's able to feel the baby movements too. Every time he feels those kicks, his eyes lit up, he holds his breath and laughs like a witch.

... (i think) Koffy knows am really pregnant now. He doesn't jump me anymore. 

... you're reading this blog. Nothing feels like a big happy family. 

Thank you. Have a great Wednesday!

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dress: thrift
shoes: Possibility
bag: from Hong Kong

August 16, 2010

Pastel Delight

pastel 1

Am not one of those who plans their wardrobe in advance. I just usually grab the first thing that comes into my mind, or just play around the shoe that i wanted to wear. Or sometimes my whole wardrobe revolves around my at-the-moment bag. I love colors but honestly colors are tricky. 

Since now that dressing up has been challenging me since my tummy has gotten bigger and bigger, I realized i needed to at least try the clothes I wanted to wear the night before to see if i still fit on them. Especially that am getting larger on my hips and butt area, and I can't believe not even my husband's shorts fit me anymore. Maybe it's time to shop. 

So shopping huh? I know what i want for the whole period of my pregnancy. Yes. I want colors. Warm, nice colors. I lack of pastels in my closet so this time am going for them. Everything is changing so fast, I might as well go with the flow with flying colors. 

Have a great Monday everyone. 

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August 15, 2010


koffy face

This is Koffy's favorite coffee shop. As you can see It has a huge lawn - an open space where he can walk/run, play and sniff around. No wonder he likes it here. And right now this is where we always wanted to go, just sit, talk about anything, and basically just relax.

Anyway, notice anything with the photos? We're using a different kind of lens since my last post. We swapped our 18-105mm zoom lens with our friend's 35mm af-s prime lens for about a month. Am loving the bokeh. Thank you Darwin

Oh my my! My Sunday is good. We're going out again a little later. I love days like this. 

So how's your weekend? Hope you're all doing wonderful.


denim and lace
denim and lace
denim and lace
denim and lace
denim and lace

And it is pronounced, fashion-able. Sounds better ei?

I don't have a five star budget when it comes to anything. Luxury isn't me, not in my genes. But that doesn't stop me from dreaming of becoming filthy rich one day. But right now that imaginary wealth lies only in my head. A girl can dream right?

Anyway, when it comes to fashion, we should know by now, that it's not always about the brand and price. It's all about your own style and having lots of fun, adventure, discovery while learning your way through it. Personally my style has evolved big time since the day I discovered ukay-ukay (thrift stores). I was liberated from the mentality of brand consciousness many people are being possessed for an unexplainable reason. Not that there is wrong with that, but personally I got myself out of that confined box of clothing labels. 

A week ago I was in a mall and I just can't find anything. I must be losing my touch. Everything seem to be very expensive. (I have a feeling that my mother is the proudest mom on earth now, cos she knows how much I used to spend on shoes and clothes.) And i find myself drifting back to my favorite thrift store. I miss the variety of clothes that is offered, the cost to nothing price tag and of course the smell. hhhmmmm. My mother ship is calling me back. 

Since am feeling chatty today let's talk about this outfit. The top is borrowed from husband which I will continue to do so till December. The belt is from YRYS. 50php each. I used two belts here cos one belt won't wrap me anymore. The skirt is from Promod. Bought it on sale, from 1800php to 350php. And this shoe is from VNC. Of course it's on sale too. From 2500php to 500php. And that, ladies and gentlegays is fashion-able. 

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top: H&M, borrowed from husband 
skirt: Promod
shoes: VNC
belt: YRYS


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