September 5, 2008

one true-love snapshots

every life has one true-love snapshots. Mine? It came when i was in high school, when greenday is so everywhere, kurt cobain just died and eraserheads was just getting born.

And when a thought of a certain crush suddenly makes my heart go flutter and me imagining all these crazy thoughts of being trapped in a forest. Just me, the crush and some of my closest friends. We'd camp and hunt for food, all us playing grown ups. Of course with a ready cassette player, though i never figured out how it would play a tape with no electricity and all, but anyway it's my imagination, so anything goes.

so that was my snapshot. I knew right away i wanna rock. Not a rocker, but i just want to rock. Am just glad Kai is my rocking partner now. With us, there's no such thing as "too loud".

and now..

song in my mind : hard to concentrate

Been trying to learn for so many years.
My first teacher? My younger brother. He's 14 then and i was 16.
Now after almost 15 years, A is the only thing my fingers can do.

just a song in my heart that will play all day....

do you want me to show up for duty
and serve this woman and honor her beauty
and finally you have found something perfect
and finally you've found yourself ..with me

will you agree to take this man into your world
and now we are as one....

--- hard to concentrate (one of our wedding songs)

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