July 25, 2014

Three-ish am...

Today was good. We didn't plan on sleeping at 7 in the evening but it just happened. Next thing I know I was punched in the face by no other than Yllac. He didn't mean it. He was asleep. And now, I had finished a bowl of instant vegetable noodle soup and just took out fresh warm blankets from the laundry machine. I just had to wrap my arms around those snugly warm sheets before folding them, because it felt good. 

Today is Friday and it's the start of the weekend. I am looking forward to a lot of sleep and getting more laundry done because it's eid holiday here and we get to have a week off. I hope to see our friends and send one particular officemate off - sort of a farewell-and-goodluck-ikea-meatballs-dinner tonight. Also, looking forward to Ikea. Because, it is the faaaareaking Ikea. 

So, to complete this blog post, here are some photos taken weeks ago, some humid nights ago. 

Happy weekend folks! 


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