April 29, 2013

Consider This Post My Retirement From Wearing Skirts...

Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine

Oh boy! Oh boy! You know you're in that "terrible two" phase when your two year old won't listen to you about hiding in your skirt, of all places - in PUBLIC! 

April 28, 2013

Easiest Brussels Sprout Recipe

brussels sprout

This week our family was out most of the day. So our easiest go-to meal, you guessed it, is fast-food - cheap, greasy and probably 75% unhealthy. Seriously, if 75% of the food you take is unhealthy, it just kills the healthy 25%. So let's settle then, fast food = 100% unhealthy. But they taste sooooo good. We ate lots of burger + fries, all things fried, ice cream and tried different shakes. Lotsa sugar there baby! Best.Week. Ever. But fast food isn't your body's best friend. That, we all know. I know. And today, we're lucky to stay home. So I whip up the healthiest meal of our week. People of the internet, say hello to my Brussels Sprouts In Garlic Butter.

April 25, 2013

5 Years People! 5 Years!!!!

5 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
5 years

If you thought i was screaming when I said "5 years people, 5 years!!!!"  YES, I was in fact screaming it to the world because today is our big fat 5 year wedding anniversary. 5 WHOLE YEARS! I cannot believe it. I remember everything like it was yesterday. I remember, it was a hot, humid summer day. I ditched my "wedding jacket" because it was soooo hot. I remember telling Jayson "next time we get married, we married on December". I remember feeling so excited and nervous and I cannot stop laughing at everything - at myself and everyone who greets me. Like, duh! Crazy bride. I perfectly remember how much i hate wearing those fake eyelashes and took the tiara off my head before the ceremony. They are heavier than my dress. Both the tiara and my eyelashes. I remember when it was time for the ceremony to begin, I was freaking nervous about walking down the aisle with everybody's eyes on me thinking why did I ever get married???? I remember hurting my cheeks for smiling so big. I remember crying at the same time. I remember tasting the best squash soup ever in my entire life. I remember all those faces who celebrated with us. And I remember Jayson mostly. When he took my hand and he whispered "yey" to me i knew my life is gonna be awesome. Awesome like, here I am with the person I like the most and Im gonna live my life with him. Forever. Till I die. Share everything with him. Every stories, pain, joy, family, food, money, bedroom, toothpaste, grievances, dreams, problems, gossip....everything. And I will never be alone.

I first met Jayson twenty years ago. Jayson was my high school classmate for two years. We barely talked. But I remember his smile. I remember every morning he would call me and say "hi denise" and Id say "hi jayson" back. That hi denise-hi jayson thing between us went on for two years. I remember we were both 13 years old and I know he likes me but he never said anything about it. He's always shy and reserved. Who would have thought that i would marry that boy who greets me every morning in high school? My high school classmate, now my funny husband with a good heart, who is sometimes my archenemy but is always always my best friend and admirer. 

So today, my dear darling husband, let's get out and eat some real fat barbeque ribs. I love you Jayson, like i love my ribs.

Happy 5 years!

April 24, 2013

Last Week...


last week...oh, last week was kind of slow for me. Because I was sick. And when you are sick every single routine happens and moves about extra slow. It's like watching your life in slow motion, It was soooo boring. And that is not good especially when most of your waking minute your head wants to explode, your throat burns, your ear is in so much pressure,  and your nose is just useless. But the good thing is, even though how sick you are, eventually you will get better. And you need to get better because you are a mom. So, that's the story of my life...

Moving on to much better things that happened last week, here they are in photos:


OMG! like a miracle, for a few minutes it rained on monday morning. Yay!

April 22, 2013

Distressed Denim Shorts

Distressed Denim Shorts
Distressed Denim Shorts
Distressed Denim Shorts
Distressed Denim Shorts
Distressed Denim Shorts

don't tell my husband i stole his pants to destroy it and made it my own. Though, technically I can't call it my own if I stole it on the first place no? But Im not sorry at all. It's comfy and summer appropriate. It's becoming my go-to uniform at least until this summer. 

Happy Monday folks!

top: thrift
diy distressed denim short
boots and necklace: GoJane

April 19, 2013

DIY: Heart Print Shirt

DIY heart print shirt

my DIY heart print shirt

heart sweater-1

photo source 1, 2, 3

I have always loved these J.Crew heart sweater. But you know, I cannot afford one or will I ever attempt to buy one. But in my dreams, I bought one in every color. Since I am living in a real world of my pocket, I made one. It is not perfect, but I am planning to make another one next week. A much bigger heart in a bright yellow color. Also, hoping to avoid those accidental little drips. Anyway, here's how I did it...

April 18, 2013

Shop Update...


Hello, hello miladies! I just added a few items on my SHOP today. 

Thank you so much for supporting my little store. Gracias. Salamat ng marami. c",)

April 17, 2013

I Love Lucy...

vintage inspired 60's dress, zara heels and bag
vintage inspired 60's dress, zara heels and bag
vintage inspired 60's dress, zara heels and bag

I have always loved vintage inspired clothes - the full long skirts and dresses. Maybe it's because, since my mom gave me her I love Lucy DVDs 5 years ago I just couldn't get it out of my mind: the happy endings, always happy ending, the theme song, the fashion and of course, of course the laughter, Lucy's antics and who can forget vitameatavegamin. That show was brilliant. If you aren't familiar with I Love Lucy, oh boy, oh boy, you better start now. You'll thank me later. Also, I am not sorry that the theme song will get stuck in your head for all eternity..... i love lucy, i love lucy and luuuuuucy looooves meeee. Told you.

April 15, 2013

Last Week...


Hi You! How was your previous week went by? Hope it was a great one. Here's ours...

Monday night:

Yllac was a bit under the weather on a Monday. But he's getting sooooo good at taking his own temperature. 

April 13, 2013

Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?
Can You See Me Now?Can You See Me Now?
Can You See Me Now?
Can You See Me Now?

You ought to know by now, I am not color shy. c",)

I love colorful outfit. It's like, remember that feeling of opening your new crayon box? All those colors to play with....just fun! Colorful outfit brings a lot of excitement and energy, well at least for me. I know not all people are comfortable with bright colors. It's a choice. You can always drench yourself with color - or not! So if you're a bit of color shy, you can start mixing a bright piece with black or gray to mute the look. A vivid bag or hat also does the trick. Or, a lady can always start with her lips. Yup! Red lips is a great start. If you can rock red lips, sure you can rock anything. 

Happy weekend guys!

floral top and pants: thrift
bag: Charles and Keith
heels: GoJane

Spicy Paella Fried Rice

Spicy Paella Rice

I am not much of a cook. But I love recipe books. So now I can cook and make a decent food for my family six days a week. But still that doesn't make me much of a cook. But you know what?.....I am slowly falling in love with cooking. Before - and when I say before, i meant a year ago - cooking gives me so much stress. And that's when i stopped thinking about what to cook for the next meal and then the next day and just rely solely on local cookbooks. I just close my eyes, flip the page randomly six times and BAM, they are gonna be our food for the next six days. I make a list of all the ingredients and run to the grocery store. Basically that's the story of our family meal. Simple and easy. Thanks to cookbooks. 

I love you cookbooks, because you make me look like a good wife and mama...

April 11, 2013

Slow Down There Little Guy...

Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat

me and Yllac, at Mt.Samat last January 13, 2013

Casa Lozada is busy busy busy busy at the moment. I can prove it to you by the date of these photos I am sharing to you just now. Ooooppps, sorry. Not-for-a-moment will never happen for us anymore. Why? Because Yllac is officially a toddler now. (i do declare!) 

April 9, 2013

Last Week...


Hi folks! 
Last week was blurry and hair-blower-hot kind of week. My hair is toasted but I am sure glad that my shoe closet is clean and my cupboard is finally organized. But then again, here are my photos to do the real talkin' for me...



We saw this. really???? people? really? I think the sign should say : "DO block my driveway, PLEASE! Pleeeeeease!", then maybe, just maybe, people will not actually park in front of your gate. #OnlyInThePhilippines

April 3, 2013

Sweater Dress For Summer

Zara Stripes Sweater Dress, GoJane studded boots, Target Merona Bag
Zara Stripes Sweater Dress, GoJane studded boots, Target Merona Bag
Zara Stripes Sweater Dress, GoJane studded boots, Target Merona Bag
Zara Stripes Sweater Dress, GoJane studded boots, Target Merona Bag

What's my excuse? - this dress is very light and breezy. But the real excuse... I wish I am very comfortable with my own arms... I am just not. I cannot recall a single day in my whole life that I wanted to show them. It's not that horrible looking. It's a normal, regular set of arms. Anyway, I can't explain why really. Maybe it's a psychological thing? Please define me? Because even in my dreams I dare not show my arms. What about you? Do you love your arms? Okay, this is silly. Ignore the arm question. Okay, I thought of a better one. What would you rather show? - your arms or your legs? 

Zara dress: thrift
boots: Gojane
Bag: Target

April 2, 2013

Happy Colorful Pancakes c",)


First of all, HAPPY TUESDAY guys!!!!
Second of all, what are you having for breakfast right now?
Us? today? We had boring eggs and boring bread and boring coffee. Yawn.
BUT! (there's a but)
Yesterday Monday we had these pretty and the happiest pancakes on all the lah lah land for breakfast.
Here's how to make them. Real easy am a tell yah!


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