November 4, 2008

lucky am in love with my bestfriend

Been missing for a couple of days now. I can't help my being busy.
anyway it's so hard to get away like we used to. And this is a very good day because kai has two whole day of vacation and we intend to spend the first whole day just between the two of us and the second day to do errands and of course with koffy. Koffy's been so demanding. We have to take him out in the morning at 5am then in the afternoon at about 6pm everyday. grrrrrrrrr. But he's a very good source of exercise. We can't say no because he'll just cry and howl for the whole time so we better take him out than listen to his whining. Am telling you he's getting good. Such a player.


Ive got a couple of bestfriends i can name now...
friends and family




Afterwards, of course, as usual we need to get a mug of this energy drink.


i just can't get enough. weeeh!
I bet you can write anything about me: start on my forehead. hihihi


Have i told you that coffee dates are the best first time dates you can ever have?
If you don't like the person just sip it as fast as you can and say buhbye and go.
And if there's a spark you can continue your date by asking her to dinner or lunch.
So next time he/she runs off on your coffee date you know what that means. hmmmm?


Water. Please please wash the coffee off with lots and lots of water. don't you i hate coffee smile?


till next time.

just wanna say hi and have a great week ya'all!

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