May 31, 2011

A Friendly Reminder

red lipstick
red lipstick

Red lipstick looks horrible on most women and all men. Period. But today I think I look good in it. Just excuse my gigantic pores and my overgrown mustache and am close to clown perfection. c",)

Do you wear red lipstick? Mind sharing the brand and the shade? This one is from In2it, shade cherry cookoo booohyaaah. Nope, it's really just shade Flambe. Heck there are so many shades of red right now. And over the years, there have been literally thousands of names for the same shade of red lipstick, yet there are only three shades of red i can think of - red, dark red and light red. Period(again). And I mean that grammatically and not menstrually. And am pretty sure somewhere in a laboratory two scientists are high-fiving each other, laughing at all the names of red they invented. And am such an idiot buying and buying that same red. I am so sick of buying red lipstick, because I have got so many now in my search for my perfect red. Each time revlon is coming out of a new red, Id buy. Ill try it, believing i have found my red and my search is over. Then Ill try it at home and look like a clown. But hey I cheer myself up each time i see a mirror. So am fine wearing red from time to time. It's clownish, but makes me happy. c",)

How To Blog With A Baby


YUP! still blogging, only now with a baby on our hips. It's not as easy as before obviously, but this is a part of our life we love doing and we'll continue to do for as long as we can. Crazy I know, but Yllac doesn't seem to mind tagging along. I think he actually likes it.

May 30, 2011



Oh It's soooooooo good to be jumping again. c",)

Friends After 30

Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011Bloggers Bazaar 2011

I am thankful for college because i met all my best friends there. And after fourteen years we're all still best friends. Most of us are married and have babies all under four years of age. The oldest baby is about 3 years old and the youngest just turned a month young. If there's one thing I never regret doing is enrolling to the course I don't have any idea what the heck am getting into, because there, I have found my long lost sisters and brothers. We all have our differences. Id like to think that it's the good kind, enough for us to kill each other a little bit at times and made our friendship more exciting. We all tried to blog too. But am the only one who got the kick out of it. And to blogging I am deeply grateful, coz' never in my wildest dream will I be able to develop more friends after age 30. And boy, blogging proved me wrong.

Last Friday I knew something wonderful is going to happen. The guard at The Malayan Plaza Hotel sealed the deal when he asked us where we're going, so we told him we're going to 33rd floor for the Bloggers Bazaar. He wrote something and then asked us how are we related to Mr. Bazaar. I swear the heavens opened the gates of luck for me. My morning started good, thanks to Mr. Bazaar and the guard.

I had a great time. Met a lot of new friends - my silent readers all these years. Saw blogger friends am dying to see again. Last Friday was the best. I can talk all day about it and will never finish. Because when your blog becomes a huge part of your life, it is a bit hard for someone to understand that part of your life who doesn't blog. Am just thankful aside from my friends I was able to develop more friends from a computer screen. I am still on high. It's always the best feeling in the world to finally hug and squeeze the people am only seeing from the internet for so long. And they all smell so good. Yup, i love smelling people. And Yes, I am a shoe and scent person.

I love blogging and all the perks that comes with it. Am talking about the friendship, stories, more dates in the futue and all the experiences free of charge. Am so glad Pax, Ana and Melai invited me to participate. They made that Friday possible for me to meet you and begin a friendship am sure will last a lifetime.

So, If you see yourself in any of this pictures please say hi. Just click on the photos to enlarge. They are so many but i have to post all of them. Let's continue and nurture the friendship we started last Friday shall we? follow me on twitter and am sure to follow you back, please tweet something so I know you're not a spam. c",)

Happy Monday friends!

May 26, 2011

See You All Tomorrow


Drove to the city a day earlier for tomorrow's bazaar. See you all there, okay?

I figure since this is the first ever baby boy's trip to the city and also his first longest travel time, it's for everyone's welfare to settle him nicely first to his new home for the next two days. A crying baby is a parent's nightmare. Especially if it's going on for hours. There's always a reason why a baby cry - hunger, pain, a need for sleep and some more baby issues we grown ups don't get sometimes, and also they cry for no reason at all. The last one can be very frustrating, alarming and stressful for the parents and to everyone who can hear it. And there's no getting around it. Babies cry. Period. If your baby isn't crying, something is wrong. They cry because they're crying to tell us something. Some are easy to interpret and some are just so freakin' difficult. The key is to give them all the comfort they need. We really can't spoil a baby by picking them right away when they cry. At this point in their lives that's the only thing they need. I don't see the problem in holding my baby too much. It's free and they can't be this small forever. Ill hold him as long as i can. It's back breaking alright, but that's okay. c",)

Sparkling Thursday : Painted Cork Platform

Big Buddha Queen Tan Flower Multi Power Platform Sandals

Big Buddha Queen Flower Multi Power Platform Sandals via

Isn't this the cutest of all platforms? Okay, not to make any platform jealous, all platforms are cute, just to be fair and they make us all look pretty and preppy and tall and did i say cute already? Especially this one from Big Budha with those painted flowers all over the entire cork platform. I am seriously thinking of another diy on one of my nude platform, but the problem with all my diys, i don't get to see the finish product. I am that bad. Me and my projects are doomed. Or maybe what i need is a couple of extra hours. Can i have 26 hours a day instead of just 24? I am no ordinary human being. I am a challenging person, in a nice way, with lots of everyday challenges so i (please) need extra hour to accomplish some extra curricular projects of my own. That would be great. okay thanks buhbye.

May 25, 2011

Five Months Yesterday


Is it just me or these two are starting to look-alike?

May 24, 2011



I was going through my closet a little earlier today, and I noticed I am missing a lot of pastels in my wardrobe. My clothes are mostly in it's full blast of colors and consist a lot of prints. I need a wardrobe makeover. It's like I am going to start all over again. So this coming Friday at Bloggers United i will sell my clothes that's been in my closet for a year now because I just can't bear to part from them. I just can't. For the main reason that they are so pretty, it hurts to see them go, and they're the dresses I am looking forward to wear when i lose the baby weight. As to when? I don't know. Deep-honestly-inside, I will never wear them again because God knows I will never go back to my pre-pregnancy size. My body has gone through a lot of change. A good change. This body has created a life and that's a marvelous thing, so why hold on to those dresses that makes me feel a bit sad about my body.

Quiet honestly, more than the weight issue, it's seeing those dresses in a box that made me a little depressed, because I distinctly remember when and where i wore each and every one of them. For me it's those dresses and memories so dear to my heart I can't let go, but in terms of self realization I think I am going to be alright. More space in my closet means new clothes, new beauty, new memories.

See you all at Bloggers United, this coming Friday, at Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. I am very excited. Been soooo good with brushing my teeth for a week now. c",) And please, please, please pray for a good weather and Let's all cross our fingers, eyes, nose, arms, legs, okay make it whole body crossed for this Friday's good happy weather, so everyone could come.

Visit Bloggers United here for more updates.

Goodnight friends. Stay warm, dry and safe.

dress: Shop Yapi
shoes: Urbanog
bangles: Quiapo
rings: Charlotte Russe

ps, 8 Denise Katipunera readers can get in the bazaar for free so leave your name at the comment box below to be a part of the guest list.

May 23, 2011

Monday Love. Dear Blank, Please Blank

dear blank, please blank

Smile everyone, and proceed here to jump start your Monday. You'll thank me later. c",) heeheehee.

May 20, 2011

Where My Heart Is

I am a momma
I am a momma
I am a momma
I am a momma
i am a momma

Motherhood is complex. It is by far the most amazing thing that's happened to me and the most challenging, patience-inducing, back breaking situation I've ever been. I can't imagine my life now without my Yllac. And it is heartwarming to finally say, now that i am experiencing it, how a human body is the greatest of all machine, and how big a human heart is for all the love it gives and the continuously growing love it creates. Taking care of a baby is no easy task. Am.A.Tell.You. Your day starts even before the worms of the earth were awake. Even before the sun starts to yawn you're already on your feet talking to the littlest person in the world. And that's always a great way for starter. Then you do all the routine with an 8 kilo baby in your arms. Sometimes the baby's in the good mood. Sometimes not. They say when your baby's asleep you have to sleep to. But how can you, if that's the only time you got your hands free to do all the house work. Are they for real? I really don't get that. And everyday, changes are happening. Yllac's reaching for everything now. He's eating everything too. And oh, he giggles. Major giggling that's music to my ear. Sometimes I wanna stop time and let everything stay the way they are forever. I don't want him to grow up. I want him forever in my arms. I want him forever little. Like I am the only person in his life, and the one and only person he need.

Selfish, but I am his momma and he is mine. c",)


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