May 19, 2015


2015-05-17 06.33.29 1

It was 2 days ago, when I thought am gonna just sit on my chair and finish Yllac's leftover lunch when I heard him from the other room meow-ing. He peeked through the door and meowed like a cat with his hands clawed trying to scare me. It was a permanent ink. At least I got a good giggle. Everybody in the office had a good giggle. Oh boy! I could use this as a Holiday card. 

Yllac is getting so big. But I love that he still crave for my approval and I know Ill miss it when he no longer need or want my attention. Am telling you, these little-kid-years are fleeting. I love it when Yllac still rely on me to read him a bedtime story. To read in an animated voice that gives him the best laugh of his life that i truly cherish. His laughter is magic. Someday i will no longer hear those sweet baby tiny voice that calls me mommy. Soon, he'll be a teen and then a grown man. So I'm trying hard to relish the fading years of his litteness left in him. I marinate in the morning snuggles and sweetness of him. I exalt in moments of his playfulness, obsession with his toy fire trucks, inevitable crying, tantrums and I especially cherish his childish mispronunciations. Above all else, I have to be mindful of my limited time in this stage of our life, My kid is getting bigger. I have to get all the cuddles now.  


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