December 24, 2008

Christmas in paper bags and boxes

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Let me start, by saying that i am not a Christmas person. It actually depresses me. Why?

  • I don't know really. It's just saddening. I can't point a finger on the specifics, just that Christmas does this to me.
  • Today, the weather is gloomy.
  • Kai has got to work tonight and also the night of 25. Oh yeah, depressing right?
  • Since i was 21, I've been spending Christmases alone somewhere out there on a mall, by myself, walking tirelessly with a Starbucks on my hand, and a couple of National Bookstore bags on the other. Friends welcome me to spend the night with them, but i am the ultimate drama queen, embracing the nauseating sight of couples walking hand and hand thus feeling the loneliness and the truth that i am alone. Promise. True story! Well the truth is, I was a fake masochistic sadist who's very much aware that nothing can ever put me down. For all i know i just want the drama of every thing. And right now it's a good story to tell.
Oh well, enough with the drama, cos i know you're not buying them. Tonight, it's a little different. Obviously i won't be out there on the street alone. I will be home, opening some Christmas bags and boxes upstairs and am very excited to try those dresses and shoes and bags as a compensation of Kai's absence. hihi. Not bad ei? Plus i will be surrounded with lots and lots of hot coffee to give me warmth and of course my koffy to keep me company.

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That picture was taken before he went to work. And that pansit will be their noche buena in the office. Koffy is a pasta dog actually. He loves spaghetti and anything with tomato sauce.

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This is Koffy's second Christmas. I just hope and pray that he'll live long enough to spend them with us and maybe next year together with his brother or sister. We'll see.

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This guy is a real camera shy. He won't look at the camera, ever.

Anyway, Merry Christmas. May this day/night be a joyous one for everyone..or something like that, whatever. Have a great night!!!


is it true, that ABS CBN will have a pinoy version of Twilight called Takipsilim? If it's true then am really glad for not watching television for a year now. For the love of God why? The nerve.....


M* said...

Merry Christmas for you too!


Eleh said...

whatever makes you happy right dear? nontheless, happy holidays :)

p/s: i read somewhere about Takipsilim also! my initial thought was "is this twilight?" tsk.


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