January 12, 2009

Brief encounter. Koffy baby you are so funny!

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I have a splitting headache from the time i woke up. Over sleeping is bad! hihi. So this is just a quick post. Am thinking of delaying this until tomorrow but i can't wait because every time i tried to close my eyes these pictures are haunting me.

Koffy, is developing sexually, i think. But still he's a good boy and very well behaved, though we can't seem to put a solution to his discharge, yup, coming from his...ummm, you know where. So he is dripping all over the house and wiping after it is no easy task. We can't think of a better remedy than this.

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The moment he put on his very first briefs, i went to tears, i can't breathe, laughing and crying at the same time almost got us killed.

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The problem is, the brief that his dad passed on him doesn't give him enough support. But he's cute right?

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He likes it so much! Red is his favorite color. Definitely. He sleeps on it and surprisingly he wears it till now. Hahaha. My dog walking around on his briefs. Imagine that. Oh this is just a temporary thing, we'll buy him a diaper or a 3 for 100 brief on bargains soon.

Have a great laugh everyone!


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Cammila said...

lol Oh dear, I hope the sexy new look boosts his confidence! ;)

Dane said...

Oh my god, funny and a little disturbing lol!


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