July 22, 2014

Right Now...

There are so many little things in my life that i love about where I am right now. Nothing major. Just simple things. Good things. I know, some days are horrible and you just want that day to be over, but some days, it just feels so "perfect". It's like, I just want to pause everything and just stay here for a while. Just like these days.

For example, Yllac has become an absolute blabby hoot these couple of weeks. I love that he is talking now. Thank God. We've all been waiting for him to talk, and now that he is talking I am even more crazy about him. It was like, flicking a switch and he just goes on and on and on. Some I get, most, I just don't. It's like seeing a miracle, how our DNAs have made another human being, and this small human being that we get to mold. I don't know how to put it.... I guess it's an honor and a blessing to rule over somebody's life???! Okay, sounds crazy, but in real sense, it is overwhelming to be a parent. I can't speak for Jayson, but as a mom, I hope i don't break Yllac in any way. Or maybe I will. 

Two days ago, Yllac was taking a bath. After washing him I let him stay awhile inside the water bucket (half his size) while Jayson and I was also inside the bathroom and talking. Then suddenly Yllac called us, "mama, daddy, please get out..." and motions his hand to the door. It wasn't a command, it's more like a sweet plea. Jayson and I looked at each other, a bit shocked and about to laugh too. So I asked Yllac, why? He points to the door again and said the same thing, "pleeeeeease go out, out, out, out". So we rushed out, and closed the door a bit and I heard him say "thank you, see you later guys". Jayson and I was like, "what just happened there?", He is three and a half years old. Just three and a half!!!! So every other minute we would go and check him and everytime he sees us, "oh no!, close the door please."

So, anyway I am feeling a little rusty. My blogging mojo has not come back yet. There's a little spark of energy here and there, so let me take my time. So I hope to make it up to you by bombing this post with photos I've collected lately....

Here goes,

YUP! That is all for now. 

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