April 1, 2014

Last Thursday Evening...

So, where's Yllac? Can you find him?

The day Yllac came into my life was the real game changer for me. I don't understand parks and playgrounds before. I never went to one. It bores me. But now, i am this close to living in the playground. We go there seven days a week. Three hours a day. No matter what the circumstances are, or time, we go there! I remember the first time i put Yllac on the swing with me, he was barely 6 months old. The first time he felt that swing, he giggled, he closed his eyes feeling the wind on his face. I remember this pure joy i felt seeing him so happy like he would die from laughing. And I knew I have found a cure to "everything".

While we love our first park in the Philippines, we were just a bit surprised at what playgrounds here in Doha are like. They are like your average parks alright, complete with everything, swings and see saws.... only on STEROIDS! (I will share more photos soon)

Last Thursday night I managed to take a snap on some playground actions of Yllac sliding like a little daredevil on this skate park with other kids twice or trice his age. There was a lot of panic from me each time I thought i lost him. Jayson and I was eying him from a safe distance, but this boy was fast. One blink  he could be anywhere. He could be climbing up, or sliding down head first. Sometimes in a solo number, but mostly sandwiched with other kids. I lost count the number of times i screamed to Jayson "can you see him, can you see him?" He was there alright. Alive. We may not see him, but I can hear his scream. I can hear his Yays and Woooooohs a bunch of times. He was even throwing some "yala! yala! yala! ( go go go) in between yays and wooohs. He's happy. I am happy. After a good two hours of rolling and sliding on dirt he was ready to bike again and go home. He was covered in dirt when he hugged and kissed me and asked for his juice. He is my brave boy. He smelled a little too. 

And as a Mom, I'm just glad he didn't wore white last Thursday night.

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