August 8, 2007

Graciosa Sally!!!

My friend Sally, the super gracious Sally knows me to the bones. haha.

Thanks Sally!

She knows love ko body butter so am so kilig when she gave me this!

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea body butter smells so yummy. It leaves you smooth and feeling fresh all day long. really, it stays that long and it's not sticky.

and this one too!

She's so graciosa nga talaga ano?

she knows too well my addiction for Nicholas Sparks and so she gave me this as a 'lubong'. By the way she's just staying for just a while, sa 20 she'll go back to her luvy-duvy in Japan. Nope! i know what you're thinking. She's a pre-school teacher there to the most cutest babies of Expats.....just so you'll know... hehe.

Am a sucker for Danielle Steel. Especially pag drama mode ako.

Dami pa books lubong nya sa akin. ill post the pics later.

This is so interesting!

Sally introduced me to Haruki Murakami, well not in person but thru his books. Since then hooked na ako sa Haponesong writer na yun.

Now, Banana Yoshimoto? Cute ng pen name nya noh?
I started reading the day she gave me this. All i can say is that ill be hunting for Banana the next time nasa Power Books ako. Try nyo din. Highly recommended ko!

This is my Sally!
my abay!
my kaibigan!
Envy me people!
Salamat Girl!


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