November 30, 2009





Last week was cursed, and i haven't found an antidote to stop it from spreading more this week. My internet connection is so sloooooow, took me almost 3 hours to upload these photos and my laptop died two days ago. Am in mourning. Right now am squeezing into husband's laptop, till I find a new one, which isn't anytime soon, posting will be limited and also forgive me if i can't visit like i used to.

dress: tomato
bag: Charles and Keith
shoes: Mendrez


Anyway i do accept donations. hihihihii. alms! alms!

November 28, 2009




Isn't she lovely?

Earlier today while i was doing my daily routine: mopping the floor, scrubbing bathroom tiles and toilet, my mind would always wander to this shoe. This isn't new, actually i got this almost six months ago with the full intention of wearing it on a special classy occasion, but i was mistaken obviously. You see my social calendar isn't that exciting. I live in a small town province where everything closes before 8 in the evening. Since i won't dare walk her on a field of grass or on a damp soil, until then she's safe inside her box. As for now, ill just continue to think about when am I gonna finally slid down my big old ugly feet with this beauty. Hope it's real soon.

To tell you the truth i feel like am living a double life, between my peasant house clothes that are mostly torn, slashed and old, and here, with all the beautiful outfits in this blog. I don't know. Can you consider that a split personality disorder?


That's why i love dressing up. I get to be another person aside from the lowly Denderella left at home. When i dress up there's another me . Transformed. I feel like I own the night, even for just one night. And in my mind there's still the consciousness that id be going home again with my dog and husband. Thank God I don't have two evil sisters and a step mother. Am the good-and-evil-in-one in our house. hihihi.

Well, just glad to say that am a happy Denderella!

God bless, and to all the Cinderella out there, good day!

Shoes: Charles and Keith

I can't log in to my yahoo account for two days now. So if i don't answer your emails am so sorry, it's not my fault. Some evil genius (smartbro) is behind this and i hope to fix this soon.

November 25, 2009

Meet Me In The Sunshine





Fall in love. Get married. Conceive child.
Conceive child. Fall in love. Get married.
Fall in love. Conceived child. Get married...or not.

The choice is endless. Then again, it wasn't something you can pencil in on your monthly calendar and schedule everything right on time. I feel like am falling a bit behind on a particular family duty. Am a late bloomer, am lost with my thoughts all my life, my brain is still under developed, and am still waiting for my boobs to pop out. And there's the time of the month I tend to think of what my life has become. Just like today am looking at my blogs and thinking, Is this relevant? hmmm not so much obviously. But there's this force that pushes me to continuously do this, and the fact that It makes me happy, that alone is the relevance of this blog in my life.

Am sorry. Very hormonal today, and i miss my friends.

Okay moving on. Forgive me with this yellow shoes. I am learning to pack light, so for the last couple of days, all my outfits revolved around this yellow shoes. In fact am torn between black or yellow, but since it's me, i went for yellow. hihihihi. This is so comfortable, I don't feel like walking, am bouncing.

Have a great day everyone!

dress: bayo
shoes: mendrez
bag: thrift

November 22, 2009

Leave a Message After the Beep



hello friends,

I haven't been home for three days now, but there is a good reason why. Well, I ran away with my best friends, so it's a little chaotic, and i had to admit it's been so fun and made me relive the old days. It's like college all over again.

Here is an attached photo of me and one of my outfits for the last couple of days. Am sorry there's not much time to properly document everything, so please please please don't ground me. hihihihi. Ill be back on Tuesday...promise.

Okay, got to go. Have a great Sunday everyone!



see those friends you haven't seen in a long time, it will do you good.

dress: thrift 2$
bag: thrift 4$
shoe: mendrez

November 17, 2009

Is It Over?




  • The sun is still up from morning till noon, but the cold air is here to stay at least for the next two months or so. Yey! Summer is over. Isn't this fantabulous? hihihihi.
  • I think i never got the chance to thank my readers for being with me since the dawn of time. hehehe. Seriously this blog has more than a hundred followers now and that is simply wow! I mean I am deeply grateful for the first ten who followed me, but having a hundred brings a whole new level of excitement for this little blog of mine. I remember, early this year, i made a promise to blog more, so i guess i faithfully kept one new year's resolution come true. So again my dear readers thank you so much for making the time to visit and drop nice comments. Having said that, you know what? I have not received even one ugly or rude comment, EVER , in any of my post. That is great right? wow! You guys are aaaawesome!

have a great day ladies, gays and gentlemen! God bless!

dress: Lhasa
boots: thrift
bag: thrift


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November 14, 2009






  • Isn't this bananas? B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
  • hihihi. Well I got this sequined top and patchwork skirt from my one, and only favorite thrift store weeks ago. WOW! Each for 1$. Tell me how amazing is that?
  • The truth is am a bit hesitant about this outfit. I don't usually go for something short and tight. But for a change why not. And husband likes it. hihihhii.
Some of our readers were asking, and i get a lot of e-mails about this question if I get pressured by "fashion", specifically by new trends, the "it" shoes, bags etc, so instead of answering one by one on email Ill just say it here. Well, let me put it this way. No I don't. hihihii. Fashion is fun, dressing up is fun, and it's nice knowing the latest trends and be up to date. Am almost 30 now so the pressure is off. Since my source of fashion is the thrift store, I just can't go hardcore on pressuring the owner to provide me what's on the runway. Crazy! That's why I love thrifting, you become very creative on fusing old and new, second hand and branded pieces in your wardrobe. But id like to invest on quality shoes and bags that can surpass all season. And like this sequined top for example. I always wanted to own a sequined top, or skirt, or jacket but am never buying one. They are expensive. In my mind i know someday the thrift store will provide me one. Heck! Instead i got two. hihhihi. So really, there is no pressure. The key is to just have fun.

You know what's competitive? Thrifting! I have to visit the store every week to see and browse every pile of new items or somebody else will get them. hihiih.

HAve a great weekend everyone!

top and skirt: thrift
bag: Forward and Scoop
shoes: Possibility
gold bangle and ring: from mom

November 12, 2009

If Today Was Your Last Day







If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Would you say goodbye to yesterday

And would you call those friends you never see
Reminisce old memories
And forgive your enemies.....

You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are

So another weird dress uh. It's extremely uneven but i find it really cute. Weird and cute. It's good that this boots came very handy, cos i walked like a total cowboy trekking this new beautiful place we scouted yesterday. You know what's cliche, and it really sounds cliche, is that I've changed a lot over the last three or four years. I can't say them all here, but i felt that there are so many things i don't want anymore. Things that are important to me before doesn't matter to me now. Wait, do I sound like a dying woman? I guess am just getting old. hihihi. Did you ever feel like that too?

I guess it's true what they say, old people becomes baby-like again. They laugh at everything, even at a single drop of a needle. No worries, no thoughts about the future. I can't wait to be a full grown baby again.

HAve a great day babies!

dress: thrift 2$
boots: thrift 5$
bag: thrift
necklace: Quiapo


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