November 17, 2014

On Thursday Evening...

This is the day where I dream and relive the past Thursday evening of my life. I mean how could I not??? Strolling around in Souq Waqif is just the raddest thing I can think of. Especially in this perfect weather.  

Okay. I've been thinking a lot of random activities id like to explore more soon with my two boys. Some activities are better planned ahead for it to really happen. Nothing deep. Just silly. If you know what I mean. Because most of the ideas that are brewing in my head never gets done. Mostly. Like 80 perfect of the time. So now, let me bore you with these thoughts. Uuuummm, on top of my head, climb a tree. Who climbs a tree these days? Seriously where are the trees? Rain dance. It never rains here. Maybe once or twice a year. Have a TV free week. Go camping. Aaaaand last but not the least, have a bubblegum blowing contest. 


the end.

See yah around!

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