December 10, 2008

Bioman minus One on Mt. Luho

or... call us the Fantabulous Four. Much better. hihi

Not many visitors of Boracay knows much of
the island's highest peak, Mt. Luho, offers adventurers to an easy to moderate trek/climb and offer a panoramic view of the island. A view deck made of bamboo is available at the peak for an unobstructed view.This is my third visit, and i felt like i've been deprived of this beautiful panoramic view, clearly there is more to Bora than beaches and sand.

How to get to Mt. Luho:
  • If you're approached by the locales there, mostly men, of island hopping or banana boat, ask for this Mt. Luho trekking. All of the guides there are very much aware of this. And don't hesitate to bargain with the price. Don't look and speak too foreign because the rates are much expensive. Get rid of the twangs and dye your blonds. Try as hard as you can to blend in...blend in. hihihihi
  • From Boracay, accompanied by your guide, you still have to go to the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) rentals, so tricycle ride costs about 100php, one way. ATV rentals ranges from 600 to 1500 pesos depending on what type of quad bike you wanna use.
  • Best time to climb is mid afternoon, about 3pm, because trekking the rough road on the way up will take an hour or so. You don't want to come down on a dark road. There are no street lights, just like what happened to us, we're blind as a bat, anyway the little daredevils on us were having a party then. haha.
mt. luho
Aren't we cool or what?

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This kid is my life saver, Helping me with the reverse.

mt. <span class=

Peace suckers!!!!

mt. <span class=

Need to protect this precious head of mine.

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Road killers smile.

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mt. <span class=
We're here!!!

mt.<span class=

Look at her jazz hand.

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up here?

lots and lots of sunset, wind and breathtaking scenery.


eva said...

ahh how cute.. looks like you guys had a lot of fun! i need a vacation!

deep_in_vogue said...

wow you guys are cool! Really enjoyed looking at those pictures, you had so much fun!

The Clothes Horse said...

It looks so beautiful there!

xladyxleahx said...

wow i cant wait to go quad biking now!
cute blog

M* said...

You're so lucky to be there right now!


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