October 24, 2008

i was once 13 you know

Life of a 13.
I can't believe am posting this.


Denishabeybeh circa 1993.
That was my elementary graduation day.
My first make up ever, done by my mom. We we're fighting all the time cos am afraid to look like a debutant.
Kai said that's how he remembered me the first day in high school. Exactly like that, the facial hair, of course minus the make up. I can't imagine he fell in love with that face.
FYI. I still have that pearl necklace. Pamana ni Inay.

28 to 29

And now after 15 years.
So what's changed? Given am still waiting for my boobs to grow.

TAGs TAGs TAGs. please post your 13 year old face too. ihihihhihi.
This is so much fun.


yiqin; said...

OMG I'll be too scared to post my 13 year old face!!!! I had really short hair & looked like a boy :(

WendyB said...

Much cuter than I was at 13.

Denishabeybeh said...


c'mon for the sake of fun.

i think it's nostalgic to see our 13 y.o faces.

but am sure you're all much prettier now.

charmie tamba said...

hehehehe... im just really bored i stalk old posts of blogs i follow now... hehehe :D wow cute naman, you and your hubby had known each other from hs din pala... :D hehehe


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