January 18, 2010

I Am so High. I can hear Heaven





There is something utterly fascinating about the change of months and days as it marks a possibility to travel forward mentally. Bravely take those untouched days of 2010 ahead of you and imagine what you can create, have, feel, love and discover more and more the butterfly in you.

2010 you are the best!

Have a happy Monday!

dress: thrift $1
shoes: Primadona
cluth: Regalong Pambahay

this dress is awesome. I got this on thrift, still with it's tag on. hihihihi.


rowena said...

swerte mo sa ukay.. lagi kang nakakakita ng magaganda

i wanna try thrifting too pero kailangan ko yata ng maghapon para makachamba ng maganda hehehe

Psyche said...

happy monday too, denise! :)

i can't touch the dress but i can sense that it is luxurious.

by the way, curious na talaga ako. where do you live? you always have a great scenery in your background.

pls. tell your husband he takes very good photos. :) or he's really just soo in love with you.

Sonya said...

What a great dress, can't believe it was so cheap! Love the shoes as well!


Dane said...

Lucky find! The dress is a beauty.


Ces said...

hi denise, great dress, love the details at mukhang planchado walang gusot. this is a beautiful place. i wish im motivated to go somewhere nice and take pictures.

Natalie said...

beautiful photos, i really love ur dress! :)


gingerbee said...

Lovely dress! And your wording in your title made me swoon. Such a beautiful play of words. :)

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous tunic/dress!

Nathalie said...

The heaven seems to be even background you, love the landscape!
The tunic you're wearing has really beautiful colors, remind me to summer! So fresh!

Seniorita Corazon said...

Shoes in one color? I am disappointed;) You live in a beautiful place ...

Petitbobun said...

Nice pictures of you and landscape ! (arf wish it'd be summer ! I'm not fan of winter : snow, cool temperature...)

Arf hate so much monday (this mourning, the traffic jam was awful as ever !).

Have a nice monday too !!

Ohanna said...

Lovely Dress!
Dear I just posted the make up tutorial !



Talia said...

nice pastels. so gorgeous dress. I like such style.

Cheryl said...

Lovely view, awesome dress! It doesn't look like thrifted to me, mukha talaga siyang mamahalin. Galing mong mag-ukay.Sana ako rin ganyan ka-swerte dito.heheh! :)

Protege said...

Ah, you have the same coloured shoes on today.;)
Lovely pictures and sentiments.

daisychain said...

I love the dress x

Maggi said...

I adore this dress! Happy Monday!

mom & son said...

girl, i'm so jealous! you're the ukay-ukay queen na! i love that dress!

wait, saan place 'to? maganda.

Mrs.Zeus said...

What a great deal!!!

Love the photos, wish I am there!

cherie said...

wow i love the scenery. and ang ganda ng dress mo :)

bananas. said...

2010 is the best, as far as i can tell :)

love the shoes. they go perfect with your dress.

6roove said...

lovely dress, Denise!
looks great with your boots!

kisses :)
Watching the waves

Lizz said...

Gorgeous! I love cool, comfy dresses like these! And the shoes are tres fabulous! :D

Velire said...

I LOVE your dress Denise!..Thats something Id really want in my closet. :D You have such amazing taste & eye for bargain. :)

Happy Monday to you too! Mwuahx


Leah said...

Denisha... isama mo na din ang dress na 'to sa trading deal natin. Hahaha! I love it.

Siempre, di na ko magko-comment masyado sa photography, alam mo naman na super-impressed ako sa talent ng hubby mo.

toxic disco boy said...

ganda! that dress! wala na kong ibang masabi kundi ganda!

Toni said...

WOW! another gorgeous find!
ewan ko ba pro talagang malas ako sa ukay these past couple of days.. :s

to answer your question re gojane shipping to PI, i honestly don't know :s i order my shoes from a friend who has a multiply store :)
you can check out her store here

Cammila said...

That's a truly epic thrift find. But can I just say: THE SHOES!!!!! ;)

That is all.

C. said...

that dress is so so pretty! $1?! amazing

xo C,

Candycane said...

Lovely dress ... and what a lovely post too :)

CC xXx

luccie said...

I love the cut of the dress (looks gorgeous on you) and your shoes are amazing!


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