September 10, 2008

Journey: Twilight Zone

You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.
Next stop, the Twilight Zone! - (from the narration of The Twilight Zone- creepy)

Don't you ever feel that life at some point is a Twilight Zone? Scary, creepy and full of imagination. Sometimes those imagination we might fulfill, some will just remain in our head as if brewing forever. We smell, feel but you know it's not meant to be tasted.

Life as a journey is a twilight zone. Beauty rests upon ugliness. So confusing, in this time of the century they can be very deceiving. What's ugly now can turn out to be a beautiful thing in the future. And vise versa.

One of my fave episode in (The Twilight Zone) is the Eye of the Beholder. I've watched their re-runs when i was in high school and sure to give me the creeps every time.

Let me quote the closing narration : " Now the questions that come to mind. Where is this place and when is it? What kind of world where ugliness is the norm and beauty the deviation from that norm? You want an answer? The answer is, it doesn't make any difference. Because the old saying happens to be true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this year or a hundred years hence, on this planet or wherever there is human life, perhaps out amongst the stars. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A lesson to be learned— in The Twilight Zone."

Life is great, life is beautiful. My life is my school. I think ill never finish, because there is so much to learn, i don't need to pass every test. All i want is to learn. And i just want my eyes to open to all the dimensions that this so called life is to bring.

now, on my life's wish list : The Twilight Zone complete season, all episodes.

September 5, 2008

one true-love snapshots

every life has one true-love snapshots. Mine? It came when i was in high school, when greenday is so everywhere, kurt cobain just died and eraserheads was just getting born.

And when a thought of a certain crush suddenly makes my heart go flutter and me imagining all these crazy thoughts of being trapped in a forest. Just me, the crush and some of my closest friends. We'd camp and hunt for food, all us playing grown ups. Of course with a ready cassette player, though i never figured out how it would play a tape with no electricity and all, but anyway it's my imagination, so anything goes.

so that was my snapshot. I knew right away i wanna rock. Not a rocker, but i just want to rock. Am just glad Kai is my rocking partner now. With us, there's no such thing as "too loud".

and now..

song in my mind : hard to concentrate

Been trying to learn for so many years.
My first teacher? My younger brother. He's 14 then and i was 16.
Now after almost 15 years, A is the only thing my fingers can do.

just a song in my heart that will play all day....

do you want me to show up for duty
and serve this woman and honor her beauty
and finally you have found something perfect
and finally you've found yourself ..with me

will you agree to take this man into your world
and now we are as one....

--- hard to concentrate (one of our wedding songs)

September 2, 2008

Garb Check : I owned a dog but i fed a cat

I believe in our love. It not only fills our present and future, but it creates our destiny together. We are soulmates, lovers, and friends, and you are the love of my life. -

"Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!" - Theophile Gautier

Am supposed to receive my package yesterday. Another batch of earrings. But it has not yet landed, so we're going back today. Am quite excited, very excited as usual. Ill post pics as soon as it's in my hand.
So, we had plenty of time to burn. Time burning means loads of coffee and lots of picture taking. At least for me.
And we met this cat. I don't know if it's a he or a she. All i can tell is that it is limping. I felt something for this cat. You see am not a cat person. I don't hate them. Am just inclined to like dogs more. It's natural. Besides i have a long history of cat violence, them being crazy violent on me(when i was 6). Always gives me the creeps till now just remembering. But this one gave me the courage to forgive Johnson of all his misgivings to me (including the scratches on my face and back).

top and shorts - solo
earrings - sm
locket necklace - gift from kai
belt - divisoria
shoe - syrup
bag - lulu


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