October 23, 2013

If You Wonder Whatever Is Happening With That Katipunera Girl...


Oh..why, thank you.

October 7, 2013

Bubble Rehab...

bubble crazy

i keep this one in a special photo album reserved for rough days when i need a quick smile..., my child, Yllac Lorenzo Burrito...  

bubble crazy
bubble crazy
bubble crazybubble crazy
bubble crazy

How's your weekend my friends? Mine was awesome! Like, capital Gaaaaa-R-E-A-T! Saturday is the most wonderful day of my week because that's the day my Aunt and his son comes to stay over at my house. That means extra pair of hands, energy, and ideas to entertain this little boy of mine. I do entertain Yllac with bubbles but am gonna be honest, Yllac likes the crowd cheering for him each time he gets near one and pops one. He likes the exaggerated sound of clapping and laughter. So I guess, the bubbles on the weekend is much more exciting for him than bubbles with me on weekdays. I'm sorry Yllac, Mama wasn't born an  octopus.  I mean look at him. Once the bubbles come out, he's crazy. ...this boy is gonna need a bubble rehab anytime soon.

Happy Monday!!!

October 5, 2013

Have a Happy Rockin' Weekend!!!


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