January 7, 2009

I'm tougher than you think





I remember the boy, but i don't remember the feeling anymore. Sounds familiar ei? I used to sing that song a lot when i was twelve. Yeah twelve. Trying my best to belt it while i was alone in the house, usually after a Mills and Boon pocket book, of course that was without the knowledge of my parents. You know, Janet Daily and is so hardcore for a twelve like me back then. I do understand the message of the song (and the content of the book) and wishing someday i might really sing it for some ill faith / tragic love affair i will have when i grow up. That is the plan! And to have the full grasp of being the jilted one. But sad to say i didn't have one.

Just a couple of days ago i remember this boy from a long long long time ago. First guy i think i ever liked. It wasn't a crazy like, nothing serious but a cute teenage thing, greater than crush but nothing like love because i know deeply that we're not gonna be together in the future, nor we have that many things in common. So i knew then, he's just a passing person in my life. We're okay i think.

Now, i just remember him as this boy, believe it or not I can't recall anymore "the feeling" actually. There is no particular emotion that was revived nor any feelings from the past that stirred my thoughts back to him. I do remember a face and a name from a fuzzy time but beyond that is a bad case of amnesia on my part. Anyway am not a believer of falling in love with the same person the second time around. It works for other people, and i love stories like that, but sadly for me it's not applicable.

Wow am tough. It just didn't occur to me that it's possible to forget all those feelings you once valued so dearly until recently.

And now for my own guilty pleasure (please) sing with me. hihi. While in doing so, let's all remember those boys and ...girls from a long time ago.....or not so, lets raise our bottle of beer or coke zero if you're on a diet, may they all remember us and may they not forget our faces till the day they die. May they scream our name from pain of not having us in their lives and long regret the day they've met us. hmmmmmmm what else? toast everyone. Am sorry, i kid, i kid, silly of me. Let's just sing the song shall we?

I Remember The Boy - Joey Albert


janettaylor said...

Hey girl,

Beautiful sandal! :)

xoxo: Janet

The Clothes Horse said...

I don't know this song. I never knew popular music when I was young. :)
Your shirt is sah-weet!


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