July 3, 2009

I am a Blogger





How long have you been blogging?
- Well i used to keep i diary since grade school, but since my brother, not to my knowing then has been reading for his pleasure and use the secret details of my life for his advantage, and blackmailing me, obviously i stopped keeping a journal for my own sake. hihihihihi. But now that am old and not so shy anymore i decided for the whole world to see my shame in all it's colorful glory. hihihihi. But seriously, I've been seriously blogging for about a year now.

Any advice to beginners?
- Nothing really, the trick is anything goes, it's your blog. Whatever kind of interest you have then by all means feel free to write. Even if the title of your first post is "Identification of Swainsonine as a probable Contributory Mycotoxin in Moldy Forage Mycotoxicoses"..., there's always a million soul who'll be very interested. Birds of the same feather flock together. My only concern is, when writing please do not use words you'll need a dictionary to comprehend. Do not thesauru-rize every word. Make it easy for yourself and the reader. The need to sound smart in a blog is blog suicide if you use medical terms and highfalutin words not many intelligent people will understand. We got to keep it simple people. ihihihihi. I really mean it..K I S S. Keep It Simple St***d. .

And another important thing, make an effort to visit the people who comments on your site or blog. Am sure there's always a nice thing or two to see from other people. And at the end of the day kindness is goodness. We've got nothing to lose from that.

What are the good things blogging has brought to you life?
- It makes me an honest person. I am really really trying. hihihi. At least this blog has been a reality check for me.

What would you consider the pitfalls?
- That am very excited most of the time to see what's the update on other bloggers, new photos, new stories, and new outfit. I think it's an addiction when you're having a breakfast, that your food doesn't even got to touch your tongue to speed up the process so you can go back to your laptop..... and who may that be?....hmmmm some people. hihihihihi.

Tell us something about your blog name? Ever think of changing it? If so, to what and why?
- Denise Katipunera here in blogspot, from the meaning sisterhood or part of the group that stands for something right and honorable. (goosebumps) . I wanted to change it but then it grew on me. I think what am writing here are pure honesty of myself, something nice and good for my sisters here in the blog sphere.
- And Life is a Cup of Coffee on Multiply simply because we love coffee and we have a dog named Koffy.

Was starting a blog a good thing for you?
- Yes very much. Just like what i said earlier this blog is a reality check for me. Weeks ago i was just browsing my old blogs and OMG i cannot believe i said this and that!!!!! I will never take back what i said because at those times it's pure honesty of what i stand for.

How do you think blogging, bloggers, or the blogosphere has changed since you started?
- I really don't know how to answer that. hihihihhii. But in my understanding yes every body's going through changes, and change is good, i think if we keep up a clear perspective on ourselves a little change from time to time is good. Getting out of our comfort zone brings out the toughness in each and everyone of us. (and world peace!!!!!)

Ultimately, what would you like your blog to accomplish for you or others?
- nothing much actually. I am just here to entertain.

Name some things or few things that bug you, we want your unfettered opinion, shouldn't be blog related.
- Math!, those space people that knows so much about numbers. It's weird. Brilliant but WEIRD!
- Money, on how it can make or break humanity. It buys you stuff but not everything you want in life.
- Philippines! really! Philippines.

Tell us about one of your best childhood memories.
-Oh many memories. Bus stations, red apples, every Sunday 4am my brother, dad and i would take our mom to the bus station to catch a ride going back to the city, i can still remember how cold it was that morning. Every summer on our farm, sometimes i would hide at the back of the carabao wagon just to be with my dad the whole day on the farm. He'll be very angry at the discovery of my mischief, but i don't care, cos i get to be with him all day, then we'll go home riding on his bike. I still remember the smell of that afternoon, - the grass, wind and going to bed with mom telling us one of her invented story with me and my brother as the lead characters. Me and my brother fighting and swearing in our graves that we'll never ever take care of each other for as long as we live. We are liars. We can never ever ever resist one another. He's married now. I still love him. 

Describe your perfect day.
- Coffee, Koffy, Husband and i laughing, husband and koffy wrestling, eating on our bed, watching The Office or Friends. GYM. And saying hello to our parents.

Do you have a hobby that you love?
- i have a weird hobby. If you call that a hobby. Well i apply make up when home, i practice a lot, - full make up. But then i never get to go out wearing even eye make up.
- And i like to destroy my pants...and husband's pants...

Tell us the best and worst thing about being you.
- like pros and cons?
Pros - I am happy, very laid back, i don't think a lot, when i like someone and something i get so obsessed with them in a good way, I read a lot, i talk a lot, very systematical in a little way. I am a friend.
cons - dreamer, am not good with remembering birthdays and dates, (this is serious) - when somebody hurt me i tend to shut myself out from that person, completely cutting all communication, I don't fight, i just forget. And i very weird with alignments and i need to have 5 alarm clocks to fully wake me up.

What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you. We want all the details.
- OMG. I can't believe am telling this. Well about 4 years ago, one Sunday afternoon from a tiring work at the church (yes, i was a church worker for about two years, full time), that afternoon we were at the hospital visiting a church mate. I cannot tell you the full details of what i do then, like job description thing, because there's no way to describe it. Well i was really really tired, and sleepy and i feeling sick whenever am in a hospital. Then i got a text message saying that i we have another church mate friend who's father's also in the hospital, who's very very very sick and somehow to my understanding has already died. So i rush in to the next door and offer my ________i really don't know what to offer exactly. Well inside the room it feels so very funeral really, every body's crying and howling, and they're hugging the person on the bed and saying goodbyes. I was about to go back out when somebody looked at me and recognize me and she's crying looking at me, i really don't know how to react, she hold my hands and cried so hard, and without thinking i said "condolences po", wow she cried even harder. I looked at my friend crying on bed hugging his dad, and i saw the man on the bed move. WOW he's still ALIVE! OMG OMGOMG! all am thinking is how am i gonna get out of here? me and my big mouth! Well am so tired and when you're tired... well there's no excuse for my shame. Good thing there's only one person who heard my advance condolences. I am so embarrassed.But the semi-good thing is he passed away after three hours. I am now a prophet of doom.

What blog related things bug you?
- hmmm that some people use their blog to fight with just anybody. Quarreling here is soooo uncool.

Location : Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte

id like to thank my friend Abhie for this I am a Blogger shirt. I waited for something literally "blog" related post to finally wear this. hihihihi. And also i got this Q&A from Eve. Salamat kapatid. Napa chika na naman ako.

Have a great day everyone! Anyway if you wanna do this please do so, just tell me so i can read yours.


Protege said...

A truly lovely set of pictures, so much blue, which is my favorite colour.;))
I like your hobby.;) I have that hobby too, except I do leave house with full war paint.;))
Have a lovely Friday.;)

che idrees said...

hi there,

I love the t-shirt :D

janettaylor said...

Cool T-shirt...


cherie said...

lovely pictures, I've always wondered how it'd be like to see those windmilld. Me likey the T shirt :D

Kym said...

haha love the shirt denise! and once again, amazing photos.. makes me want to at the beach!

Tracey Ellle said...

amazing tshirt.. love ur interview.. ur sooo cuteeee

Candycane said...

I love that Blog t-shirt and your blog :D

Have a great weekend! xXx

Cheryl said...

Finally, you've showed the windmill pictures of Pagudpud.Nakakatuwa kasi nakikita ko rin yan dito at naalala ko Pinas,hehe!Hay naku, Denise your posts always make me smile and then laugh so hard, you never failed to keep us entertained with your photos and funny entries.:)Thanks for being such a wondeful blogger and blogger friend and for showing the beauty of Pinas to the whole word at least sa beauty may pambato huwag lang pag-uusapan ang economy and politics, hehe! Have a nice day tomorrow! :)

proudly says, said...

denise, i love the shirt!
it's so cute.

lol! nkkatuwa ung embarrassing experience mo.

K8 said...

Great interview. And I love the photos, that shirt is awesome!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Beautiful photos and sweet t-shirt ;-))

Shin said...

Love your pictures! They always make me feel happy! xxoxoxo

Ela said...

Aw Denise, you're so cute! I love your open honesty :) "Prophet of Doom" I really shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help it :)

xx Ela
Hey now following you, you can follow me - thanks for your sweet comments - drop by often :)

Winnie said...

Fab photos as always! Love these questions and answers, I hate it when people use blogs to say horrible things to other people. There is just no need! My Blog is definitely a diary of sorts too!

Rebecca Rose said...


I had fun reading your QnA. Take care.

>>> Becca

sarah said...

Hi Denise!

OMG!!! i was just there in Ilocos - from the 25th to 30th. Why didnt i see you?
anyhoo.. found ur blog thru noelle chantal's. im starting my blog too, any tips you can give?

sarah of sarahwearscolor.blogspot.com

Ninananunana said...

Haha the shirt is great:D

agus said...

Amazing pictures!
You look great :-)

simplychic said...

what an adorable shirt, and great interview. you have such a lovely blog. thanks for stopping by mine :)

Savvy Mode SG said...

what a cute tee, very stylish. : ) thank you for sharing your blogging experience. i find blogging fun and very interactive. i found so many lovely people.

Louie said...

wow you are so cool, I enjoyed reading your blog hihi.. i want to read other blog aside from make up or girl girl thing issue,...

you have lots of great pictures and those places are really breathtaking
thank you for wonderful comment hihi ... following your blog now! :)

Sassy Jadore said...

hey girl~
great tee and Awesome photos on your blogs.
Happy 4th of July. =)

The Clothes Horse said...

Fun post and great shirt. I like your advice to keep it simple.

missbroadway said...

hey denise. what camera are u using?

ana b. said...

I like this tag! And that is strange about you practicing with makeup and then never wearing it outside. It must just be one of the things you do when you're bored. Lke I try on heaps of outfits I'd never wear out of the house.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I get oil hair if I don't wash my hair at least once a day. lol. I use pantene, herbal essence, head&shoulder, and gardina frutis (I think that's how you spell it). My main shampoo is Pantene. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to consider using Dove. I have eczema so I use the Dove soap bars or body wash (depending on my mood. haha). Dove is actually a really good product and a lot of doctors would recommend that to you. Hope that helped =]

Nadine said...

Great shirt and perfect for this entry :).

yiqin; said...

The sky is so damn beautiful! So are you <33

Petitbobun said...

Wouah !! Those pictures are awesome !! All this blue makes me think that's paradise !

Hanako66 said...

that shirt is so cute....what a fun interview...thanks for sharing!

elena-lu said...

that was a fun read :)

Eyeliah SS said...

Oh I totally want one of these tees! ;-)


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