November 27, 2008

My bags are packed am ready to go

Off we go. See you all soon on Wednesday.
Any guesses as to where we're going?

November 26, 2008

Torn between war and vampires

Today i just finished two war movies and two books. Yey! I am so worthy of my existence in this world. Well i didn't actually started and finished all four of them today. I am not a super, am slow actually. Am a war movie girl. All those heavy drama war movies from Tom Hanks' Saving Private Ryan, Thin Red Line and Tropic Thunder!!!????? and some more unmentioned films - gives me the peace that we won't be going to war anytime soon. Id watch them over and over again like a maniac thanking God I wasn't born those times. War is gory. Speaking of gory let's move on to vampires shall we? I've finished reading Twilight today. It's not gory, it's cheesy actually. Yummy! Am refraining myself from reading it for the simplest reason that i don 't want to fall into the whole craziness of it. I thought it would be another Harry Potter book that will be impossible for me to relate to, so ill just wait for the movie to come out. Well i did download an e-book of Twilight. I got it on Go there. Para sa mga kuripot. hehe. Funny cos i got all four of them. As i was saying, reading Twilight is not a disappointment at all. I can't believe am saying this but am a fan already. Cheesyyyyy! I just wanted to have a taste of it before i see it on a big screen. I know, i know the movie won't capture the whole book but am having my faith that it will be a good Hollywood blockbuster as it already is. I just love the concept of this new approach to vampires, especially virgin vampires. hehe.

Another vampire flashback - remember those handsomest bloodsucking studs of Interview with the Vampire? My Gosh! Lestat, Louise and i can't remember anymore Antonio Bandera's character's name. This got me thinking, on the movie when a female vampire is born or just created their hair turned into this curliest curl. hmmmm. Notice my hair? hm? Claudia? hihihihihihi.

Oh well.


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I am married now. Am so over with those pa cute eating dates. hehe
Need those energy to keep up.

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Have a great week everyone!!!!!

the other book is Sula by Toni Morrison. Another Oprah book. So good btw.

November 20, 2008

One Book and a Big Messy Hair

Just finished a book in three days. Usually i read before my real sleep for about two hours. Because i can't sleep unless i read. That is a fact that's been going on since forever. Kai said i don't really intend to sleep that's why i read????? I dont know the truth to that, hmmm maybe?
It's been a long time since i made a book review, that is because....

Oh well i discovered a new author am gonna abuse till he's nothing more to give. Andre Dubus III. Am an Oprah Book club member. Well not really. Sort of. Because i tend to buy any book that has a stamp of Oprah on every cover page. I guess am a member?

Moving on...well the book is so good. House of Sand and Fog(National Book Award Finalist, that means am reading a VERY IMPORTANT/must must must must read BOOK of the century ei). I bought it last year, April 18, 2007. That is one thing so me. In every book i buy i make sure i write the date i purchased it. hihihihi.

So the book again, It got me angered, at one point i can hear the beat of my heart so loud that's the only thing i hear while finishing the book. It is saddening, for you'll get to be in the place where the character's bound to act on impulse and the tragedy heightened by their weaknesses and human emotion deep in it's core. It's so funny cos i caught myself saying, "oh don't do that, don't go in there, oh no you're thinking wrong". It's so painful to read, i thought i will never finish cos i don't want to know how the story would end for each of the characters. But i did finish it anyway and i find my self suppressing a tear at the end of the story. Fyi, a tear, this book is so effective to make me cry, cos am a hardcore ice queen, I don't cry.

But one thing bothers me really. In this book, five or six times the author mentioned or included Filipinos in each scene. Really. One time a maid, cleaning lady, a thief, a boy criminal, a doctor and a neighbor. So, go grab one.

Of course the obligatory picture of me...hihihihihih.

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I got a perm yesterday. I looked divine! So divine you'll be tortured for the next couple of days seeing pictures of me. Yes. More pictures. hehe. I have yet washed it. Tom i will. and we'll see what ill look like. I'll go back to the salon for a trim. All i can say is that am so wild wild now. Wild. Grrrr!

But please get the book and if you want you can get a perm too.

November 18, 2008

Feel the Blues. A girl's fickle fickle stupid heart.

I am 28 now. Married. Happy.
When i look back on my life 8 years ago, am such a fickle fickle stupid girl. I say that was the lowest point of my life. My relationship with my mother was horrible. At one time i really believed am gonna be living like that forever. Well at some point we all had that episode where we hate our parents and life seems gloomy and we're never gonna find that right person, etcetera etcetera. Stupid i know.

At 20 heart pains are hardcore problems. Simple (not simple to us then) boy conflict can turn any girl's life upside down, everything seems to be hanging on by the thread. River of tears flows like a broken faucet at a mere mention of his name. Hearts broken into million pieces hoping someone, somebody would come pick them up and fix it beautifully again. Perfect!

Innocence in their eyes, hoping something wonderful would happen. Love is just around the corner only if the girl's heart is not so devilishly fickle she wouldn't have broken some boy's heart too.

If i go back in my 20-ish days am gonna ruin my present life now. It will turn up to be boring and intelligently traveled year by year. Imagine life without mistakes. I love my mistakes. And by that ill leave my 20 self be herself, be as crazy as it was. Damn good i did some craziness.








After all, am just a girl, fickle, stupid and crazy.

top: unknown
inner t: penshoppe
pants: bobson
shoe: mario de boro
bangle: bazaar
earrings: from mom

November 15, 2008

Photographs and Memories

When i was a kid i always dreamed of a tree house. Sort of a place of my own, where i could hide things. Things for kids only. No adults allowed.

Time flew fast and am not considered a kid anymore but in my heart i still want a play house up on the tree. Maybe one day we'll build one. Not just for me anymore but for my future kids too. Oh and flowers too. Lots and lots of it around the house. Oh how lovely it would be.








top: oxygen
pants: bobson
shoe: mendrez
necklace: bazaar
shades: fly wear

November 10, 2008

the Evil in my Head

Yeah you heard me right. But Am not (i believe) an evil person so these things coming out from me is not my doing.
Are we talking about the same thing? Well today i visited my dermatologist. I thought i would never gonna see her ever ever again. I prayed to God not to see her again. But today i had to. Maybe it's my lack of sleep and too much coffee that's causing these evil pimples to come out again. But am so glad it's not much visible here on my latest pictures. Thanks to my 4.1 megapixels sony cybershot camera. I know, it's a jologs camera, but it does me wonders. It produces no visible blemishes. Fab ei? And I am so pretty with all it's picture however s**ty i may look.
My skin is dry, and so is my hair. And i am so pale. I never bothered to put on make up since my dermatologist is used to my horrible skin whenever am breaking out. So today am sad.

But still, am smiling. Need to put up a brave face and fab outfit.



Am i overdressed? In this time of disaster dressing up is not an option. It's a must in order to save a face.



Good thing they're all concentrated on my forehead especially on my hairline.
They definitely know how to appear in a very low profile existence.

Considering two to three days ago am so clear.


Am gonna have to taka care of myself now. That calls for more sleep. Not getting any younger though. Need to keep the evil in me stay inside me.

November 4, 2008

lucky am in love with my bestfriend

Been missing for a couple of days now. I can't help my being busy.
anyway it's so hard to get away like we used to. And this is a very good day because kai has two whole day of vacation and we intend to spend the first whole day just between the two of us and the second day to do errands and of course with koffy. Koffy's been so demanding. We have to take him out in the morning at 5am then in the afternoon at about 6pm everyday. grrrrrrrrr. But he's a very good source of exercise. We can't say no because he'll just cry and howl for the whole time so we better take him out than listen to his whining. Am telling you he's getting good. Such a player.


Ive got a couple of bestfriends i can name now...
friends and family




Afterwards, of course, as usual we need to get a mug of this energy drink.


i just can't get enough. weeeh!
I bet you can write anything about me: start on my forehead. hihihi


Have i told you that coffee dates are the best first time dates you can ever have?
If you don't like the person just sip it as fast as you can and say buhbye and go.
And if there's a spark you can continue your date by asking her to dinner or lunch.
So next time he/she runs off on your coffee date you know what that means. hmmmm?


Water. Please please wash the coffee off with lots and lots of water. don't you i hate coffee smile?


till next time.

just wanna say hi and have a great week ya'all!


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