June 13, 2010

Flowering Grass


Dear Friends,

Id like to express my small, sincere and humble THANK YOU to you my friend and often strangers who have come into my life  be it for a quick peek or long stay or like you - an everyday religious visit. Am happy to have met you here and to some of you, I have come to develop a deep friendship I never thought in my time and age now will be possible. I appreciate every one of you, and love you to death. I am really grateful for every Hi and Hello at the perfect moment i needed them the most.

I was a loner and because of you, not anymore. Thank you.

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dress: thrift
boots: Charles and Keith
ring and bangles: YRYS
necklace: from Hong Kong


pensandlens said...

wow nice one Denise...

I love how the stripes complimented the shoes as well...

love the photos!!!

much love,

Anonymous said...

i miss so much den. hope to see you soon. take care. mwuaaahhhh hugzz! :)-maricon

Denise said...

love you con.

Dredd said...

great outfit as always!

stay fab/Dredd

Baśka said...

the effect of stripes is great either on the dress or on the shoes :))

jemina said...

that is sweet and as always great pictures and outfit post

Gela said...

aww, i'm really glad i stumbled upon your blog, Denise. you're really one of the most charming Pinoy bloggers i follow. keep inspiring us w/ your wonderful style! :)


boat ride through the sky

KD faustino said...

ur boots are divine!

T. said...

Great outfit! Simple but chic, that's always my favourite look. And what you wrote is so sweet.

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I love your outfit, and your photos are stunning.

I"m so glad I found your blog -- you're one of my favorite reads.

katzilla said...

Hey Denise,

You're my breakfast read. Thank you so much! You make things out of the ordinary, and that's what makes you special. (Naks)


B said...

Well, Denise, you were the first Pinay fashion blogger I found relatable. A lot of blogs out there are very high-fashion but I was drawn in to your everyday style. We don't have the same style but I find myself coming back her to read about your life and your funny stories. You seem like such a sweetheart :)

The photos are always taken in nice locations too. I've always loved how proud you are of the Philippines and all the local sites and sounds.

Keep being awesome and I hope you will drop by my little blog sometime!

Bea from A plus B

gillian said...

i love your blog! nice pictures btw :)

nookie said...

hi sweetie!
awesome outfit, I have a thing for stripes and looove your dress&boots!

Melai said...

Ate Denise,

I miss your pictures with nature ^__^. I don't play much in your life but I know how much you have played in inspiring others (I'm one of those) to find their voice in this world of blogging.


Style and Soul

Mara said...

stripes look great on you and you always have the best shoes ever!

and you deserve all these great things!


rmagd_jd said...

hi denise,

nice photos,

ano cam gamit mo? nikon or canon? ano model? ano lense?


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