March 31, 2011

Happy 52 Mom

happy bithday mom

I love you mom.
I want you to know that you're the first person on my mind the day I gave birth to Yllac. 
I miss you everyday. 

Thank you for being wonderful. 
I promise, no matter how old i get, I will always be your little baby girl
I need you everyday
I think of you everyday 

Happy birthday Mom. I love you.

March 30, 2011

Trends are Fleeting, But Stripe is Suuuper Eternal. Totally!

thrifted Stripe Dress
thrifted Stripe Dress
thrifted Stripe Dress
thrifted Stripe Dress

I love stripes, I really really really do. I think, stripes is the safest and classiest print anybody (even the jailbirds) can pull off. It doesn't discriminate, isn't shape conscious most especially the thin stripes. And I love that i've found this one from thrifting. 

Anyway stripe isn't just a bunch of lines. If we dig deeper, er google more, stripe has a crazy history that involves some Monks, the Pope, prostitutes, hoodlums, zebra and the American flag. If this becomes a movie I will definitely watch it. If you wanna know more just read it here and here.

Now I wonder, is there a hidden story behind polka dots and micro shorts? I wanna know.

And that tells us that fashion isn't shallow.Totally!

dress: thrift
shoes: The Ramp (worn here, here, and here
belt: gift from my friend Jade
ring: from Hong Kong

You Are Cordially Invited To The Launch Of Deal Dozen


You are invited to the launch of Deal, an online lifestyle and deals site on Friday, April 1, 2011 at Members Only at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The event will formally start at 7:00 pm and will highlight a mini program and presentation of deal's site, which will cater to a more sophisticated and upscale market. What's more amazing is that they will be  raffling a 3 days, 2 nights stay for 4 people at Alta Vista de Boracay for free.FOR FREE! So you really have to come to this event. 

Please leave your name at the comment page to enjoy exclusive passes and guest list privileges. It's gonna be a fun fun night. Cocktails, food and open bar which will be provided from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm on the event proper. You'll meet celebrities, bloggers and Stylebible and circuit magazine will also be there to cover the event. It's gonna be a very glam evening. 

I wish i could come but I can't. I am a momma now. The last time I was at  Members Only, Yllac was still in my tummy. Since Yllac isn't legal yet, we'll just stay home and cuddle all day. Seriously, Am so jealous of you. Really really jealous. Id like to see my blogger friends again, but i guess I'll just have to wait to see them again all together on their blogs. 

Please come. So leave your names here. Don't forget : No name, not.on.the.list. 


March 29, 2011

Commercial Muna....

SoFa Summer Workshop

(coming soon: fashion styling and fashion communication)

8928807 loc 103
0917 501 8136

March 28, 2011

Can I Say a Few Words?

Peach Maxi Skirt
Peach Maxi Skirt
Peach Maxi Skirt
Peach Maxi Skirt
Peach Maxi Skirt

I want you to know that am thankful for you. You're all amazing and warm and nice and your emails and messages come in the most perfect time of my life. You have no idea how much you all inspire me. I am not a writer, not in a millions years will I be a fashion expert and I don't know many things about life. I am just here telling my story. I never thought that through this little thing called blogging I've picked up friends along the way. It's a tremendous gift having you around listening to me. I want you to know I really do love you. seriously... what i love most about blogging are all the magnificent people i've had the opportunity to get acquainted with or meet through this blog. Thanks for being so warm and kind.

I have no idea what's my calling in life or what will happen to this blog a year from now. Sometimes I get myself confused as to why am I still doing this, maybe it's because of you. At first i am blogging just for me and my husband and maybe if they're interested, for our children too. But I am happy you are here too. Honestly, I love having you here. I hope I can give back to the blogging community who inspire me and lifts me every single day. If I can touch just one person through this blog then am okay. 

So that's it. 

Back to self promotion again..... 

this outfit made me so happy. Both are thrift. Nice ei? The red top is actually a dress and the maxi skirt is actually a dress. And I actually feel good wearing both of them today.

Have a great evening my friends. Oh have I told you already how amazing you are? 

Yes you are! 

i love you

March 27, 2011

Mop and Mow

4 years ago
4 years ago1

Dear Husband,

Four years ago we actually thought we were the coolest, hippest of people. Four years later, we've made baby, rushed that baby to the hospital, we got fat, became boring and responsible people. And top of all that, I've developed a habit of re-heating my one day old starbucks latte to save money and save mother Earth. 

I promised you i will never change. But now that i did, thank you for liking me still.

I asked you long before we exchanged I love yous what you liked about me. You said that I am not like other girls - You liked that I don't cry. Never at movies, never at funerals, never at weddings and birthdays, never when we fight and I never ever cried to win an argument with you. Since I don't cry,  you think that am a great catch slash presentable but you almost doubt  my love for you and grossly think I am only after your monthly income. And then you knocked me up and all i ever do since then is cry. Thank God there is no divorce in the Philippines. Thank God you cannot divorce me for the grounds of too much crying. Thank you for being the great interpreter between me and my parents the day after I gave birth when all i can blurt out are sobs, tears and  mucus. Thank you for you are tough. Thank you for your hugs and kisses especially the time we were fixing Yllac's hospital bag and i showed you his left over new born diapers, i just cried. Couldn't even finish what am about to say.

Id like to think we haven't changed. That we're still cool. Still hip and ten pounds thinner. 

You said that I don't love you the way you do because I never cried once, even on our biggest fights. Oh yes I do. Think of all the crying am doing now, that's how much I love you. 



i want you to know i love you still even though i really really hate that necklace of yours.

March 24, 2011


Happy Sad Day.

We celebrated Yllac's 12th week birthday at the hospital. Yllac's a brave, happy baby and I am a weeping mommy. So much crying happened and am sure I am about to cry again today. I am not pregnant anymore but am still pregnant with emotion. c",)

Am just glad we went through this with the help of a happy/supportive family and friends. I want you to know, I love you. 

You know that story you probably heard all the time, a baby being hospitalized and it just breaks your heart. And when it happened to you, you still can't believe that the baby in the story this time is yours, and in your mind lingers that famous question, - why my baby. It is tremendously heartbreaking. From the moment I felt how feverish Yllac was and that time our doctor told us he needs to be hospitalized i just want to cry there and then. My mind can't think straight anymore. All I see are needles and Yllac's small hand. He was so little for those needles, x-ray and ultrasound. But he was brave. Thank God. And he likes nurses.

I hate hospitals (and UTI particularly this time) and you probably too. Thank God for thinking daddies when all mommies do is mop and cry. Husband brought Yllac's music with him and all his toys. It was a great distraction. We had a little party too. His guests? - the nurses and the staff. It was fun. Sad at first but it ended fun. 

Just glad we're home now. He still has his IV on his right hand for his antibiotic medication. He looks cute actually. It looks like a laser beem gun or something.

Am still sad whenever I think about that afternoon of March 24. I don't want it to happen again. Please God, not anymore.


every month, 3 days before the 24th:

on his 1st month we got him a chocolate cake.
on his 2nd month we got him a "drummer boy" cake
on his 3rd month we got him a "doctor boy" cake. 

I hate the doctor boy cake. Am sooooo mad at you doctor boy.

March 23, 2011

Here's Looking At You Kids

jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005

rediscovered a bunch of old photos today. 6 years ago, before the mortgage payment, bills to pay every month, before diaper changing and cleaning dog poop everyday. Before getting married and actually cooking meals at home. Before grocery shopping and making budget plans for the whole month. And before Yllac, we were just a bunch of kids not wanting to go back on our own homes, not wanting to say goodbye or even goodnight to each other. Sometimes 6 years just feels like a week ago. I still miss him each time he goes to work. I still hate it when he has to work at nights. I still have butterflies in my stomach whenever i smell his cologne. I love his jokes, (were they really jokes, or he's dead serious?)and the way he talks about how his day went. I love his skype messages (some are really really dumb to be honest) and his song choices for lullaby (like, Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos). He's a good husband and a great dad. I love how those six years changed him. Not big changes, just little things like we should write down the things we should buy for home the next time we grocery shop. Because we're old now and keep forgetting everything. Between the two of us, he's the more mature. He's two months older than me and he's good at math and he can drive.

But sometimes marriage is hard.

You have to be willing to compromise.

Like what food to cook for dinner becomes a source of debate. Should we drink coke today, or wait for another week to coke-over dose again? Sometimes i hate him when he doesn't wake me up, just because he's a freak that loves to stare at sleeping people and we'll be late on our not-so-important appointments. I don't like it when he's racing against me to picking up Yllac when he's about to wake up. Last week we fought because i said ill be on a diet, so we called McDonalds.  He ordered big mac for himself and chicken nuggets for me, but as soon as the food was delivered I ate his burger and I was never forgiven. I know he hates it when i shop for him and I won't buy not a thing for me. He's guilty that way and I feel like I am the best wife in the world. 

anyway, in spite of all that we love each other six times more. 


are you there?

I want my hot mulawin tonight. We'll eat it with butter, not peanut butter. Please, let's not argue about that.


jayson and den 2005

Come home right away. It is 11:20pm and I haven't had a decent coffee today. You know how much i love it when you make my cup. 

This Boy is Mine

Yllac and headset

I can't believe he's turning 3 months young tomorrow. Id look at him and cannot believe that he is actually mine for life.

March 22, 2011

Let's Spice Things Up Shall We???? How About an H&M Earrings?


Last summer last year, my 3rd world ass flew to Hong Kong. My first stop of course was H&M to burn the hard earned money I've been saving months prior to the trip. And yes, your guess was good as mine, I bought this earrings. Went back to the Philippines so happy, but as soon as my pregnancy became too hard on me I completely forgotten about them. And as I was sorting some boxes today, this beauty showed up once again. Never used it once. It's so pretty I don't want to lose it. So I decided to give it away to whomever wins the Ukay Manila Contest. So, you'll get a free dress that comes with a free earrings too. That's not a bad deal.

And for everyone's imagination-of-the-doubt, here's a picture from an H&M campaign.

H&M earrings giveaway

So mgateh, ano pang hinihintay nyo, join the giveaway here. Now na! Go. You have until March 30, 2011 to join the contest and the winner will be picked randomly. But i want to read a juicy answer. Just because i really really like to read. c",) 

Goodnight everyone! 



I like taking my outfit photos at home, i really do. Especially now that it's so hot out there, the humidity will ruin everything - your make up, your outfit, your mood. That's why i have this theory that fashionable Filipinos deserve a recognition on the highest level, like Parisian level of chicness  for dressing up to the nines in spite of our all-year-round-summer weather. I am not exaggerating. Sometimes i look at international blogs and say to myself, try living in the Philippines, let's see how fashionable you really are. Okay I am a bit bitter and 218% jealous. But seriously speaking, take my challenge, live here for a week and let's see those boots, tights, and leather jacket say goodbye forever.

okay that's it.  


anyway, i am not sorry for koffy's butt shot every time i take my photos at home. And Am kind of proud of his uni-ball. c",)

dress: thrift
shoes: Urban Original
tights: Kate Toralba
ring: Forever 21
bangle: Quiapo
cluth: SM Department Store 

March 20, 2011

See Through


Originally I was thinking of wearing this kaftan as a beach cover up, but since i am not going anywhere this summer, i wore it as a dress and wore a lace slip underneath so it won't feel too bold.

I had a very beautiful day today. I am more than glad for this Sunday and ill remember this for the rest of my life. c",)

kaftan and lace slip  - thrift
white booties: Bazaar

March 19, 2011

Painful Tan

summer toast

It's summer my friends. As much as I am jealous of your trips to the beach please don't overcook yourselves out there. It will hurt after a while. Swear. True story.

March 18, 2011

Mother, You Don't Count as a Fan

face dress
doll house
face dress
face dress

Days ago, I showed my mom my new hair cut, I know she said, I saw it on your blog. Gee. Big Momma  much? And yes, it got shorter. 



I am so sorry for I haven't been replying to emails these days. It's the end of the birthday week so everything will return to boring-normal soon. And i wanna say hello to my kababayan from Bataan who enjoy the blog. Will email you the soonest and to all my internet friends asking for the availability of the items of my closet sale, promise I will email you tomorrow.

That's it for now. Time to go again. Have an amazing Friday everyone.


(who wants a free dress?) have you joined my recent giveaway? If not, then click here

dress: thrift
Doll House Wedge booties: Urban Original
Celine Bag: gift from Husband
earrings: H&M
bangles: Quiapo

March 17, 2011

I Love Shoes. I Really Do.

shoe print blazer
shoe print blazer
shoe print blazer
shoe print blazer

I love shoes. We all love shoes. Can you imagine my silent shriek when i found this blazer?

And thank you for all the birthday messages. Every year I am looking forward to my birthday, proudly share my number so i can extort people gifts and compliments. c",) And it feels nice when people greet me and wish me good things. When it comes to age, the higher number you get the better because that's an obvious sign that God's blessing is apparent in your life. He is letting us live more. I now know the meaning of a birthday - It is when you get braver and boldly do all the things you secretly wanna do. Shouldn't be phenomenal, just things important to you. As for this year, I want to take pleasure in seeing Yllac sit on his own, take his first bite, see him grow a tooth, take him somewhere new, finally meet my parents and plan for his first birthday. Maybe buy a family van, buy more shoes, thrift more, buy more plates and colorful mugs. Maybe write again, using a pen and paper this time. Read more, meet more friends, go back to the gym and eat less meat.

Oh and I wanna smile more and be more happy and not think about what other people think of me.

Thank you! Okaybuhbyethatsall. 

blazer: thrift
tiered jumsuit: Genevieve Gozum
shoes: Urban Original


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