February 26, 2014


A few days ago, we took our kite flying talents for public viewing. Turns out, we have none. Maybe the kite was broken??? Nope! Let's put it this way, we are these drooling idiots thinking kite flying is a piece of cake. Truth is, we've never flown a kite before, both Jayson and me. Are you appalled? So this kite flying adventure is a childhood-dream-come-true for us. A lot of times, when the kite was almost 8 feet high, suddenly it dives back to us, like it's gonna kill us. But we survived. We managed to make it fly for some minutes. I mean, it was fun! All that was needed was some wind, a kite, some energy to run back and forth like headless chickens bumping into each other and of course a lung full of air for all that screaming. No need to pay to play. It's just good, clean fun. 

Have a great Wednesday everybody. What's your plan for today? We're going out again to fly our kite. Wish us luck.

February 22, 2014

Souq Waqif In Doha (Part 1)

Hi! How are you my fellow Katipunera! Since we arrived here, my dear darling husband has been in his best tour-guide self and took us to all to the parks, shopping malls and beaches. I loved everything so far...but last Wednesday night, right after Yllac's afternoon play and biking, Jayson dragged our butts off to Souq Waqif. (you can read more about it HERE) Oh boy, Oh boy was I dizzy from all the exciting sensory gallery my brain was trying to absorb. I felt like stoned maaaan! The good kind of high. All natural high. That Souq Waqif is heaven to my soul.  

So here's the portion of the photos we took last Wednesday. Let's soak all in the magic shall we??? 

February 21, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I cannot tell you enough how much I am thankful to spend every single day with my two boys. To use the word "lucky" cannot comprehend the gratefulness in my heart whenever i look back at my life since I met Jayson. I've been a lousy wife since I became a mother. I cannot elaborate on that... But I can tell you that I am really striving hard to be a good wife since the day I saw a bunch of Jayson's office shirts all wrinkly sitting at the back of our closet, unironed, that has created a very visible crease even if you're light years away. So i wanna be good. Really really good. I wanna date my husband more. Write to him more. Kiss him more. Hug him ever so often even when there's people around. Remember that spark and spontaneity when you started dating??? It's kind of hard to maintain that once you popped out a kid. The cuteness of your spawn will draw both of your attention towards them and sometimes you forget that you both need attention from each other too.

So last Valentines Day here in Qatar fell on the Family Day, which happens every week, every Friday. Friday is a much celebrated day here in Qatar. Every family goes out with their picnic baskets and spends almost the whole day in the park. They let their children be kids, be silly and play, the adults plopped on the grass, all happy, chattering and sharing a meal. It's a beautiful sight. It inspired me as a mom and wife. It won't be easy but it was an effort. To attempt, i feel like Im slowly getting to where I want to be as a person. I was given one chance to have my own family. So I will work hard for it. I was given the chance as a mother to mold a child's life, to nourish, love and be loved by one man. I only have one family for the rest of my life and i will take care of them.

Sooo...the photos...the photos firing at yah! 

February 14, 2014

One Week In Doha...

Hi Hi Hi! and Yup! You read that right. We're all now in Doha. Jayson, me and Yllac, and Jollibee (the dancing doll), and ten of my shoes and a little of my clothes.  A lot has happened apparently. Quick but careful decisions has been made for our family for 2014. Actually it seem simple the way I said it, but the whole planning of moving to a new place that involved a lot of courage, gutsy move, patience and of course a lot of prayers had been a dream of ours. Took us a year to prepare for this. Year 2013 was our year of transition and to say the least, a very tough year for us. I will remember it as a year of a few trials and sweet triumps. It was last year that my husband moved here to Doha to start his new job. We decided, we'll brave the months of temporary separation because we'll eventually join him here. 

So, that "eventually" happened last week. We are finally here.

Doha is our home now, altogether as a family. And as you can see it's hard to deny how happy I am, the three of us together in one roof.  It makes me smile too, thinking that every time Jayson goes to work, I know we're still near each other. No more skyping, no more expensive long distance calls, but instead we're here just arms length away from each other. We can kiss and hug each other anytime we want. I mean, life is good. Kiss in the morning, Kisses at night...And yes, I am one happy wife and mama here. 

We arrived here on February 6, last week. And today marks our "one week anniversary" here in Doha - my new city I call home.  So we've been busy celebrating our week together as a family. Seriously though i love this month. February is my fave month so far. It means new beginning and adventure for this little family of mine.

anyway, the photos...the photos... (warning, this is a photo heavy post)


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