February 22, 2009

Meet Cute

Meet Cute, is a scenario in which two individuals are brought together in some unlikely, zany, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way, the more unusual the better. I happened to have had my Meet Cute so many years ago, in so many different circumstances, and thinking about that now makes me smile and say, it is indeed Cute.

meet cute

meet cute

meet cute

Have i told you how i met my husband?
  • Well, it was the time when we were still cute, barely 13 years of age in high school. We're in the same class, he's the smart bookie one, silent type, he's got this stalker-ish kind of smile whenever his eyes follow me. He was mysterious to me even then. Me, on the other hand (oh i can't describe myself), were flocked by boys all the time. They worship me! Oh, did i say it out loud? hihi. We were each others secret crushes, only revealed 11 years later. We only dated once, courtesy of the library. We never talked the whole time, he just smiled. After two years of being classmates i transferred to another school. We never saw each other again.
  • 2000, December. Both studying, me part time working, accidentally saw each other on a xerox copy booth. He said Hi and again just smiled the whole time.
  • 2004, May. I received a surprising call from him, of course saying hi and reintroducing himself. Sure i remember him. He is Jayson Lozada, the secret crush from my past. The only problem is, he wants to fast forward the dating thing, so he can "catch up" for the lost time. What a jerk! I remember him telling me once that he's sure as hell that am meant to be with him. What an ass! The truth is i like him, but i don't want to do anything with him because, obviously i felt like we have totally nothing in common. He is not the guy i have in mind. He changed so much for the last 11 years, he's become this constant irritating figure in my life, forcing me to see him, even convincing me that i should have a say in his life. That pissed me off, resulting in almost a year of stony silence from me, ignoring his messages and calls. There was a time when i really hated his guts.But there are days when i really misses him. He may be the most annoying fart in the world but he's a very good person on the phone. I missed talking to him.
  • 2005 February. I messaged him, saying we can be friends again. Only friends nothing more. He accepted. We started seeing each other again but this time i began to see him differently. Unconsciously, everything just came naturally for us. But before i forgot, there's this one time, when i was with this nice guy, who invited me for a breakfast in this wonderful place. All the time Jayson was calling and leaving me text messages saying, he called home and talked to my grandmother ordering me to come home immediately, something about emergency at home and lecturing me how i don't know much about my date, that he can be a serial killer, and some absurd created stories by him. I think he even gave me a police emergency number that morning. I know, pathetic. His imagination just gone wild. All the time i was on that date, he's the one am thinking about.
  • 2005 September. Oh God how i missed him. He was away for work, we haven't seen each other for almost a week. So when he got back, i was surprised when he gave me flowers. I even asked if it's okay to kiss him, so i did and he kissed me back. I don't know what got into me to ask that, but am glad anyway. It paid off. I got my Meet Cute.
  • 2008, April. We got married, had a four legged son named Koffy, and lived dork-illy ever after.
So, tell me, hows' your meet cute like? Id love to hear from all of you.
Am tagging all, if that's possible. hihi.

Have a very Cute day everyone!

it really is heart swelling whenever i receive comments from all of you.
It's just so sweet. So thank you guys!


The Clothes Horse said...

Your first dress is adorable, but your story is even more sweet! I smiled the whole time I was reading it. I don't have a Meet Cute moment, but my parents have one...they met in high school when my dad was dating my mother's best friend. That relationship didn't last, but now my parents have been together for 30+ years. :)

Chester said...

What an amazing set of pictures.

ivoreece said...

So sweet history ^^ and very lovely pictures!

Vintage Tea said...

such a sweet story

Please check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


Monika Dubska said...

wow! awesome post! those photos are incredible :)
Hope to hear from you,
Monika ♥

Anonymous said...

lovely photos!
i am smiling while reading your meet cute. Hope to see your baby soon.

God bless you both, and live dorkily ever after. :)

Denise L said...

thanks guys.

thanks for your visit.

am so flattered by all your responce

jukejka said...

lovely pics...you look soooo cute ;)

Protege said...

Very cute and very romantic!:))

Shyn said...

wow! very cute story! and the pictures are awesome too. i really really like your blog and am sure to visit here as often as i can :)

yeshi said...

I've been scanning through your old posts as I've only recently discovered your blog.

Your love story is amazing. I wish mine was as cute as that - but I'm happy with my relationship right now anyway.

But really... it's amazing and amusing. hihi


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