January 20, 2010






Hope the pile of pearls isn't too much. hihihi. The middle one is a vintage piece from my mom. I first borrowed it from her when i was twelve. And a few years ago she finally gave it to me. One of my priced possession. Mothers are LOVE.

And this dress, of course it's from my recent thrifting. Where else could i possibly get this beauty other than from the mysterious world of thrift shops. I told you many many times, thrifting is gooood. I haven't been shopping dresses from the malls for months now and i don't want to sound too cocky but malls bore me. hihihi. joke! But I love the aroma of malls...hmmmmm money. Smells so delish. Even the shoppers there smells like one. I don't belong there cos i smell like a mold.

So speaking of shopping. I just made a vow, especially to my husband that i won't shop for brand new clothes till May. c",) And I just wrote a big note on our fridge saying NO SHOPPING or Satan will visit you in your sleep. I guess that will do it. Satan is the best blackmailer. Fear is a great motivator.

Okay seriously how do you motivate yourself not to shop?

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dress: thrift 1$
shoes: Aldo
clutch : Zoobic Safari gift shop (3 years old)
pearls: Boracay


Psyche said...

to motivate myself not to shop? -- I put up the online shop so that when I shop I'd say it isn't for me but for the shop. :D i'm a cheater.

i love the pile of pearls, denise. and the flow of your dress. :)

mom & son said...

not to shop? i try to discipline myself and
understand between wanting and needing. (need vs. want).

nice dress, denise! white is always timeless color
and classy.

RRE-T*F said...

I look at my son who will be attending college in 2 years, and that's enough motivation for me to stop shopping (and just be content with what I already own).

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Love the dress! I love thrift shopping, too! Oh! And I simply adore those shoes! I want them!!!

Motivation not to shop....hmmmm...I really don't need to have motivation not to shop because where I live there is NOWHERE to shop! NOWHERE! The nearest mall is 1 hour away.

xoxo, Shelly

luccie said...

such a gorgeous dress! $1?? amazing!

Nathalie said...

It's hard to say. I may be able with it if I'm saving, for example, for a very expensive purse that I've dreamed for a long time. Yes, in this way I guess I would be motivate enough with stop shopping!
This dress looks great and I totally agree with you about the malls.

Petitbobun said...

Your dress is amazing ! I love it ! (And I insure you, your pearl necklaces aren't too much !)

I didn't shop for months ! But sometimes, I couldn't help myself to buy something like a pull or a pair of shoes. But that was all !

And my boyfriend and I want to buy an apartment so we've got to save our money...

But at this moment, there're sales !! It's too hard to resist to its appeal ! XD

Velire said...

I dont think the pearls are too much at all..The more the merrier I say :D Hahaha. I adore your dress, it has such a dreamy feel to it. Plus I would definitely wear something like that when out with friends or a date. :)

How do I motivate myself not to shop? Well I just think that there's far more important things to spend on rather than clothes, like food, necessities or charity. :) (If that though fails, I just give my bestfriend or mom my money when we're at the mall..hahaha)

Kallie said...

good luck with only thrifting until May! that is a great goal!
I gave you an award on my blog :)

Toni said...

lovely dress, Denise!
i am so in love with your maryjanes! they're so dainty and perfect!

not to shop?? my nclex exam is surely a piggy(bank) killer! and as much as possible, i only buy the things that I truly need..

Vivian Tumasonis said...

Eva Longoria!!!! Thank you!!!

and thanks for visiting! I posted a new blog look Modcloth there!



daisychain said...

what a super pretty outfit.

toxic disco boy said...

i love that dress on you. seriously... looks really sweet parang cotton candy. haha. this is my fave look of you this year. ^^

pinky said...

I love the dress! The sleeves are so pretty! Cheers to talented "thrifters" :D

This outfit is just too pretty. Those shoes are lovely as well!

Talia said...

I dream about such dress.

Rebecca Rose said...

first of all, u are really funny denise ;-)...."I don't belong there cos i smell like a mold".

Anyway about not going shopping ang hirap non haha...Pero ako I just stay at home na lang talaga.

BTW cute dress, loves it.

betz said...

not to shop? that's impossible for me. i'd die. even if i'm home! stupid online shopping! lol.

i really love this look denise. you look like a goddess. so gorgeous!


ps. i left an award for you on my blog!

cherie said...

the "not to shop" mantra is quite a hard one hihi, though I haven't shopped for anything since the start of january. You're so lucky naman in thrift shops, the dress is a beauty

Noelle Chantal said...

love the soft and very feminine feel of that thrifted dress Denise. i also love the abandoned place where you had your photos taken.

have a great day! :)

fadetoblack said...

ove the mix of prints on that purse :)

Gizelle said...

although i love oversized bags, i am really loving the details of your clutch bag..wish i can convert that to a huge one..hehe.

hmmmm, i don't think i motivate myself not to shop...i actually set aside money for thrifting or shoes..but i motivate myself to shop only once a month..and just spike up my excitement over it...hehe.

Vinda Sonata said...

i really like the pearls and the dress, denise. you look very feminine and chic. i couldn't believe that dress is a thrift find. what an elegant item!

p.s. i gave you an award in my latest entry. check it out :)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Love the layering!

Im dealing with the same prob right now, I've been shopping way too much lately that I seriously need to STOP and think if I really really need to buy whatever I am planning to buy. Recently, Ive been compulsively buying accessories, UGH! The dilemma!

Jeje said...

No shopping `till May? Noooooooooo! HAHA!

Nice dress :) I love thrift stores as much as you do. <3


Protege said...

You look like dressed for a beautiful occasion, such as a wedding.;) Lovely to see warm weather when everywhere I look I see snow...
Good luck with the no shopping until May (that is sooooo looooong!), I admire your determination.;)

The Haute Bitch said...

your pics are amazing. pretty dress too.


biotechnology said...

These photos are soo sunny! :)

The F Word Online said...

LOVE the clutch ! i cant believe that dress was thrifted for $1. what a steal ! its perfect with that clutch

xx lue

deep_in_vogue said...

Gasp! The dress is absolutely fantastic, what a great find! You look like a nymph, so beautiful

The Maldita said...

lol at i smell like a mold. :)

love the dress :)

The Owl's Closet said...

gorgeous, gorgeus dress, denise! good for u on ur shopping ban! i admire ur will power:) unfortunately, i seem to be lacking in this department hehe


Vivian Tumasonis said...

Completely in love with your shoes!!!


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