May 28, 2010

Lantau Island Cable Car

Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car
Hong Kong Cable Car

.....seriously thought my balls are gonna fall off. c",)  I hate heights, but this is the only way to the Buddha temple in (Lantau Island) no time. Or you can also take the bus, but it will take more than an hour, so not much choice given, here i was on a crystal cabin scared and cold and laughing out of nervousness. But seriously it was fun and safe. It's like the idea of ghost, you know It can't hurt you, but still, you scare yourself just for the fun of it. What's more fun is we got the whole cabin all for ourselves on the way back. And every time it feels like falling my lungs would explode. Well again am terrified of high places and this cable car certainly pushed my limit. 

You should try this. The view's just breathtaking.

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scarf dress, scarf, shoes, ring and leather bag: Stanley Market, HK
black dress and necklace: H&M

always bring band aid with you when you travel. Prevention is better than cure, trust band aid.


dred said...

oh my God, kudos to you for trying it! i would be scared to death too.

i love your dress btw. xx

Toni said...

i am acrophobic too! i get dizzy and nauseous when im high up.

your pics made me miss HK! we've been there twice but we've never been to that side of HK :c my brothers are all about Disneyland and Ocean Park.

i love your scarf dress, Denise!


Jing said...

woahh!exciting!im afraid of heights too pero must try this.lovely photos,as always!

DaMnViXeN said...

omg! katakot pala tignan! would love to try this though bahala nah!

The ViXeN's LaiR

pensandlens said...

I am at awe...great photos you have Denise...and I really love your smile shows you enjoyed the ride even though you are very proud of you love!!!!

take care
much love,

lizzie said...

for a while i really thought ur dangling there..LOLz...scary huh..its one of my phobia too..nice shot. its not even obvious na ur scared looks like ur having the time of ur life instead hehehehe. would love to try that ride someday when i get lost there ^__^

nice outfit den

Samantha said...

I would be scared of standing on the see-through floor let alone sitting in the cable car! Looks like it was worth it for the wonderful views though :)

virgo said...

Oh my god !!! It's...euh...haut !!!!héhé


Baśka said...

i'm glad seeing the smile on your face. you look fantastic :)

Ann said...

ten brownie points for bravery Ms. Denise!

Time and Space Traveler said...

I have hight fear too, but I'm like a little child: I'm scared to death but I can't stop looking :) And btw you look lovely when you're scared :)

Time and Space Traveler

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Oh my! I just can't look at these pictures, I'm so damn scared!

Rose said...

omg you are soooo brave. I wouldbe too scared it would get stuck haha.
You look so cute in these photos :)


Petitbobun said...

It's been a long time I haven't read your blog ! I was really too busy !!

These photos are amazing and you seem to have fun !... but I'd be scared to death if i was there ! I'm so acrophobic !

cherie said...

exhilarating! your pictures look so nice :) i enjoyed this ride the most when we went to HK. but it stopped for 5 minutes because of high winds. scary ;)

What Was I Thinking? said...

Hi Denise! Oh my goodness. I am so proud of you, I can't say I would be so brave. I love your dress, btw :3

xo Christine

Dressing Up For Me said...

I love cable rides, it makes you think that you´re on top of the world ( well for a moment, hehe!).

Cute scarf and bag, Denise! Love the color of the bag.

Gela said...

oh wow, definitely going to ride this the next time i go to Hong Kong! i love the tingling & swooping feeling i get in my tummy when i'm at high places!

Gela said...

oh wow, definitely going to ride this the next time i go to Hong Kong! i love the tingling & swooping feeling i get in my tummy when i'm at high places!

blackberry said...

Hi Denise! Wow, loves to have on a vacation too! Loves your outfit...the whole package! BTW, I already sent my payment to BPI and left message on your e-mail,can't wait for the goods hahah!

janettaylor said...

U are so beautiful on these pics.

Candycane said...

WOW that look s great - My husband would HATE that so much though, he too is afraid of heights!

Well done you on trying it :D

Great skirt also!!

Sal xXx

evelyn said...

that looks like so fun! but scary too because it is so high up! but the surroundings is so green and beautiful!

Lianne said...

that looks scary and exhilarating at the same time! that's actually one place i haven't been to in hk. don't you love that city?? its one of my favorite cities and i never get tired of visiting!!

Faboulista said...

wow that last photos looks scary! i'm really afraid of heights. even looking at it makes my knees shake.

Zuzana said...

Breathtaking images!! You look gorgeous as always, LOVE that ring.;)
Have a great weekend,

Raven :) said...

Oh wow, that looks scary and fun all at the same time!

Sorry I haven't been to your blog much lately. I need to take more time out of the day for my blog!

-Raven ~(;

Kookie B. said...

i love the shots, denise! you look super happy. but my goodness, i got scared looking at those feet/leg shots coz i can imagine how high that cable car was from the ground. geez.

lovin' the heels!

Tere said...

Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
Good photos!!
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MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it so much! <3

Mom Daughter Style said...

i went to Honkong long time ago and I was not able to do much there. I want to go back! Ganda ng pics, looks like you had a great time

Dane said...

I got on the one in Singapore, its loads of fun! How cute is the last photo of you..

KD faustino said...

such lovely photos babe :)

Liggie said...

oh my gooodnessss;) i would be soooo scared;) but u look great and cool, maybe you're good actress;P views are adorable... i want to be there;(

Yaryy said...

i love these photos.
totally cute and nice!
im following now beauty ;)

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KALIN said...

Great photos ;) I love your shoes!

Neuter Kalin


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