November 26, 2010



Id like to think that am a person that takes a pause from time to time, look back and see how am I as an individual. Am pretty self centered - I can only compete with myself. If nothing goes wrong I hope that every new day is gonna be better than my yesterday. In every losing and winning moment of my life I will always be grateful. 

I guess in this life no one is considered happy unless you make it as your sole interest in life, that is a decision to be happy. No matter what. When you're a happy person, you'll always be grateful, and it's not hard for other people to be infected, but be thankful too. 

Am thankful for our lives. Am thankful for my marriage. Am thankful for my family and friends. Am thankful for this blog - for every friendship and opportunity it created for the past year. And right now on top of my head, am thankful for this pregnancy. Honestly this isn't an easy one. I never had any idea what pregnancy feels like actually. All i know/read are the ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs and romance about carrying a child. It never crossed my mind that this pregnancy will make me vomit all day long. That I won't be able to eat for four months. That I will be dehydrated and needed to be hospitalized. That I will throw up at the corner of a beautiful garden of Hong Kong Disneyland. That my hips will hurt (since my 8th week). That I will be tired all day long. That I will be moody. That (right now) I'll have sore hands and feet that hurts like arthritis. That I will feel dizzy. That carrying an additional 25 pounds is not an easy lift.....

But this is what I know. Pregnancy isn't always pretty, but it's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I never knew about all of them until now. And am thankful I got to experience all that and cherish every one of them as a pregnancy badge Ill carry with me, for this is gonna be my only pregnancy in life.

Five years ago we wanted a big family. Now we're down to one. It's a decision we both made and we're happy about that. We've created a beautiful life that loves us back already no matter what. 

We have a beautiful, simple life. I am grateful for all the blessings even unasked for. I love my husband and he loves me back. We have a handsome dog so adorable we just can't imagine our life without him. 

Everything is good. Even if times are tough Ill continue to say that life is good. As long as we're healthy and still thrilled to live this life, I say life is good. And am forever grateful.

Since we don't have turkey here, am happy for the bucket of chicken we'll be eating whole day. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

November 25, 2010

Belted Green Dress

belted green dress
belted green dress
animal print celine bag
belted green dress
belted green dress
belted green dress

At this point of my pregnancy I couldn't ask for anything more. I could not complain for more aches and discomfort too either. For those who haven't been pregnant, well, I feel like a crab lying on it's back now whenever i wanna get up from bed. It's that hard to get up. It takes a lot of planning and tricks to hoist myself up from bed. I look funny for sure. And ill keep that picture in my heart forever that I was once, you know, a crab.

Truth is I feel perfect. I know in my heart, nothing can go wrong anymore. It's the waiting that's driving me nuts sometime. So we're keeping ourselves busy. There's so much I wanted to tell you. But for now Am thankful for all of the good things happening for us. Am grateful, am thankful, am happy, we're good. Starting first week of December we're gonna move to a new place. Yey. Not an apartment this time, but a real house. 

This baby is bringing us a lot of change. Good change. Funny, considering he/she is only pint-size. But our pint-size comes with a lot of joy, excitement, love and sure, mountains of dirty diapers. I say, bring it on.

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dress: thrift
shoes: Otto
bag: Celine
belt: Bench
earrings and necklace: Quiapo


One request though, I want a foot and hand massage. I've never had one so am looking forward to my first sit down with a real professional massage. Maybe later????

November 22, 2010

Flatmates and The LOVE belt giveaway winner

flat mates

My feet feels fat and ugly now these days. So i bought her a red slippers. It goes about with everything.  

Can't stress enough the importance of good  shoes to a pregnant lady. This time I've found a pair of comfy, soft slippers from Otto for 180php. It's a whooping size 41. hehehe. Am sporting a very obvious giant feet now more than ever. So you can understand my constant hunt for inexpensive pair. Am hoping and praying that after my delivery my feet will go back to it's normal size again because I just can't afford a new shoe size. I love my old shoes.

Anyway thank you so much for all the entries to our LOVEbelt giveaway, both from entries on this blog and the emails i received the past few days. Glad to say we have a total of 32 entries. And our LOVEbelt winner is ....

Nina Lacson. 

Congratulations Nina. Please email me the color of the belt that you like (black, pink, yellow), and your shipping address to as soon as you can.

Also thank you to our giveaway sponsor Clarice Teves of Highly Waisted Belts.  
Have a great day everyone! Happy Monday.

November 20, 2010

It's Hot, It's Pink

hot pink blazer + floral dress
hot pink blazer + floral dress
hot pink blazer + floral dress
hot pink blazer + floral dress
side mirror sun

Finally found a blazer in full shocking color. It was a lucky week for me cos I found one in cobalt blue too. Yey!

Have a great weekend everyone. See you all again on Monday. God Bless. 

dress and blazer : thrift
bag: Folded and Hung
shoes: Otto
ring: Quiapo

November 19, 2010

The 4 Hundred Beats

the 4 hundred beats
the 4 hundred beats
the 4 hundred beats
the 4 hundred beats
the 4 hundred beats
the 4 hundred beats
the 4 hundred beats

In case you don't know her yet.... It's about time to follow her blog. She's amazing. Am I having a girl crush? Maybe. I love her. And maybe it's about time i share with you the blogs and sites am into.

Good day everyone!

November 18, 2010

Bee Butt Tummy

bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy
bee butt tummy

Yesterday my husband can't help himself but say I look like a bee. That was genuinely insensitive of him. Honest, but very brutal. Anyway we laughed. He's right. I have become Jollibee.

Truth is i am big. Really really big. I never thought my belly could stretched out like this, or any belly for that matter. But there's a feeling of certain magic and power being pregnant. You're basically creating a person, a life inside you and that's really magical. 

That's superhuman. So Ill continue to parade my bee-butt-belly as long as am sporting one. This won't last very long anymore. Soon Ill pop and am sure gonna miss it.

Heyniwaaay, women should rule the earth. Period. 

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Please don't forget to join our LOVEBELT giveaway. Have an amazing amazing day lovely ladies and gentlegays. 

jacket : Ralph Lauren, courtesy of Mom
dress: H&M, seen worn here 
shoes/wedges: Celine
bag: Folded and Hung
cross necklace: Quiapo

November 17, 2010

Katipunera Giveaway - Love Belt (CLOSED)


Good news fellow Filipinas and sorry (for now) international readers. This week we have a sponsored giveaway for you from Highly Waisted Belts. YEY!

The talented belt maker, Clarice Teves - supplier of one-of-a-kind-belts at Chocolate Clothing Co. specifically in Trinoma and Galleria branches, graciously offers you one free LOVE belt, in the color of your choice. 

Isn't that swell????

All you have to do is visit her stores HERE and HERE, then follow her blog Highly Waisted Belts and just leave your name, email and location at my comment box and share to us what makes you feel loved most. Isn't it cheesy???? We all need cheesy in our lives once in a while. Trust me, you do.

I will announce the winner next Monday. Have a great day everyone!

Am no Michael Phelps

koffy swim
koffy swim1
koffy swim2

Am no Michael Phelps. 
Swimming pool is not my thing, 
am a free fish, I prefer the sea, the beach

Am no Michael Phelps. 
Obviously am handsomer than him. 
Ask my Mom, as she told me many many times this early mornin'.

Kristopher "Koffy Nemo" Margarito Lozada

November 16, 2010

Open to Page 53, Sense&Style Magazine November 2010, Bilis, Bilis, Bilis!!!


click photo to enlarge

OLA amigas! 

So this post is super late and whole lot of self promotion. Bear with me. I almost died last Saturday when i saw the magazine and remembered that I did a little interview last month for a little feature.


Guess what? My 3rd world ass landed on the November Issue of Sense and Style Magazine. Am ecstatic. Am drugged. Well this is huge, this is a big deal. At least for me. 

We were asked of something like big shopping mistake and i very well remember my beloved gold Aldo shoe. 

Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu for all those clicks and reading me and just having the time to visit Denise Katipunera. 

And also thank you so much Krizette Tiffany Chu for considering me as one of Manila's Top Wardrobe Blogger. It means so much to me.

Have a great day everyone! Stay happy and fabulous! For me, I have to do my squats now.

November 15, 2010

Purple Wing Dress

purple batwing dress
purple batwing dress
purple batwing dress
purple batwing dress

Did a little shopping every week for the last 4 weeks. Mostly for the baby, but this mommy has an urgent need too that can't wait any longer - I don't have any fitting clothes anymore. Dressing for two became a challenge especially that am more or less five weeks close to my due date. Even with shoes. Am size 9 now. Still 8, but am wearing 9 for it's wide size to accommodate my foot fat. And when it comes to shopping, at least for me that am easily exhausted with a lot of walking, unless am wearing my rubber shoes, - my trick is to confine myself in one store that offers a lot of style, brand and price. Since am living in the Philippines, am going for SM all the way. And am so glad Sm never disappoints. Can I say they've got it all for you. Cheese!

So this dress is one of those pretty cheap dresses i got. The tag says Easy Living, bought it on sale for 250php. My baby's cute frog-suit costs more than my dress. Welcome to parenthood.

dress: SM Department Store
bag: Simply Vera, Vera Wang courtesy of Mother
Shoes: Otto
accessories: Quiapo

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watch Due Date. It's so funny. Robert Downy Jr is like wine. 

November 12, 2010

Swim to Shrink

bump and bikini
bump and bikini
bump and bikini

Am bloated beyond description, whale-ish, extremely heavy, so right now swimming is the perfect exercise. And am telling you, it felt soooo good and in  just a matter of few laps my hands and feet remarkably shrunk. Yey!  Was hoping ten more laps and my nose will soon shrink too. Will definitely do it again every morning till my D-day. 

Have a refreshing weekend everyone! 

November 9, 2010

Life In a Week

short and tight
green lights
foot relax
bamboo hoops
kuya koffy
  • Everything in my closet feels so tight and short now these days. This calls for a real shopping. It's about time.
  • Am sooooooo excited for Christmas. Are you? Christmas lights are everywhere.
  • If there's one person right now who deserve to put their feet up in the air, it's me.
  • Have I told you that am carrying a big baby? My doctor warns me about my diet. Am down to three meals a day now, no more heavy snacks. Just crackers. Boring.
  • It feels weird to miss someone so badly even though that person is right on front of you every single day. 
  • I love going out every night. Everything feels so romantic.
  • I wish I can wear bigger earrings. I have a short neck. 
  • And Koffy's getting more and more adorable each day. I think he understands human language now. One night he woke me up, he carefully put his right big hand over my bump as if feeling the baby. Am not sure, or am just over imagining things. But he sure is sweet. 
  • I miss my coffee. It's totally allowed. Totally safe if taken in moderation (only 1 cup a day) and if it's decaffeinated. 
  • Converse is the comfiest. I can walk a mile on them. 
I hope you're all having a wonderful week. I wish you happiness, love, joy, energy, beauty and stories to share. Or simply called life - having your own story to tell. 


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