May 26, 2010

Scarf Dress

scarf dress
scarf dress
scarf dress
scarf dress
scarf dress
scarf dress

Spent days in HongKong last week and we just got back. It was sooooo fun .....okay, don't be fooled by the photos, as of landing am officially poor.

But it's FUN. So expect to be bombarded by Hong Kong photos this week.

Have a great day everyone.

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scarf dress, scarf, shoes, ring and leather bag: Stanley Market, HK
black dress and necklace: H&M


Nina Lacson said...

really nice dress!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Im jealous! I always wanted to go to HK.
I love the purse, where did you get it?

Lizz said...

So pretty! You look delightfully boho!

certifiedmaldita said...

i love the 2nd to the last photo!

you keep on jumpin!

Ann said...

OMG--of all your outfits this is, my HANDSDOWN FAVORITE, Ms. Denise!!!=)
Uber Perfect=).
and you look so happy,=)

dred said...

oh wow hongkong. i heart hk. love love your shoes! and your cobalt blue bag is a nice touch. :)

Annachiara said...'re woooonderfull!!! The last picture is favolous *_*

Baśka said...

shoes, shoes, shoes... beautiful <3

...Iww... said...

Great outfit :D I love it and can wait for more pics from HongKong ;)

Mode Junkie said...

loving that last pic. ;) aren´t we all broke after a trip to hk?

miss you too babe! ingat ka jan sa pagtalon talon please.


Dredd said...

Great photos as always! great style very chic.

all the best/Dredd

6roove said...

great look, Denise!
dress is very nice, but I love the shoes! great to casual day walking

last pic is lovely :))

Watching the waves

janettaylor said...


P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miskay jewellery GIVEAWAY!♥

Good luck!

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Haven't seen such an amazing outfit for a long time, really! Love how you've played with neutral colors and decided to put an electric blue purse, love this outfit!

cherie said...

i love HK! I've been raring to go back :)

I love the last shot of you. It looked like you had so much fun.

pensandlens said...

I love the last photo Denise..the jump shot it look so chic and girly...all demure and poised!!!

again the dress is divine plus your shoes...arrgghhh JEALOUS mode!!!

take care and enjoy shopping love...

much love,

virgo said...

Very nice !!!!


nonie said...

lovely dress a nice jump shot equals = denise!

Melissa said...

love your jumping picture! you look so happy =)

Noelle Chantal said...

happy you went to HK! i'm now excited to go back there. this time, i'll def visit Disney! :)

love the scarf dress too! said...

I love your bag and the shoes! And the last picture is fantastic! ^^

xoxo Sandra


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