June 6, 2010

Rain Boots

Rain Boots
Rain Boots
Rain Boots
Rain Boots
Rain Boots
Rain Boots

Am officially welcoming months of rain with open arms and excitement that's been missing with me the whole summer. Yey! The cool air, sunless days, oh can't complain. But there's one though, here, if it rains, it pours non stop for days and going out is very difficult. It's muddy and messy. Am a little hypochondriac when it comes to my feet, I feel that am gonna die instantly from rain water diluted with animal pee and all, well aren't we all? Am afraid you're going to see this boots for the whole rainy season, so am on the hunt for at least one more. But it's terribly hard to find a decent looking boots on a cheap price. Well of course compared  to this one that I got on a thrift more than a year ago.

Enough about the boots, so the necklace huh???!!!! LOVE.AT.FIRST.SIGHT. Isn't it ahamazing? Got this from Stanley Market in Hong Kong and I've never seen anything like it, so no more thinking done, I got myself one. Cheap thrill indeed. Do you ever feel that you're outwitting the world whenever you get something or just about anything dirt-cheap? I do!

Have a great day everyone! 

BCBG Max Azria dress: thrift
top and boots: thrift
clutch: Mango
necklace: from Stanley Market HK


Melai said...

Ate Denise! Yes your necklace is L-O-V-E. Pictures are lovely but at times I feel like I miss the golden hour photos :) Your blog will remain number 1 in my heart. :) My little blog here started from being inspired by you.

Melai :)

pinky said...

I love those boots!:))

And I love those out-of-the-country photos in your previous posts :)

Baśka said...

layering - perfection. and the necklace is a marvel!

Cheryl said...

Love the clutch! The necklace has a futuristic design, ganda! Masarap ba sa Hongkong? ;)

cherie said...

lovely necklace!

Zuzana said...

You should live in Scandinavia.;) Here it is almost always boot season.;)
Love your boots ad skirt.;)
Have a great weekend,

jemina said...

Hi Denise, you look great, I like your approach to Fashion, Fashion is supposed to be FUN just like what is portrayed in all your pictures, you definitely look like you are having immense FUN, xoxo
ps: you are inspirational, x

pensandlens said...

Oh Denise....your necklace is adorable...I super love it....the details of it is very nice...

take care gorgeous
much love,

Anonymous said...

i love the pastel color most of all. You're always so fun Denise. I love that you're not fixated on one style. It's new every week.

kudos for wearing boots. Filipinas should learn from you.

katzilla said...

You are looking more glam by the minute! <3 your necklace maybe ahamazing, but so is your dress!

Hurray for the rains!

toxic disco boy said...

i love that nothing matches here pero the outcome is very nice. Love the necklace!

Mrs.Zeus said...

I remember these boots, isn't this the one you were wearing when you sent a pic of your buried in tons of clothes for ModeJunkie?

Awwww I miss the rain in the Phils. I miss miss walking in the rain and feeling like your in one of the most glamorous celebs in a romantic movie.

Mode Junkie said...

i remember this boots too! ;) and wow that necklace is AWESOME. great find babe.


VintageBELAmour said...

love your boots :)

this dress is great !

C. said...

your clutch is amazing!!!


KD faustino said...

i share ur sentiment with the rain, dahling!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

it's not raining in cebu yet...or at least, it's not raining when i'm awake...but i cannot wait to wear my boots too.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

silkypuff said...

looks great, I really like the brown sweater is lovely :))
shoes extremely well I like them :D

xoxo, silkypuff.blogspot.com

Dredd said...

Your approach to fashion is just adorable! I love your necklace, wish I could find something like that.

have a great week ahead of you.

Jing said...

i love the dress and the boots and the necklace! yes!rainy days na.labas na ang blazers and jackets.hehe
btw,Ms. D, you're from Balanga no?we went there last weekend kasal ng pinsan ko.naalala lng kita kasi I know from Bataan ka.I love the place.^=^

janettaylor said...

Love the necklace!

6roove said...

oh my,.. oh my god! you've got this fantastic ruffled dress, I love it!

Journal of gossip girl said...

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valeriew said...

Your necklace is so pretty!


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