September 10, 2009

Where are you Agathe?







Agathe left us a post saying she was off to Stockholm for a long weekend. And that long weekend turned into months of silence from her. It's so weird cos am still so obsessed with her. Been trying to find any clue as to where is she now. I guess we all miss her. Honestly she's the reason why i am blogging today. She's an inspiration. Four years ago when i first saw her blog i was smitten by her style and smile. She's not the typical spoiled rich girl sporting shoes and boots for the brand. Agathe herself is the BRAND.


There is an article on blogging in a Norway’s main business paper about blogging and its consequences – featuring Agathe.

According to the article, she came back to Stockholm to find that her husband had left, had a tough time, a fun summer and now seems to be enjoying life more and more again. At first she was living out of a suitcase and couldn’t blog and later felt a lot freer without having to rig her life around staging photos and blogging. She realized that in order to move on with life, she had to give up blogging.

oh! My heart broke into million pieces knowing this. I wish Agathe all the best in life. I hope this post won't be in any form of disrespect to her, with the privacy and peace she wanted. I guess we're all just shattered. She seemed a very nice, fun, loving person. Nobody deserve any kind of pain. I guess It really is bizarre that blogging is not all about a person's whole life, that after the curtain falls we all have our own personal lives much colorful than all the dresses and shoes we wear everyday. That there are more stories, anecdotes and feelings left unsaid.



Here is the ARTICLE.

Please someone, somebody do a translation on this. Please please please!

UPDATE: here is the TRANSLATION. Thanks Francis!

We miss you Agathe. There's still a little part of me wanting you to come back.
And if you don't, you will always be remembered and loved.


Allegra said...

oooh sooo cool post!

Baśka said...

i saw her blog the other day. she has a wonderful style indeed...

petitbobun said...

I understand your feelings about Agathe and the fact she doesn't want blogging anymore.

She seemed to have pretty tough times but managed to go through this... Very courageous !

I'm sorry, I don't know this language so... Hope you'll find someone who can help you !

PS : Thanks for visiting my blog. You can read my last article about the fashion blog of a french fashion stylist (as the article is translated in english). Hope you'll enjoy it !

janettaylor said...

Nice post!


Protege said...

Great post! Love the sentimnet behind it and I understand your frustration, as it has happened to me too.
Unknowingly, when we write a blog, we become an acquaintance of people, without really realizing it. Even if we feel a blog is our own personal outlet and feel the freedom to do whatever we want with it, we still affect and entice people. And we should bear this in mind at all times. If you ask me, I think we owe an explanation to our followers, if we suddenly disappear - anything else is inappropriate behaviour.

why????? said...

obviously there's trouble in their marriage.

This is the husband's blog

the last entry was June 14, 2008.

Agathe's April 24, 2008.

At least she could have said goodbye or left a short explanation.

Cheryl said...

Blogging can be addictive, I for one spend countless of hours making my posts and reading lots of blogs. It's so entertaining but definitely time consuming.

D,kung ikaw ay suddenly mag-retire from blogging,please magpaalam ka ng maayos,ha? Ikaw pa naman ang reason while I started this blog in the first place,hehe!In fact you're my Agathe. ;)

Rand said...


mom & son said...

denise, she's so gorgeous and
i love her sense of style.
thanks for sharing her site with us.
her blog will be one of my faves naaaa!

Adela said...

love the long patterend skirt and the vintage bag! =)

Monika P. said...

The first photo is just beautiful! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

last updated a year ago.

come back agathe!

6roove said...

thank you Denise for this beautiful post, I was moved by it, Agathe's story is full of emotions
yes, we really don't know everything about people behind the mirror, I thing we all have some problems in our life, unpleasant moments, which usually we don't like talking/writing about -cause it's hard and calling sad memories
kisses :)

6roove said...

i mean, sometimes it's better for ourselfs to stop and never come back..

thanks god, Agathe is still alive and her life goes on and on

MiriamFashion said...

whooooooow, very very very beatfiul photo's! one photo is my favourite ! amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets just say that she's an iconic blogger and that status gives her mistery, she's #1. Perhaps she didn't want any type of fame.

Simpli-c-t said...

nice post...x

Kat said...

Oh Denise! Thank you for sharing this...I was a devoted fan of Agathe...I was so addicted to her beautiful and inspiring photos. I do miss her and wish her all the best.

Rebecca said...

Wow! I never read StyleBites, but I've seen so many bloggers talk about how they miss Agathe. I can see how blogging could become a burden, and how it might be very freeing to stop (especially if something so big happened and you just didn't want to keep sharing everything!)

Anonymous said...

Agathe is beautiful! I love her blog <3

Eva Internazionale said...

Great read. At least her blog will always be there to see. :)

xtinagirl said...

Hii Denise! :) Omg, are you sure you aren't confusing my legs with someone else's? I have chicken legs!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a great story! I can relate to how she feels because I've been through some tough situations where I want to stop blogging!

I wish her the best! xxoxooxox

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I just hope she's happy now. It sounds like she got such a sad deal.

cherie said...

i'm so sad to hear this story.. there are days too when life must go on and blogging takes a backseat. i hope she's happy wherever she is :D


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